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  1. Lefty has to answer to momma

    Injured Leftwich apologizes for gestures, plans to play;_ylt=An5U...ov=ap&type=lgns
  2. Desperate in Detroit...

    Why not bring back Ty Detmer? He played for Mooch in SF and Detroit in 2001. I seem to remember 7 interceptions in a single game? If not him, how about Rick Mirer?

    Stephen Davis....for now....maybe Donte Stallworth after last night and it sounds strange, but given the Priest commitee action, Jamal's issues, and the way the Colts seem to have been shifting their play, Edgerrin James
  4. Horn?

    And Derrick Mason.
  5. Arrington inactive

    By the way, is it just me, or do professional athletes seem to get the "flu" way too often? I haven't had the flu since I was twelve. Colds sure, bronchitis once. I think this is a garbage term to mask something else. Like either hangovers and missed practice or something. The flu? Really? September is just prime flu season isn't it - or if not "the flu" persay I could see how you could easily get sick with a similar illness when you live in a cold damp climate like Arizona..... Something else is up. Or then again, this guy is just a complete wimp.
  6. Koren Robinson's value?

    Yeah, I think the verdict on Taylor will be out in a couple weeks. One re-tread underachiever at a time....
  7. what's up with Ferguson?

    I'm seriously doubting Ferguson amounts to much. Somehow I just think the cream would have already risen if it were going to. I'd rather take a shot at a bunch of other guys out there.
  8. LatherupmyButterfingers Coles?

    Yes, swashbucklers is referring to ANOTHER drop. It was tough, but one Coles would probably tell you he should have had. I remember the Coles of old and he had sure hands. I remember him taking the ball out of the hands of a Miami defensive back at full speed, falling out of bounds, during the "greatest MNF comeback ever"... This was just a bad day.
  9. CJ Injured?

    CJ? Yeah he looked great. So did RJ. His cousin KJ looked decent, and with JJ carrying the load (oops - JJ in Big D), the Cowboys look tough. JJ's cousin, TJ, wasn't too impressive. though.
  10. Walker tears ACL

    It's possible too, it's a tear, but only a partial tear. If it's only partial, I believe sometimes players can rehab those things in a couple months. This is really too bad. Walker was coming into his prime as a player.
  11. Packer WRs

    nevermind saw other post
  12. Packer WRs

    How bad did Walker get hurt? Did he walk off the field?
  13. New York Jets...

    Lavernaneus Coles - 2 dropped TD passes. Pathetic.
  14. Holy crud Batman

    so you don't need to spell the difference between orthotricyclen and oxycontin?......mkay...
  15. Reggie Williams story

    I don't think you can use stats to project the development of second year players. Yes, it's an indicator, but by that method, Lee Evans is the next Jerry Rice. I like what Del Rio says about Williams being smart and having a good work ethic, but that seems to conflict with that little "Don't try me" quip. I also didn't hear much in that article about him sitting down and watching a lot of film, studying and learning/practicing running good routes. I think it's great he's worked out, but he's already a great specimen, he needs to work out his noodle. Thanks for the Leftwich opinion. I really think this season is make-or-break for him. Another player akin to Williams, all the ability, but can he learn to pick up the coverage and find the open receiver quickly enough. I hoping his 10 INTs last year are a good sign, we'll see.
  16. The Huddle - Stuff to read

    They did an article last year on great QB combos to have based on strength of schedule. That was pretty cool, I'd like to see that again.
  17. Peerless "I have no Peer" Price........

    Seriously, Price might have a bit of an attitude. But from 1200 yards to zilch? I can understand bad attitude, bad situation, but Michael Vick couldn't make a 1200 yard a year player motivated to win? Lousy QB whether it's leadership or talent. Michael Vick will be joining him in 2 years.
  18. Who's older

    James is 27. Anderson about to turn 32. But when you think about it, Edge has had 5 full years of pounding while playing on turf, while Anderson has experienced really only the equivalent of 3 pro seasons - on grass. Both have had major season-ending injuries to rehab from and appear to have healed. When you start thinking about the age of veteran RBs and their ability to play without injury and recover from the little bumps and bruises - can you really differentiate between James and Anderson? It's no doubt that the human body recovers more quickly at earlier ages - and NFL RBs have a shelf life. But how much is dependent on age, and how much on wear? I have to believe that given the extreme amount of pounding NFL RBs receive, it's more dependent on the latter.
  19. Who's older

    No worries, just firing back some good natured smack talk 'bout mommas.
  20. Who's older

    Yes, that's definitely it. Bill, let's get back to figuring out who your father is now.
  21. Who's older

    Right. I think we all know the inherent danger of any RB in Denver, given Shanahan's tactics. But what I am asking is - can you treat Anderson like 28 year old, given his time off and years in the NFL? And even if James were to stay healthy, can you really see him playing more than 5 more years as a full-time starter? I can't see a health/age difference between Anderson and Edge, other than Anderson hasn't played a full year healthy yet.
  22. Attn: Steeler homers

    That article is a pretty flattering assesment of Parker. How much can Staley have left in the tank, even if he were healthy? Could make a good pickup, then again, I think it's a pretty safe assumption that this is "going to committee"...
  23. Green or Droughns?

    I don't know, "high ankle sprain" is usually a pretty tough injury to heal, isn't it? Doesn't it take a couple months of compelte rest?
  24. NY Giants vs NY Jets

    Retards, your bus is leaving.
  25. Law In, Mickens Out

    I don't know, you're probably right. But I do recall on a couple occaisions, that aggresiveness translated into a pass interference call which cost the Jets dearly. In any case, he was a gamer, and his reaction when they first signed Law said a lot about his character. Jeez, they even gave Law his number, 24, has to be tough on him. Well, then again, I am the one that has to go sit in an office pity for you, Ray.