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  1. Week 6 Milk Carton

    My team.
  2. Going for 1 when trailing by 2

    Considering how this one ended, I don't think it was a mistake at all to kick the PAT as opposed to the two point conversion. If I was the coach I'd have gone for 2 though.
  3. Ito Smith?

    Look at his college highlights. Ito was touted as a sleeper over at Rotoworld. I think he might be the most talented back on this team.
  4. Have anyone of you ever seen a team this hot?

    I feel like I was better at fantasy football back when I didn't know what I was doing. Had a wicked run and won 3 out of the first 4 years in my local and haven't had teams as good since. One of the teams only dropped one game and was 1st in points scored most weeks.
  5. Not sold on Saquan

    Barkley flashed Brilliance tonight. This offense is still an absolute mess but thankfully for Barkley that only stands to pad his fantasy numbers.
  6. Kamara trade advice

    This was still a bad trade my dude.
  7. Jamaal Charles signs with Jacksonvile

    Because theres no return date for him yet. Basically trying to buy him as much time as possible so he can (hopefully) play healthy into the post season. Rumors have him coming back after the bye. Itd be a shock if he was out for that long but if Jags are winning games then it probably makes the most sense long term.
  8. Jamaal Charles signs with Jacksonvile

    Maybe? Jags certainly didn't waste any time. We worked out like 5 guys yesterday. Rumors we even worked out murray
  9. Jaguars sign Jamaal Charles

    Grant suffered season ending injury. With Yeldon banged up(but playing through), Fournette obviously hurt, the next man up was Wilds... who has been uninspiring. Charles was among the best FA RBs left floating around. We also signed Charcandrick West and some dude named William's from Broncos practice squad. Yeldons still the man to own in this backfield, and Fournette will take over when he comes back. We just desperately needed depth and we went out and got it this week. Edit: actually sorry, we didnt sign Charcandrick West, just kicked the tires.
  10. go out and get this guy

    Still not convinced he does anything this year. Maybe I'm wrong, but the guy had 3 targets. Meredith still getting more looks, Ginn coming back after the Bye and even if Smith passed him on the depth chart theres too many mouths to feed in New Orleans even with Brees on pace to break 5k passing yards.
  11. Let’s talk about John Brown.

    Couldn't ya'll use this against them too? Trade underperforming studs and be all like "dude, Cooper is a 4th round pick!!"
  12. D'Onta Foreman

    Now is the time to stash him if you want to take a shot. Doubt hed be a league winner but RB2 value in this RB landscape could be a godsend depending on the team. Not on a lot of peoples radars, especially with the bye week shuffle in full swing and early waiver fools gold. I wouldn't be surprised if he came straight into a role on this offense and eventually takes over the backfield even without a serious injury to Miller.
  13. Let’s talk about John Brown.

    Hes the Ravens No. 1 receiver. If some of yall are worried about his injury history, most of it had to do with his sickle cell. Playing in Baltimore is a better environment for him, so theres that. Hes also in the best position of his career, team/scheme wise. And his target average isn't really that low. I'm not so eager to sell him
  14. J. Howard?

    Talk about an over reaction.
  15. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    Lets be real, if Fantasy football wasn't a thing the only people that'd be mad at Bell are Steelers fans and the Steelers organization.