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  1. Feeling the exact same.way.... a lot of people are on Tate this week tho. . . But I'm thinking.the same.as you
  2. PPR.... Pass TD=4points , Rush=6points Rush/REC -10yards = 1 point, 20yards Passing=1point I need TWO (WR2 and a FLEX)--- Riley Cooper @ GB, Golden Tate @ ATL,, James Homes vs PHI or Martellus Bennett vs DET (i have Witten as my starting TE, which I could change of course) *aBONUS QUESTION* Brady is on a bye..... so...Stick with T.Pryor @ NYG or Pickup Eli vs OAK, R. Tannehill @ TB or EJ Manuel @ PIT
  3. Few quick questions , these are all PPR, 4pt pass TD, 6pt Rush.... and 10yards rec/rush = 1 point. 20yards pass= 1 point. League #1 Stick with my Bye Backup T. Pryor @ NYG OR pickup Eli vs OAK, R. Tannehill @ TB or EJ Manuel @ PIT ???? Same lg.... I need any TWO (WR2 and a FLEX)--- (thinking.Cooper for sure and going back and forth between Tate and Bennett) Riley Cooper @ GB, Golden Tate @ ATL, James Jones vs PHI Martellus Bennett vs DET (i have Witten as my starting TE) League #2 Need ONE RB2 Sproles vs ATL Steven Jackson @ NO T. Rich @ STL R. Jennings @ NYG Thanks for any advice I really do appreciate it!
  4. Well for.#1 I can play both TEs one at my flex.... should I play both.over any of.those WRs And with #3 sproles.is.just pissing.me.off .... lol T rich, and s jax as well! God... thank god for Z Stacy pick up.... I'm honestly.thinking of playing Jennings.this week vs Giants ... I have Dez,Marshall and Kennan Allen as my WRs and Flex. Just cant get a 2rb to step it up
  5. WDIs @ WR - Non PPR

    Jones for sure Jax will be throwing the ball.a lot ...maybe... I think.k it will be low scoring game But Jones is.for.sure the safer play Help with mine please. : http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?/topic/410488-pick-em-for-mewr-rb-and-flexoh-my-do-or-die-games-whir/#entry3891092
  6. Witten or Reed @ TE?

    Btw help.with mine plz http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?/topic/410488-pick-em-for-mewr-rb-and-flexoh-my-do-or-die-games-whir/#entry3891092
  7. Witten or Reed @ TE?

    Reeeed! For sure
  8. Please help at flex and qb

    Yeah u gotta roll with Jordy, hopefully Wallace looks to him like Rodger does and he don't go else where ... ie Foles and Copper Out of QBs man that's tough based on Match ups... I feel both will be low scoring with more.running...no other QBs on wire? Locker ? Foles? If not I'd roll with Kaep I guess..... if.both play late and u find yourself down a lot.I'd take a gamble on Case .... Return the favor ? Http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?/topic/410488-pick-em-for-mewr-rb-and-flexoh-my-do-or-die-games-whir/#entry3891092
  9. Pick 1 WR PPR League

    Mos def Moore ! Please help.with mine http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?/topic/410488-pick-em-for-mewr-rb-and-flexoh-my-do-or-die-games-whir/#entry3891092
  10. OK first league I need to pick a 2WR,,1TE and a flex (can be any position except QB ofcourse) PPR .... I'm rhinking of rollin with the "*" by them... Payton Hillis ...lol R. Cooper* TY Hilton* James Jones G. Tate* Martellus Bennett* Jason Witten Tough on my flex, I.been rolling.with both TEs. But.not.quite sure Witten has been disappointing to say the least... I just need a flex in this lg, PPR also. R. Cooper James Jones Brandon Lafell Roddy White And one more ladies! Those are cash leagues , this is one with all my friends... not gonna go into details let's just say 2 weeks ago played Megaton who dropped a 50 Burger and this past week played Andre who also dropped a 50 Burger. .. So PPR I need a ONE RB Sproles S Jax Trent Richardson R. Jennings
  11. I also got Tannahil (now) the trade hasn't went threw yet.and I didn't know what was up with Vick BUT what type of Trade should I go for? Aim for a great WR with Thomas and one of my QBs? So I'm dropping Tannahil , Blount and Simpson.... might wait to see who freeman likes so just to pick ups this week.
  12. PPR.... first of all I can't turn this down right ? My team would be Luck Brady Vick Lynch McCoy Ridley Blount. ... Hilton James Jones Greg Jennings Jerome Simpson..... Mario Manningham Julius Thomas I'm gonna have the 4th WW claim .... rank these guys for my team Riley Cooper Marvin Jones DHB Robert woods Nate Washington Rod streeter Rob Housler Am I missing.anyone? Lineup is QB-2RB-2WR-TE-Flex(RB,WR,TE)
  13. Or should be able to get more for Thomas.... PPR league Andrew Luck Michael Vick Tanahill (just got him in case Vick. Is out!) Marshawn Lynch Stevan Ridley Lamar Miller LeGarrette Blount A.J. Green James Jones Roddy White TY.Hilton Julius Thomas
  14. The original deal is.this minus luck But he has.Brees on.a.bye so.wants luck.if.we do it.this.week He said he would.throw.in Tate. ... Should I just wait till.next weekfor the trade.above minus Luck My team: Andrew Luck Michael Vick (just picked.up tanahil incase.next week.Vic don't play again) Marshawn Lynch Stevan Ridley Lamar Miller LeGarrette Blount A.J. Green James Jones Nate Washington Roddy White TY.Hilton Julius Thomas PPR (Sorry for.all my trade.threads but I need.to.make.a move! )
  15. Yeah I'm 1-5 Played the highest scoring team each week..... But maybe I could keep my WRs and do a trade for better RB.....