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  1. Thank you, literally thought about it all day and with Hunt back into the browns lineup no saying over the next few weeks how that can change. I did it Chubb for Thielen and Barkley the guy needs someone this week to say in contention and I already clinched so it should work out for me in playoffs.
  2. Would anyone trade Chubb or Jacobs for Thielen and Barkley? Barkley is saying he's coming back strong. I just dont know which back to give up if either.
  3. Amari Cooper looked great last week and ROS doesnt look to bad. Im not huge on Gurley but will still be a top 15 RB I think ROS.
  4. Do I trade Chubb or Jacobs for Thielen and Barkley? I have thought a lot about it and want some other opinions. I am in first with a 2 game cushion so I can afford to give one of them up this week. Hoping Thielen and Barkley come off the bye and are healthy, I like chubbs schedule more then Jacobs moving forward but Kareem Hunt is back in the mix and no saying if Chubb continues with 20 touches. My only other WRs in this league is JuJu, Brandon Cooks(Injured may be back this week) I also have Shepard and Slayton(got lucky playing him last week). So if they both turn out healthy it could benefit me much more in playoffs. LMK your thoughts.