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  1. Ouch!... need him this week as bye weeks start - no Nelson or Cobb.
  2. Sorry, but I hate it. It does not work for Windows 7 and all the nice side buttons are missing and every picture takes too much time top load let alone have the link load. I get that you are trying for one size fits all but it does not work for desktops using Windows 7. It works much better for phone devices though (even android).
  3. Whidbey Stadium home game for the Jags. Start time is 9:30AM Sunday (EST). Do you think this will have an effect on the game given the play of the teams?
  4. Per Jaguar Twitter Feed https://twitter.com/Jaguars/status/676462518559252480 Wednesday update.
  5. Actually AZ requires their RBs to lay out in the sun so they cook like bacon....crispy.
  6. LeDrop...you mean.
  7. Needed that TD. Would have been a great start for the week instead have to settle for a good start.
  8. Now everyone will be talking about this and Bridgwater tomorrow after the last play.
  9. Well... Fumble...game over.
  10. Too many men on the field....FG for OT....
  11. I am starting to feel like Charlie Brown.
  12. Diggs sighting...
  13. FG attempt...MIN for the win?
  14. Please...do not tell me...kerwyn vulture s the TD.
  15. Need a Johnson TD.... Please