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  1. What blew up in your face...

    Well I needed some extra money for the Xmas season and my clients manhood was blown in my face in that rest stop bathroom stall
  2. Worst Team Meltdowns in NFL history

    This years Lakers
  3. Sore loser

    See if you can find any dirt in his background (sex with another male or underage person/ photos that might humiliate him etc...) then warn him that you will expose his past if he ruins your league.
  4. Kaepernick kills Smith?

    Is Colin white or black?? Or a swirl?? I think Smith will do a good job holding the clipboard
  5. In the Wake of the Gronk...

    I didnt know there was such thing as running up a score with professional grown adult men.
  6. Selfish prick. Why didnt he give me any??? A$$HOLE
  7. Craziest FFL Drama you've experienced?

    Last season in my league after I won the guys were soooo jealous of me that they all got together and raped me. They thought revenge would be served if they raped me both orally andanally. I am not gay but it felt alright until I got a "dirty sanchez" I cried out for help but no one responded in fact a couple passerbys filmed it and for a while it was posted on youtube. This probably isnt the craziest thing to happen in one of our ffl leagues but it was a whacky night for damn sure.
  8. My team is in the crapper, should I.....

    Did you lose anything in Hurricane Sandra?
  9. Random thought on RG III

    Harlem Globetrotters
  10. I was once mugged by 4 Ricans who only spoke Spanish. It was a very weird and confusing experience.
  11. Hurricane Sandy

    Wondering if anyone is fishing out there like those dummies in the The Perfect Storm.
  12. Lawrence Taylor

    I am confused is it legal or illegal to sleep with teenage girls??????????????
  13. Melissa Stark

    This is getting me so turned on that I am now gonna dry hum.p my keyboard igyjbdohyjototgrlhgmtrewkjvg;asvnj;alnvl;ksafnvtwoemv
  14. Russell "throw deep every pass" Wilson

    Well he did a rain dance and threw some real tomahawks on the Patriots last week.
  15. Who loves Devin Hester?

    Well they better get him off before he goes on the field families are all watching.