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  1. Whaley out as Bills GM

    Does somebody have the link, I am having trouble getting it copied correctly. Sorry guys and girls.
  2. Per ESPN, Whaley is out. Entire scouting department too.
  3. Seahawks select Mike Tyson?

    Good thing they wear helmets or many QBs will not have any ears.
  4. NFL Draft

    Jets were smart. Get the best secondary player available and fill a major need.
  5. NFL Draft

    For the discussion on which WR Tennessee would want, Corey Davis it is. Good call.
  6. NFL Draft

    Lynch just mobbed da (dumb) Bears. Bears sacked for a major loss. Bears fans should be blasting the front office.
  7. Denver O Line -- Open Season. With this pick Denver sends a heavy fisted message like the new McDonald's uniforms. "Your Job is in Jeopardy, Babe."
  8. Denver Broncos draft Julie'n Davenport, OT, Bucknell. @darin3and the Titans are on the clock
  9. Saints have their slot/RB as they have signed AP. So Defense will be the order of the day as long as O. J. Howard is not available when they draft.
  10. New Orleans Saints draft Marcus Maye, S, Florida. @Trojanmojo @Trojanmojo is up for Arizona.
  11. NFL Draft

    Tapper is a SPARQ pick. Cowboys maybe picking based on the system. Tapper like Jaylon Smith was injured for last season.
  12. Mahomes has the Texans interested in him in the First Round and rumor has it that the Texans have spent considerable time with him.
  13. The steal for the Browns is Chidobe Awuzie at 2.20. In all probability, he is going to be drafted in the First Round as he is on many boards as a Top 5 CB. He also can play Safety so there is added value to picking him.
  14. With the Browns three rounds complete, here is the rational I used. 1 Defense required. 2 Get a developmental QB in the Second Round at 33. 3. Get playmakers with ability, toughness, attitude, and leadership in some combination. Rumor has it that Brock the Brick is going to have a chance at starter ... I am not surprised.
  15. Browns get another DE to help stop the run which is their biggest weakness. Leadership off the field as well as on the field made this pick perfect as Wormley was a captain at Michigan.