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  1. AFC Championship Game

    I agree that the Jaguars contentment with trying to hold onto the lead and play conservatively cost them the game. But what I mean by that is that it prevented them from overcoming the questionable officiating. As it stands right now the forced fumble that was blown dead is likely the difference in that game. That's a 7 point swing in a 4 point game.. and to add salt to the wound that's the 4th time it's happened to us this year. I won't get into the other calls/lack thereof. I admit the Jags may have still lost if we got those points, but that's what we're left with... what ifs. You can't ask a Jags fan to just let that go, last time we were in the AFC Championship game I was 9 years old.. last time we were in the Playoffs I was 17 and we lost to the undefeated patriots.
  2. If you ever need a stand in for your league, PM me.
  3. AFC Championship Game

    The Jags/Pats game hurt. People have been making fun of my team since it's inception. People still made fun of my team after the regular season, we didn't stand a chance against Steelers, we didn't stand a chance against the Patriots. People laughed when I called the Jags making the Superbowl and then we get hosed in the Championship game. Sure we turtled up in the second half and that's what ultimately lost them the game, but some questionable calls made the difference and that's never fun to see. It sucks to be from a City that people deem "unworthy", and it sucks that the NFL treats our Organization like a joke. I hope we garnered some respect this year. This team was very special, they let the doubt fuel them and it got them one play away from the Super Bowl. I hope some of the fans at least respect the Jags now, I know we'll never be favored by the NFL. No guarantees next year, but the NFL is put on notice. Jags are back.
  4. Eli Manning benched

    After Mcadoo and the GM got fired I'm not so sure Eli goes anywhere anymore.
  5. Eli Manning benched

    I was joking too. And I live in Jacksonville. It gets too much disrespect solely because Downtown doesn't have any tourist attractions. As for Denver, it's Meh, but I'm mostly referring to y'alls team. But like I said it was as much of a joke as yours was. :P
  6. Eli Manning benched

    Real rich coming from a Denver fan. But hey at least ya'll got legal grass up there to keep the mood up. Who was the poor soul in week 5? Ha!
  7. Eli Manning benched

    Hands off, Jaguars need to get their Superbowl win within the next two years.
  8. Eli Manning benched

    Well that settles the "should I start Shepherd this week" debate. Wonder where Eli lands next year.
  9. my fave part about kamara

    Traded him away in a Keeper. Regretting it more and more by the week, lol.
  10. Which TE this week

    If shepherd sits out another week I think you kinda have to start engram this week.
  11. Defense for Playoffs

    I'd take a long look at the ravens if they're available. Their defense has put up mega points on every single good matchup and they have two juicy ones for the playoffs.
  12. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    PPR WR (start 2) S. Diggs, Shepherd (likely out) Robbie Anderson, D. Funchess, D. Thomas, C. Davis RB (start 2) Demarco Murray, Perine, Mckinnon, Drake Flex (start 1) see above.
  13. Ah yeah, Hilton definitely isn't worth a 1st round pick. In that case Julio is better off helping you out this year and is a better value for your first round pick than Hilton is for sure.
  14. Sorry I guess I missed the part where you were still in contention. In that case I'd a little more weary of the trade. I just think it's the best long term out of the 3 options. If you're still hoping for a Championship run then it may be worth taking the gamble on Julio since that provides the most value without giving up on your team. I'm just shying away from him in Keeper leagues at this point, he's getting older and the Falcons look like a mess this year, makes it hard to trust them next year. That being said I'm pretty high on TY Hilton for next year, so it may end up being a wash or even a loss if he ends up balling out next year.
  15. I kinda like the Mike Evans trade the best.