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  1. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket offers

    Just called as my bill showed the 1st of 6 monthly payments of $62.99 each = $377.94 Told the Loyalty Department (no longer call Retention Department I guess) that I am calling for them to offset my charges so ST/Max is free. After some back and forth got $17 off a month for ST/Max so now costs $45.99 month ($275.94 total or ST/Max)....not great...then also got $50 off a month for the next 12 months ($600) + $22 off for next 6 months ($132) for my premium channels...more than offsets my cost = happy camper. KO'd
  2. Bobby Rainey

    This was my week to take some fliers and "what the heck plays" in a couple of my bigger money leagues...one league I was 4-6 in and going nowhere....started Rainey and may still lose tonight if Olsen has a decent game....go figure. Other bigger money league I am a robust 1-9 and decided to bench Julius Thomas in favor of the "due" Quarless...classic waaay overthinking move and buying into the KC defense being #1 vs. opposing TE's....silly me I thought KC would/could shut down the TE....cost me about 10 points...also left another Marlon Brown in lineup when I had left for church and couldn't switch him out. Lost the game and am being accused of collusion to boot...not sure why I am 1-10 in that league...making bad decisions there all year long.
  3. 2nd favorite team

    Do not really have a 2nd favorite team other than whoever is playing Wash, Philly or Philly and can help my Cowboys. Shortynazz is the song "Gimme 3 steps" by Lynyrd Skynyrd?
  4. Anyone watching ESPN now ?

    Those guys were actually on Leno a few weeks ago too....tats are soo funny.
  5. Weekly Blitz Week 7

    Cinci, SF, Chic, Dallas and Indy
  6. Gore fumble recovery TD

    Had the same scenario in my CHURCH league that I commish. Of course in the semi's and 2 teams are tied and one had Gore. I explained it the same way many of you have as well...not scored as a TD via any stats that I see and no yardage was added to Gore for the "run" since it was a recovery BUT I also think it should somehow count as a score for Gore and 6 points....but as many have stated since it is also NOT in our rules currenly I cannot just give Gore the points now. Maybe in 2013 but not this late in our season. One owner who is tied has Bironas tonight...I am hoping/praying Bironas scores 7 points tonight so it is all a moot point. Tough freak play to have happen so late in the year. KO'd
  7. Have you ever gone undefeated?

    Never seen an undefeated team in any league I have been in either. I have finished 11-1-1 and this year I was 12-1 in a league, Lost in 1st round of the playoffs on both occassions. ETA: this is a 14 team league. KO'd
  8. Goodell open to eliminating the kick off

    So the article mentions the scoring team can go for a play from their own 30 yard line to pick up 15 yards or punt from their own 30 yard line...does that mean if the team elects to go for it and does not pick up the 15 yards that the team on defense gets the ball at the spot the play ended? If so, that's one heck of a gamble. Hate the idea of eliminating the kick off though no matter what. KO'd
  9. Kaepernick kills Smith?

    Kind of awkward watching Smith go out for the coin toss as a team captain too. Also, any chance of altering the title of this thread...kind of seems poorly phrased now in light of what happened in KC - I know this topic pre-dates that by a while though...probably just me being too PC (never been accused of that before). KO'd
  10. Tunnel Vision

    +1 Because if he didn't use a gun, he could have used a knife, bat or his bare roided out hands to snuff out the life of his girlfriend...now would he have also killed himself - who knows. KO'd
  11. Chiefs Player Commits Suicide

    Actually he killed her in front of HIS own mother not the girlfriend's mom...not sure if that makes it even worse or not, but I would suspect if it had been his girlfriend's mom he may have "had to" kill her too as I bet she would have been screaming and trying to protect the daughter and granddaughter...and man I cannot imagine what HIS mom is going through after witnessing her own son murder his girlfriend? Just senseless and so very tragic. Sorry if this sounds odd and insensitive...but prior to this event I thought it was a given that both Pioli and Romeo would be fired...does this tragedy somehow save their jobs - especially since it happened literally in their presence? Prayers to the baby and whatever family member raises that little girl. KO'd
  12. LeShoure ankle injury - Bell could get extra carries

    IIRC - that week of his baby's birth Mikel went for 3 TD's...baby was/is named Mikel also because you cannot have enough Mikel LeShoure's running around. KO'd
  13. Parmele / Jennings....injury?

    Upper leg injury apparently. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1421264-jalen-parmele-injury-updates-on-jaguars-rbs-leg KO'd
  14. Ivory Hurt?

    Cool - thanks. KO'd
  15. Ivory Hurt?

    Anyone know if Ivory got hurt in the 1st half or something? I see he has a whopping 2 carries for -1 yard? KO'd