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  1. Start/Bench List

    Ya, the links at the bottom work "Go to Page 2", "Go to Page 3" ...
  2. Who else is 0-2?

    0-2, 12 team league Plummer, Brees DD, S Davis, M Bennet, JJ Arington, M anderson (Here's hoping DD explodes in wk 4 and Davis stays healthy) Lelie, Wayne, Gonzo, Reggie Williams, Jenkins (0 Tds among them) MIN (just swapped them for IND) Tynes Sitting in second place in my total points league.
  3. Your Team.~~.Who should we be watching?

    The word on the street in Detroit is "The Lions Suck" Always
  4. W D I S ?

    Lelie. I personally had him ranked higher on draft day and that hasn't changed. While Denver didn't play great in wk1, the jets played worse.
  5. JJ Arrington or Brandon Jacobs

    Agree with Grits here since this is basically a TD league.
  6. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2 - TAKE 2

    Hugh - you're the COOLEST! I am in a fix at RB. Re-Draft, Performance scoring. Rush/Rec (First 20 yds = 5pts, 2pts/10 yds thereafter) all TDs = 10pts DD (Starting) And need one more of the following. I was hoping one of these guys would step up, but so far only Davis has done anything and he plays NE so I'm not too thrilled. M Bennet S Davis JJ Arrington M Anderson Already 0-1 and need to swing for the fences against a solid team, for that reason I was thinking Bennet vs CIN. I have also offered to trade M Anderson and JJ to the Bell owner for Lamont Jordan. We'll see.
  7. WDIS- Jake Plummer

    I personnaly don't think MIN is a good match up, so I'd go Plummer over Palmer. I might take Leftwich at Indy though.
  8. flex help

    Lelie - Streaky, but he's gonna hit big some time. Disclaimer - I suck at picking wide receivers.
  9. Wr #3

    Roll the dice on Kennison, I think OAK is the best match up.
  10. Need another TE...Who do I take off WW?

    Putz isn't all that bad. I drafted him as my backup, then dropped him for Chris Baker. The Stephen Alexander thing doesn't seem to be hurting him so far.
  11. Culpepper/Foster for Favre/D. Davis

    I wouldn't want to be left with K Jones Foster and LJ. DD will turn it on after his bye. Unless your league gives big points for passing, I would stand pat.
  12. Who comes out ahead?

    I like the Moss and Dunn option also. You are solid at RB with Deuce and Rudi already. Dunn will make a good filler. Meanwhile you get a nice upgrade on WR.
  13. WDIS Week 2

    I like DD an Lelie. DD's a stub, Larry's a sub. Lelie may get you that extra point(s) for catches and has the best chance at a 50+ (slim as it may be).
  14. M.Anderson Injured Today...

    I'm trying to trade him to the Bell owner.
  15. What a Mess I have Gotten Into...

    Fitz and Lelie