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  1. Jacobs Update

    I can't get anything solid and have to pick before noon: Jacobs vs TN Hyde vs. Den Mostert at NO Who scores the most today? Do I roll with Hyde? I have Kittle and SF D, so not sure I want three 9ers in my lineup.
  2. Mack or Jacobs and which Brown for WR?

    AJ and Mack for me.
  3. Cook vs. Mattison

    I went right here as I read the post....Cook
  4. Pick two WR to start

    Is Ross coming back this week for Cinci? Brown just needs one big catch, question is, does he get it? I have him and did NOT start him.
  5. I like Kirk too, but not sure if that is the "homer" in me. Tough life being a Cards fan as we continue to rebuild year after year! Hope you are well!! Good luck in your games and thanks for the help!
  6. Playoff do or die!! Pick ONE: Mike Williams at Jack, nice matchup will he play? C. Hyde vs. Den Mostert at NO Great last week, will he get touches with Breida back? C.Kirk vs. Pitt Who ya got bro?
  7. Who you like?

    Might have to check the weather. Westbrook Williams Slayton all rise to the top there.
  8. If it is cold at all in CHC, Cooper might not show up like in NE......scared to go with him, though he is the biggest name. Kirk at home, Cards continue to suck M. Williams can't find the endzone, but has some big 40+ playes. Who would you roll with?
  9. I picked up Goedert, but just Kittle back in.....might change it three more times before noon.
  10. NE Pass D

    I currently have both Cobb and Cooper going against NE in a 70% chance of rain game. I like Cobb better of the two this week and have John Brown on my bench. Would you put in Brown over either Cobb/Coop?
  11. So I have been rolling with Cousins at QB and will the rest of the way. He is on bye in week 12 and I bought into the hype of the Browns and have Baker, who plays Miami in W12. Do I roll with him for that matchup, or pickup Foles at Tenn? We carry 2 QB's but only start one, waiver is thin at best....what would you do? 6Pt TDS and 1 per 25 yards.
  12. LSU should be #1

    The Nation will now.
  13. Larry Fitzgerald

    Has the Rams 2X, SF again, @Seat.and a bye week, I think there are better options.
  14. Must Win Game

    Cousins @ KC Mayfield @ DEn Who would you roll out with??
  15. brate or jonnu smith?

    Brate all day.
  16. Hyde or Shady

    It is 0.5 PPR, but shady is only getting a few catches per game
  17. Hyde or Shady

    Hyde at home against Oak McCoy at home against GB Who do you like here? Will Hyde get 20 touches? Does KC rely on the run more with Moore in at QB?
  18. Cards are better with Edmonds in, have been for 2 years.
  19. Need 2 of these 3 WR's J.Brown MIA Chark @CIN Gallup PHIL Brown seems like the odd man out, but hate to miss a 70 yard TD against MIA as they try and lose out. Who ya got?
  20. Wide Receivers

    Patrick Peterson is back and might slow down Tate.
  21. Derrick Henry or John Brown Flex

    Chargers can't tackle I would go Henry, perfect day here in Nashville. Marcus is OUT and the team will have some new energy.
  22. John Brown or Michael Gallup?

    I the same boat, leaning Gallup right now based on more targets....just hate to miss that one catch Brown takes to the house.
  23. QB Options

    K.Cousins at home vs. Philly or B. Mayfield at Sea My opponent has R.Wilson against me, he also has Thielen going. Who ya got?
  24. WR Option

    John Brown at TN or Gallup at home vs. GB Who ya got?