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  1. I would go with Smith. I think he has the better chance of a TD.
  2. R. Randle or M. Colston in a PPR?

    All insight would be helpful.
  3. Need Flex Help?

    Ok, no more Matthews. R. Randle or M. Colston?
  4. Need Flex Help?

    Ok, so take away McKinnon now. Who would you start as a flex between Randle, Colston or Matthews?
  5. Need Flex Help?

    Who would you start in a ppr? R. Randle vs Dal, M. Colston vs Bal, R. Matthews vs STL or J. McKinnon vs GB?
  6. R. Randle or M. Colston in a PPR?

    Any new thoughts on this one?
  7. Who would you start as a wr3 in a ppr? R. Randle vs Dallas or M. Colston vs Baltimore? Randle is getting tons of targets and is also a strong redzone target. Colston has been pretty bad all year but now with Cooks out he should be getting more targets. One other thing that might influence your opinion is that I will be starting L. Donnell this week as my TE. I am leaning towards Randle because I see more targets coming his way. The Giants can not run the ball and most likely will be playing form behind so there will be a lot of balls to go around. What are your thoughts?
  8. Which RB in a PPR?

    I'm concerned about Matthews potential limited workload. This match up is so juicy it might be worth the risk though.
  9. Which RB in a PPR?

    Who would you start this week in a ppr, R. Matthews, J. McKinnon or T. Mason?
  10. Pick 2 WR's in a ppr. R. White, M. Colston, L. Fitz or T. Williams? I think all of them are pretty even. I am leaning towards Colston and White.
  11. Fitz vs Williams?

    So now that Palmer is supposed to start who would you go with today in a ppr league, Fitz or T. Williams? I have Williams in my lineup as my WR #3 but now I am questioning myself. Also even if Palmer ends up not playing Stanton has cleared the concussion protocol. There is no chance of Logan Thomas starting today. I think I still like Williams chances at a bunch of targets with Sherman on Bryant. What do you think?
  12. Rule Question

    My league allows for 1 player to be on the IR each week. If the player plays and is still on your IR you automatically lose. It has come to my attention that someone in the league has been stashing Josh Gordon on his IR all season. I feel that this is wrong and the IR spot is for injured players not suspended players. What is the difference between doing this and stashing a bye week player on the IR to save a roster spot? What do you think of this and if a punishment has to be given out what do you think it should be?
  13. Which two would you start in a ppr? L. Fitz @Den T. Williams vs Hou M. Colsten vs TB I also have R. White but I'm a Giants fan and I hate playing players who are playing against my team. I will only do it if I have no other good options so he is benched this week.
  14. Colston or Williams Tonight?

    I need 6pts to win tonight. Who is going to get it for me?
  15. Colston or Williams Tonight?

    Thanks for the help.