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  1. What a joke

    Cowboys-Redskins, you gotta love it, even when it hurts.
  2. what do you need on MNF?

    One league, me and the other guy are tied, he has Tiki and I have JJ tonight. Another league, I need JJ to score one point. Another league, I need Tiki to score about 35+ points.
  3. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    dall 28 wash 17
  4. This game is gonna be a SHOOTOUT.

    From Warner, I'll believe it when I see it.
  5. I am going to puke...

  6. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    Lt D.Jax Priest
  7. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 2!

  8. King Of The Mountain

  9. Weekly Blitz

    Ind KC NE Pitt Stl
  10. Texas National Champs 2005 ?

    No way Texas wins the Natural Championship, sh!t, somebody like Baylor will see to that.
  11. Did Chargers lose because they benched Gates?

    Lt should of touched the ball all four plays there at the end and I was worried he would be the one to do us in. Good thing for us Marty has no imagination.
  12. First full day of NFL football!

    I'm hung over as hell but I'll still be able to lay on the couch and watch football.
  13. New England v Oakland

    I started Brady and Dillon in the MVP Challenge and I'm a little nervous about Dillon at the moment.
  14. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    Lt Holt Parker
  15. King Of The Mountain

  16. Weekly Blitz

    Det KC NE NYG Stl
  17. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

  18. World's Best Fantasy Team Names..

    Texas Death fartz
  19. A model B-52!

    Thats by far the best clip I've ever seen at the huddle!
  20. Dallas - Arizona observations

    That was a story not worth telling once and you want to repeat it?
  21. Dallas - Arizona observations

    8-8 is my prediction and I'm sticking to it; until next week.
  22. Couple observations

    Drunk or not, your pretty darn lucky you didn't have to endure the coma inducing zona-poke fart-fest.
  23. T.O. aint the villian here Guys!

    I'm pretty happy T.O. plays for the beagles.
  24. Dallas - Arizona observations

    Based on 3 quarters of boring-ass preseason football my 2005 prediction for the pokes has slipped to 8-7-1. :
  25. Who else hates the Seahawks?

    Hate the Seahawks? They've never done anything!