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  1. I received the following trade in a PPR league. I guess the question is Kamara vs Freeman ROS. Ultimately, I would love to try and package D. Henry and D. Murray for Freeman...but think that is a long shot. What are your thoughts? I send: Kamara i receive: D. Freeman and Reed My Team (4-5) QB: smith, taylor RB: kamara, martin, d. Murray, Lewis, Henry, Mack, woodhead WR: Julio, Evans, Watkins, Corey davis TE: Kelce, Henry His Team (2-7) QB: Big Ben RB: McKinnon, Freeman, Drake, White WR: Sanders, amendola, Parker, Pryor TE: Reed and Hooper
  2. lol! This is a family league so I probably will stay away from the middle finger 😂 Good point about waiting to hear more about Zeke's legal issues prior to trading. I may need Hyde for 6 weeks still. I am just getting fed up with very poor QB play. Watson is gone already...the "best" on the waiver wire is Goff (or I guess trubisky).
  3. I started the conversation and he said Zeke for Dak. I am saying no of course, but should I counter Hyde and Breida for Brees? Also would Hyde and Brieda for Dak be giving up too much?
  4. Due to a number of reasons (keepers, trades, fear of Zeke Suspension, drafting), I have a stacked team with the exception of QB (and TE). The QB position has been by far my weakest. I have one trade partner in mind since he needs a RB and has Dak and Brees. My thought is to trade hyde and Brieda for one of his QBs. Which one should I target? My Team: QB: Taylor, Siemian RB; Hunt, Zeke, Hyde, Martin, Rodgers, D. Henry, D. Foreman, Brieda WR: AB, Michael Thomas, Evans, TE: Engram His Team: QB: Brees, Dak RB: J. Allen, Carson, Lynch, Abdullah WR: AJ Green, OBJ, DJax, Snead, JJ Nelson TE: Clay, Z. Miller **For what it is worth: I am facing this team head to head this week and Brees is on a bye**
  5. Thanks everyone for your input. I think I was getting lost in the idea of having potential of 3 top ten receivers...sounds great, but that would have greatly hurt my RB situation. I am at the point where I am deciding between Howard and Ajayi at this point. I am glad I have a close to another month before I make the decision. Hopefully, that time will clear up who I should aim for. I may bump this thread back up in a few weeks.
  6. Through a little bit of trading I received the first pick of a 2 player keeper league. The league is:12 team, PPR and starts 2WR, 2 RB, 1TE, 1 Flex I am already keeping Julio and Evans. Below are the projected best available...who do you think I should go with? TY Hilton Howard Lynch Ajayi Cooper Baldwin Fournette I think it is only between Howard and Hilton...I think I like Hilton better, but not sure if I should start with 3 WRs. Let me know your thoughts. I appreciate your help!
  7. Hello Everyone! I am in a 12 team, PPR, 2 player keeper league. Essentially the main rule for keeping the players is: Can only keep one player drafted in the first four rounds. So I am already keeping Antonio Brown and need to decide on my other keeper. I can chose from Michael Thomas or Melvin Gordon. Both good choices, but I am torn. scoring is 7pts per rushing TD and 6 points per receiving TD. I have another three months...I just wanted to get some early thoughts. Thanks!
  8. I have Rawls, McCoy, Kelley, howard, booker, d. Lewis My WR: Julio, Evans, SSS, Snead, My TE: Gronk, Ertz I don't know that Smallwood would ever crack my starting lineup. That was my hesitation about Smallwood.
  9. With Gillislee out at least this week, I have an open spot after I placed him on my IR. Should I pick up any of the following? (Each transaction costs $1.50) Kaepernick (solid last few weeks, essentially Brees insurance) Alex Collins (I have Rawls, is he worthwhile handcuff?) Smallwood Thanks!
  10. That's a tough call. I would probably sit Ware in that scenario. Both Blount and Kelley have been averaging around 20 carries the last few weeks. Plus, Ware had good match-ups the last couple weeks and only had pedestrian output.
  11. Great conversation! Thanks for all the input already. I see a lot of people are trying to decide between Ware and Kelley too. That is a tough call, but I think I would go with Kelley there because of the likelihood of 20+ carries and recent great game. The question came up with the NO backs...That is also a tough one...I might error on the side of Hightower right now, but if Ingram is fully cleared I may change my mind. Something tells me they are going to be pretty even...its a coin flip of who or either makes it in the endzone. I feel better about starting Rawls over Kelley now, but should I consider Kelley over SSS in my flex? I am also in the predicament with McCoy as my RB1. It looks like he is going to play and has a good matchup, but I am worried about re-injury or potential fumble issues with the surgically repaired thumb. My thoughts are to stick with this lineup: QB: Brees RB1: McCoy RB2: Rawls WR1: Julio WR2: Evans TE: Ertz (unless Gronk is cleared) Flex: SSS
  12. I am in this conundrum right now. I have to consider whether I should sit Rob Kelley or not. He has been good and getting a lot of work. I keep hearing from the write-ups he "doesn't get more than what is blocked"...but he seems to pass the eyeball test when I see him. These are the players I would have to sit if I played Rob Kelley: Steve Smith Sr vs Cin (has been very solid since injury) Rawls vs TB (Great match-up and very little worry about shared work) Jordan Howard vs Ten (tough match-up, but one of the remaining weapons for Chicago) Is anyone else considering benching Fat Rob after three consecutive weeks of 20+ carries. If so, who are you putting in your line up instead? I appreciate the conversation!
  13. Big Ben or Mariota?

    I agree with Joey2stix. Go with Mariota due to the weather in Cleveland. I would also go with Hill for the same reason.
  14. Starks or D Martin 0.5PPR

    I know Martin's matchup is worst...but I think he will get a bigger role this week.
  15. PPR league Kelley vs GB SSS vs Dal Howard vs NYG