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  1. The simple "Pick 2" thread: WR2 and WR3

    Looking at the PASS 'D" against: Deion Branch vs PIT PASS 'D' of 3. Housh vs CHI PASS 'D' of 10. Steve Smith vs MIA PASS 'D' of 16. KJ vs S.F. PASS 'D' of 32. ------------------------------------------- Thanks for your reply: but looking at this, do 'WE' want to Start Branch against a PASS 'D' of 3. MY other two choices: Stokley vs CLEV PASS 'D' of 30. S. Parker vs DEN PASS 'D' of 15. J. Smith vs NY J PASS 'D' of 9.
  2. .1 Pt per 1 YD. 6 Pts per TD. Roster: - D. Jackson vs AZ. - Branch vs PIT. - J. Smith vs NY J. - S. Parker vs DEN. - B. Stokley vs CLE. - M. Jenkins vs BUF. Starting: D. Jackson. Other 2: J. Smith & S. Parker ? Any other ideas.
  3. WDIS: WR - Need two more.

    Need help on other two WR's: Jimmy Smith & S. Parker or Jimmy Smith & Branch or Jimmy Smith & Stokley. Any Suggestions.
  4. WHO TO START: Mason vs TN or D Jackson vs ATL. Leaning towards Mason. Playing against his x team and having a Wright as QB. Jackson - Hasselbeck banged up ?
  5. Perfomance League: 4 Pts per Passing TD. .1 pt for evey 2.5 yds Passing. .1 pt for every 1.0 yds Rushing -1 pt per INT. 6 Pts per Rushing TD. With Hasselbeck slightly hurting - who do I start? Hasselbeck - Harrington - Delhomme Any suggestions ?
  6. Perfomance League: 12 team with 18-24 roster. .1 pt for every 1.0 yds Rushing/Receiving 1 pt for every 3 receptions. 6 Pts per Rushing TD. WR Roster: Roy Williams. Derrick Mason. Deion Branch. Jimmy Smith. Darrell Jackson. Brandon Stokley Michael Jenkins. Samie Parker. Leaning towards: Branch & Smith. But, my 3rd choice: Jackson or Mason. Any other suggestions?
  7. WDIS: WR - Need one more.

    Anymore suggestions.
  8. FA TE Pickup:

    Performance League. Already have Marcus Pollard. Which one do I want: Chris Baker NY J. ( with Doug Jolley ) or Alex Smith T.B. ( with Anthony Becht )
  9. FA TE Pickup:

    Anymore suggestions.
  10. Trade Opportunity

    Yes - Do it. Harrsion a top 5 WR.
  11. RB Help

    Performance League. Have: Willie Parker - Starting. My other three: S Alexander vs ATL 'D' of 6. or S Jackson vs AZ 'D' of 23. or R. Droughns vs G.B. 'D' of 19. I leaning towards starting Droughns: - VS CN Last WK. - 12 / 78 yds Rushing. - 3 / 22 yds Receiving. (Green - 4 / 12 yds Rushing) Who to Bench for Droughns ? or Do I start Alexander & Jackson!
  12. RB Help

    Anymore suggestions ?
  13. WDIS

    Performance League. Delhomme vs N.O. Harrington vs G.B. Hasslebeck vs JAX. Leaning towards Delhomme. R Williams vs G.B. D Jackson vs JAX J. Smith vs SEA D Mason vs IN B Stokley vs BAL Need 3: - Leaning towards Williams, Smith & Jackson. Any Changes?
  14. WDIS

    My Starting RB's: S. Jackson - St. L S. Alexander - SEA W. Parker - PIT ------------------------- Bench: C. Brown. Droughns. Toefield. Blaylock
  15. WDIS

    Any Changes ?
  16. Performance League. Which QB: - Leaning towards Delhomme at home vs N.O.. or - Hasselbeck on the road vs JAX..
  17. How many teams do you have now.
  18. Need an owner in NE Indiana

    Sent you a message.
  19. Any Dallas Area League Openings?

    Hi - I have been an active owner since 1996. Held the Commish duties of a CBS Sportsline League in Indiana from 1998 – 2003: - Won the Championship in 2000 / 2001 & 2003. We moved to The Woodlands, TX in April 2001. ( 42 miles north of Houston ) - Yes, I flew back for three years to do the Live Draft in Indiana over Labor Day. One of my Co-Workers told me about a Fantasy Football League that had a couple of openings in Austin. It was another CBS Sportsline League called the ‘DAM FFL,’ and the three divisions named after the three Dams in Austin. I been with this league for two years having the live draft @ Hooters the third or fourth week in August. The League has lost three players including the Commish, and looks like their is no more DAM FFL. Since I flew back to IN and drove to Austin for a 'Live Draft,' I would not mind traveling to the Dallas area. Of cousre dependent on Rules / Fees / etc..
  20. Keeper League Needs 1 Owner

    Hi - Need some more Information: - When is the Draft. - Draft Order after the 3rd Rd. ( If everyone kept 3 keepers ) - Rules. - Software being used. - Playoffs. - Draft Type
  21. New Keeper League

    Hi - Only part of the Finances I don't understand is: 'The Toilet Bowl' - The Superbowl runnerup gets $150.00. Whereas - The Toilet bowl winner gets $120.00 Is the Toilet bowl winner ? - the 11th & 12th place team playoff? or - the 3rd & 4th place team playoff? If its the last two place teams! Why are you giving as much monies as the Superbowl runner up.
  22. Stokley !

    Performance League. 1 PT per 10 Yds Receiving / Rushing. 6 PTs per TD. 1 PT per every 2 Receptions. Bonus: 3 PTs over 100 YDs. According to the Huddle: Brandon Stokley - WR Indianapolis Colts 12/17/04 - After doing only light work Thursday, Stokley took part in a full practice on Friday and is now expected to fill his normal role as the team's #3 WR Sunday night against Baltimore. "He did well. I think he's going to be fine," HC Tony Dungy said after Friday's practice. I have Chad Johnson. Clayton & Evans as my starters: Chad Johnson vs BUF Pass 'D' of 3 & Weather is a factor. Evans vs CN Pass 'D' of 15 & Weather is a factor. Clayton vs N.O. Pass 'D' of 31 & N.O. Rush 'D' is 32 - Pittman Factor. Stokley vs BAL Pass 'D' of 7 & is he 100%. Do I stay put with Johnson, Clayton & Evans or which one do I replace with Stokley ?