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  1. The Fourth Annual Edmund Fitzgerald Contest

    Congrats, Suny...... Wiegie, let me know how to get you back the award for Suny.
  2. NFL Names Offensive Player of Week

    NFL felt sorry for the old guy and cowboy fan.......
  3. Why I hate Lelie

    between plummer and harrington, flip a coin........
  4. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

    Are we continuing this?
  5. Weapons of DMD

    one more will make 16
  6. Explain Your Login Name!

    Had just come off a FF season of scoring hugh points in league to only be handed a loss by the lowest seated team in the league. Shot off my mouth and put my foot in it........ Needed a login here, and this is what came to mind. RFFL, league name...........Chump, that would be me.
  7. Weapons of DMD

    Bump.... Are we going to do this and if so who is setting it up?
  8. Weapons of DMD

    I've got another draft on the 1st, but would preselect if that works best for everyone else, unless we do it later than my other or earlier. What time were you thinking?
  9. Weapons of DMD

    Trouble for a son.. as I remember. He sure didn't like to be confronted about running two teams. I'd be interested again.
  10. The Fourth Annual Edmund Fitzgerald Contest

    week 15 vs Bengal 9 points.............. darn thats already taken Week 17 vs Pitt Score 14 points wiegie, let me know how you want me to add this year to the award, so it will stay correct. Looks nice on my wall.
  11. Trade Dispute!

    All I can think is you might as well start looking for someone to replace the 17% that didn't like the trade........... If you win the league this year it will be more...........
  12. Wtd Avg 2005 Projection Spreadsheet (8/6/05)

    rhino, you are still the king. Thanks