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  1. Bestest Fantasy Team of all time??

    Not best team ever but I've always been particularly proud of this team from the 2012 season. Went 7-7 on the regular season and ended up winning it all on a miracle. The championship game was 156.68 to 144.66 standard scoring, probably the most fun Champship game in our local. It came down to Dez Bryant on my team and Arian Foster on his, he had a sizeable lead. Anyone who had Arian Foster that year in their championship game knows the rest of that story. QB: Aaron Rodgers WR: Dez Bryant, Julio Jones, Stevie Johnson, Malcolm Floyd, Danario Alexander, RB: Jamaal Charles, Mikel Leshoure, Rashad Jennings TE:Dennis Pitta, Vernon Davis, Brandon Myers Looking back I have no idea why I had 3 tightends lol.
  2. Perine RB2 ROS

    All of which I'm sure are rostered in 90% of leagues. lol
  3. Nathan Peterman therapy session

    Ha I'd rather have started Bortles.
  4. Greg Olsen

    Yeah not starting him his first week back and all sounds good on paper but honestly who are you going to roll with instead? If you already had a good tightend you probably don't have Olsen on your team as well. Might as well play him and hope for the best. Better than options like Fiedororwicz.
  5. Who will be the 2018 studs?

    I Believe a proper Dynasty league is a very deep bench, usually multiple IR slots and a league where you keep or at least have the option to keep ALL of your players. Drafts are usually rookies only. A Keeper league limits or caps the amount of players you are allowed to keep, that restriction alone makes it not a dynasty league I'd imagine. Drafts are all available players the following year.
  6. Am I out of line?

    If I were you I'd drop all my players and say see ya later.
  7. Jerry Jones vs Roger Goodell

    Maybe I should check to see if the rights to "IFL" are still available and hold it over their dirty grubby heads and hope for a pay out.
  8. Who will be the 2018 studs?

    Waiver quality, I'd be looking at Corey Davis, Corey Coleman, Maybe Mike Williams.I like Corey Davis the most out of these guys though, elite talent in a position to be the No. 1 guy, just gotta put it all together. Marlon Mack or D'onta Foreman are good young talent in interesting positions to take over.
  9. Your best 10th round or later target ever

    Got Kamara off waivers this year and traded him for Odell Beckham in a keeper. Think that was a pretty smooth move, even though I'm missing him this year. Got Julio Jones late in the draft his rookie year. Got Todd Gurley late in the draft on his Rookie year. Got David Johnson off waivers week 2 his rookie year. Those are all I can remember off the top of my head.
  10. Dion Lewis or Burkhead for ROS?

    If you're shooting for a home run I think you're more likely to get that in Burkhead than Lewis.
  11. Thoughts on McKinnon ROS?

    It's game script dependent. Similar to the Ravens backfield with Buck Allen and Collins.
  12. Weird FF season

    I'll do ya one better, started the season 1-7 and now I've scored highest points in back to back games. Hoping to finish out 7-7 lmao.
  13. The Chargers are cursed...

    Just stopping by to say go Jags.
  14. checking in

  15. Jerry Jones vs Roger Goodell

    He may not be different but one thing I do know is that Roger Goodell is not going to be different from Roger Goodell.