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  1. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket (2019)

    Just called and got a decent deal with only one call. I got a bunch of credits which brought down my total Sunday Ticket Max to about $61.50 total. Got $16.50 off per month for 6 months for the Ticket itself and then another $38 off per month for 6 months for my premium channels and an additional $2.50 per month for my sports package for 3 months giving me total credits of $334.50 vs. a Sunday Ticket Max price tag of $396 = $61.50 total. I can deal with $10 per month for the Ticket...didn't feel like haggling more than that...was shocked to get this all done in one 10 minute call. Took me well over an hour last year and multiple transfers to multiple different DTV personnel. Good luck all and have a great FF season. KO'd
  2. AntSports Players?

    Hi gang. Here's the situation. I am in a $250/team 10 team league on AntSports.com I am currently sitting 1 point behind the 6th and final playoff spot and this is the final week to go in our regular season. Here's the situation. There are 2 teams in our league who about 5 weeks ago attempted a series of BOGUS trades with each other. They were the only trades all year that were protested by our league. In fact, the protests were upheld by the league commissioner. That got my radar up. Now these 2 owners play each other this week. One owner is the 6th playoff spot holder and his buddy is out of the playoffs (no way he can earn enough points this week to grab a playoff spot). I emailed the commissioner last weekend telling him to please keep an eye on these 2 owners as I feared that one would lay down for the other in Week #13. Well, guess what? The guy who is holding down the #6 playoff spot is facing his buddy who is NOT starting Rudi Johnson, but instead is starting Dallas Clark (who is not going to play tomorrow) and Plaxico Burress (who is also very doubtful to play). I emailed the commissioner again to tell him "I told you so", but I have been disappointed at the commissioners lack of response.....more like no response at all. It sucks to be fighting for my playoff life when the jerk one point ahead of me is getting a pass into the playoffs by playing his buddy who is laying down. I am extremely frustrated and will squeel like a stuck pig if I lose tomorrow and the guy 1 point ahead of me wins facing a crippled lineup from his buddy/partner. Arrgh! KO'd