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  1. 5th Pick - Draft Party Tomorrow

    Ratt8191, I have had McAllister in the past several times and he always seems to disappear at playoff time. The Saints best player is Horn at WR and not McAllister. McAllister to be the fourth best player must show me that he can 1. Stay completely healthy for an entire season, 2. Score more than 10TDs consistently and or rush for 100 ypg average, 3. Have good games against great defenses, and 4. become the focus of the Saints offense. I have yet to see all of this, hence the low ranking. I have him that low because the other RBs have a higher upside.
  2. Another RMT!

    Good job She-Rocks. A very solid team. Backup RB is the only true question mark. Plummer solid but unspectacular. Make sure to pick up D. Davis backup.
  3. 5th Pick - Draft Party Tomorrow

    She-Rocks, How did your draft go?
  4. 5th Pick - Draft Party Tomorrow

    Griffin is out of Denver, he maybe picked up by someone needing a RB baddly. Teams like MIN, CLE, PIT, or JAX.
  5. 5th Pick - Draft Party Tomorrow

    Situations to watch early and maybe avoid Bettis/Staley/etc - PIT Benson/T. Jones - CHI C. Brown/Henry - TEN (injury) Priest/L Johnson - KC (injury) Moore/Bennett/etc - MIN Barlow/?? - SF Davis/Foster - CAR Taylor/Toefield/etc - JAX Anderson/Bell - DEN (injury)
  6. 5th Pick - Draft Party Tomorrow

    Thanks RB rankings S. Alexander L T Priest - L Johnson (handcuff) Dillion James D. Davis K. Jones J. Jones McGahee S. Jax Portis Anderson - Bell (handcuff) Westbrook Martin Jordan McAllister Barber Green W. Dunn C. Brown, Ten - Henry (handcuff) Benson / T. Jones Davis / Foster - CAR Ronnie Brown Cadillac Williams
  7. 5th Pick - Draft Party Tomorrow

    With or Without Recption points?
  8. Man I luv this place

    You got to have better options for available WRs. The trade maybe your best option.
  9. Steven Jackson or Tory Holt

    Take S-Jax. 3RBs places a premium on top RBs. Plenty of WRs to play WRBC with. You can not do that with RBs in your league.
  10. LT or Alexander

    Alexander because this is a TD league and not a performance league.
  11. 5th Pick - Draft Party Tomorrow

    I am a Cowboy fan too. I think that the opportunity to get either Jones in the second round is a very good one. Do not forget that M. Anderson, DEN, is the starter. Sleeper pick.
  12. 5th Pick - Draft Party Tomorrow

    Priest will probably be gone at #4. I think C. Dillon or E. James would be a better pick at #5. I then would look to pick up J. or K. Jones in the second round.
  13. Evaluate this team?

    Solid team, good starters at all positions but WR depth is the only problem. Don't forget the Wavier Wire if available for WR help.
  14. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 1

    Thanks, Hugh. Scoring: 20 yds = 1 pt, TD = 6pts Question: J. Lewis vs. IND or M. Anderson @ MIA for my second RB? Priest Holmes 1st RB