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  1. Smack Bowl Standings - Week 3

    It's been many years since I have had a shot. I think the teams ahead of me have a lot of overlap with the best players on my team. I'll need someone other than Newton to have big game . I want the socks!!!
  2. Playoff Fantasy Football League...

    I sent money how to get password?my email GOT IT Thanks
  3. 2014 Super Bowl Box Pool (Squares)...

    I'm in for pool 2 or if any slacker doesn't pay pool 1 I'll take his squares.
  4. AFC: Bills - peepinmofo, Hause62, Pirahna, sattleliteoflovegm, Dingleberry Dolphins - Duchess Jack, The Wench, blaw23, Fantasy Jesus, 'canes2004, junebugz Patriots - forverindebttomolewis, PatsFanCT, Bring Back Pat!!!. Cx3, Finger, patriots Jets - Rovers, The Wolf, Infinity Ravens - justin, Return of S&B Bengals - TBone, tonorator, BYoder, 10g_DBA, rcswildcat, Irish Doggy, Bearcat Greg, dug Browns - loaf, KevinL Steelers - Skippy, jakethebuilder, sunysteelfly76, Pigskin Junkie, Menudo, jzicc, KordellStewartSucks4Life, Jaxfactor, Squeegiebo, Jackshi17, Pitbull739, Capt Skinman, Sam, hazen, pistolpete2432, dogfoodforthought, Max Texans - ziachild007, rhino, rbmcdonald, ABWF(1/2) Colts - Roller Coasters, CaptainHook, Tonyr0802, heydave76, Bill Swerski, Cunning Runt, Shorttynaz Jags - h8tank, tomfin2000, mkevin4444, cmoore Titans - Spain, TitansFan Broncos - SundayNFL, Bronco Billy, NAUgrad, Azazello1313, seabronc, jimmy neutron, Jo, Blue Cross Chiefs - Beaumont, Hat Trick, Chief Dick, Spartans91, muck Chargers - Chargerz, Danskman, Sewer-Ratt, Boltnlava, pseudolefty Raiders - Raider.Nation, The Vatican Hitsquad, kpholmes, Hugh B Tool, RaiderSteve, Tally, JolleyRoger NFC: Cowboys - DMD, Sgt. Ryan, Codwagon, Irish, bustedflush16, KS2000, montster, JoJoTheWebToedBoy, Droobie42, Whomper, Cowboyz1, hotrod, BiggieFries, T_bone65, TripleW64, TimC, Clubfoothead, retro, Howboutthemcowboys, Perchoutofwater, Wolv, ABWF(1/2), CowboysDiehard, Missoula Griz, Shaman (formerly joethin), fins22, BS Miscreant, Roland Stones Giants - Dirty Sanchez, Robash, Matt770, Timmypg, BigMikeinNY, JGcoach, smithkt, FrontRow, juanruiz13, timberho27, FWmaker, soulrebel, soopanuts Eagles - Keggerz, TDFFFreak, Zooty, Phootballphreak, i_am_the_swammi, fitzkek,Eagles Fan, Ebartender, Philly_Fanatic, EAGLE2003, Scourge, Venus, Marauders11, NSab, Strombn, pruss25, buddahj Redskins - skylive5, Footballjoe, skins, ROYALWITCHEESE, Demon Knight, NavinRJohnson, johnsonk2, TRU SOLDJA 22, oraphus, Selly Bears - URLACHERisGOD, Whitem0nkey, Goopster24, Ralph Furley, rhippens, rocknrobn26, blips, darin3, YoungBob, Meat Face(1/2), Pope Flick, crispirons, Goldengrhm1, Ghengis_chan, Ursa Majoris, Brentastic Lions - Doc Holliday, ChiefJay, Puddy, ChuckB, Egret, PolicyVote, Russman, Furd, alchico, RoadieDave, sarge5121976,Chief Packers - Big John, SwissCheezhead, Super Twinky, Chavez, Fatman, Piratesownninjas, Driveby, Randall, PackerFanX, Wizards, Men in Tights, cheezhed, GhostFace, kcmast, budlitebrad, bpwallace49 Vikings - Kryptonite, cap'n grunge, Gopher, BillyBalata, Savage Beatings, Frazia, Rebellab, alexgaddis, Ohjay, Crispy, Lucky Jack, Chadman, wcd480, Yukon Cornelius, MikesVikes, T-scorp, TecmoBeast, moneyshot, Delicious_bass, wirehairman, Moss6, THE SIX KINGS, Outshined, borge007, MustOfBeenDrunk Falcons - Apathy, Big Score 1, Atlanta Cracker, kerwin8, Tford Panthers -LooGie, PantherDave, rdaled, trrhyne, whoopazz, Jumpin Johnies, PSULions, The Chancellor Saints - Slayer, rajncajn, cordo, tbimm, Naked Bootleggers, myhousekey Bucs - Jolly Rodgers, mhayhurst Cards - Youre Going Down, BeachBum, nuke'em ttg, The Holy Roller, Bonedaddies Rams - carrb69, cre8tiff, wiegie, thecerwin, twiley, STL Fan Niners - bier, 9ersdude, REZ, Doc Niner52, Meat Face(1/2), knoway2xcape, Pancake, SF409ers, 5Rings,Sunday Couch Potatoe Seahawks -Bonehand, Seahawk37, godtomsatan, NoSupe4You, VoteQuimby2, Thunder Chicken, Wildcat2334, MrFancyPants, devilwoman
  5. Thoughts on my team?

    Agreed Rbs are fine with 1 per week. QB onl if mcnabb plays well are you OK. TE who cares!!
  6. Please tell me I’m crazy

    You need the value based draft startegy for your league and draft this will determine your drafting order. Multiple programs that do this for you. For ex the top QB in your league will out score the number 24 QB by x pts and the top RB will out score the #24 RB by about y pts but you need to know exactly. This will guide this pick. With that said take the RB and go RB-QB then best QB RB or WR based on VBD
  7. Week 3 Official Standings

    Your either a genius or idiot going with the wild card. I however disagree that the Boys arent "better" than the gmen. Anyone who watched the game could easily see the stupid, undisciplined, neurotic Cowboys were sloppy and unprepared and still could have won that game. IMO But great job
  8. Smack bowl winners

    DMD do you have a list of award winners since the first one?

    Come on !!! You should give awards to the top 6!! Send me any official Huddle gear. A diet coke. A cup of ice. Anything!!