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  1. What was your most painful fantasy loss?

    I had 2 heart breaking losses last year but, I will go with the one in the Super Bowl. Monday night, Rams v. Eagles, I am going into the game up 4pts. He has D. McNabb. No this is the game that Philly didn't need, they had clinched everything. Rumors were that Mcnabb was only going to play in the 1st series. I had some people even telling me that they heard he was going to only take a couple of snaps. Anyway, the eagles move the ball about eight yards, then on 3rd down there is a penalty. Something against the Rams, automatic 1st down. Now, I am at work during all this and I looking at this with no sound. From there on they drive down and instead of handing the ball off, he hits someone for a touchdown. Game over, McNabb sits the rest of the night. It was a difference of $1000. I haven't been right since.
  2. Mock 10 thread

    Dude was just on.
  3. Mock 10 thread

    I believe we can get about 3-4 more rounds completed before everyone calls it a night. Hopefully!
  4. Mock 10 thread

    Nogohawk hasn't been on for awhile now. Can we get some help?
  5. Mock 10 thread

    So, I take it that we are going to be waitin for awhile since alchico has a softball game.
  6. Mock 10 thread

    Who is Rowdies?
  7. Mock 10 thread

    That's a strong pick!
  8. Mock 10 thread

    this is painful
  9. Mock 10 thread

    Anyone seen White Lightning?
  10. CCS

  11. I am about to start an Auction keeper league and was wondering if anyone plays in one and what the rules were.
  12. Jamal Lewis...Is he a top 5 pick?

    I have him as the 7th best Rb in my rankings due to the lack of catches, however in leagues that dont give pts for rece. then he should be the 5th RB taken.
  13. Mock Draft Setup

    Is their a link so that we can peep it out?
  14. Mock Draft Setup

    Is it too late to get in this?
  15. Huddle 14-team mock

    We are rollin.