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  1. Happy Birthday....

  2. Why get in a league with Charlie Sheen? Everyone knows he's WINNING!
  3. For my 20,072nd Post

  4. Happy Birthday....

    Happy Birthday!!
  5. 2013 SuperBowl Box Pool...

    Congrats all and thanks Swammi & Irish!
  6. 2013 SuperBowl Box Pool...

    For once I have 3 good squares (1-0, 6-3, 8-1) and only 1 bad square (2-5). Needless to say there will be a safety. NFC-AFC for my numbers.
  7. Can't miss Apps

    Thanks! I've never watched tv on my phone but I have set my dvr to record a show on it.
  8. Can't miss Apps

  9. Can't miss Apps

    One more question. I'm physically handicapped and the fewer remotes I need the better so now I'm wondering if I get the box will the app control my tv (power, volume, ect) like the real Directv remote does?
  10. Can't miss Apps

    I use: Words With Friends Twitter Facebook MFL Barstool Sports - Funny site and the App lets you access the site easier then the web. Watch ESPN & ESPN Radio. ESPN Scorecenter - for scores MLB - lets you listen to the live radio feed of any game. At $15 for the season it's pricy but I like it. I had a lot more on my Iphone but I just switched to a Droid phone so I'm still downloading ones I need/want.
  11. Can't miss Apps

  12. Can't miss Apps

    Are your boxes hardwired to your internet or do you work it some other way? I've been wanting this for my basement tv but I'm not running an internet connection all the way down there.
  13. 2013 SuperBowl Box Pool...

    Money sent. Thanks Irish & Swammi!
  14. 2013 SuperBowl Box Pool...

    I'll take 4 again. Should I Paypal now or make sure it fills first?