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  1. NFL Opening Day--Sept 11

    Still get choked up reading some of these posts and thinking about that day.
  2. When do they bench Dante?

    You don't pull your team leader and that's exactly what they made him when they removed Moss.
  3. Minny Mess...

    Why does Tice think sitting a guy will settle him down? I've heard this quote out of him a couple times this hear. I would think telling him to get back in there right away would give him confidence (which would settle him down).
  4. The Edge Debate

    What? Edge with the 16th pick?
  5. The Edge Debate

    Last year 5th out of 10 I have him again this year. Not super excited about it, but not disappointed in it either.
  6. GB Players Loyalties

  7. Mike Tice has officially lost me...

    No, please keep Tice. Please, please, please!
  8. Brett Favre

    Same thing about Barry Sanders. Not the Packer killer that Payton was though...
  9. Brett Favre

    Farve was below average, awful is a stretch. The O-line didn't look good. Favre overthrew a couple times (1 was a forsure TD to an open Driver), but he was under a lot of pressure. They only suited 4WRs. Walker got hurt and Ferguson was in and out with cramps. 1 Int was a hail Mary at the end, and the other was a nice pick, but for some reason Ferguson just pulled his arms back at the last second and didn't go for the ball.
  10. Why I hate fantasy football

    #2 is an L If you win #1 and #3, that would be an amazing game for the Eagles.
  11. Mewelde Moore?

    Reported on the KFAN postgame that he had a sprained ankle. I'm not positve they used the term "sprained", but they did say it was something with his ankle.
  12. Walker tears ACL

    If Walker never regains his old form (a very premature maybe here), I think we will see lots of guys using this as evidence when they hold out. Ammo for the agents.... Oh yeah as a Packer fan
  13. Packer WRs

    Packers only suited 4 WRs today? That is unreal. Walker goes down and Ferguson is having cramps. Not that it matters since Favre looks bad as does the O-line.
  14. GB-Det thread

    He has looked bad, but on a lot of those passes he doesn't have room to follow through and the ball is ending up short. The game is just plain ugly. If I didn't love the Pack so much, my love of the NFL would not be enough to watch this game. Horrible, Horrible, Horrible.
  15. it's good to be a Collins owner

    If they allow him to chuck the ball deep as much as they did last night, he'll score you points, but I can't see that happening after they keep losing. Dumb plays when they were driving in the 4th (drive that ended on 4th and 28). They could have run the ball and thrown some shorter passes, but he just kept throwing deep...