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  1. Need RB trade help

    I'd take McFadden. It looks like he's here to stay for the season, for once, while SJax's lingering injury doesn't bode well. Look for SJax to struggle for the rest of the year.
  2. WDIS @ FLEX

    I don't trust James yet. If TB's O-line couldn't make big enough openings for Doug Martin, what do you expect from his backup? I say, wait and see on SJax, and if he doesn't play, then start Bell or a WR.
  3. Lots of WR options

    I'd want Boykin, Williams, and if that's Michael Floyd, then I'd start him at Flex, otherwise Nicks. Despite the matchup, Nicks will have problems due to Eli's crappiness and his own issue with dropping passes.
  4. Trade for RGIII

    I'd give up Fitz for RG III in a flash! I love Fitz, but Palmer just isn't getting him the ball enough. I see RG III as finally healthy, and he's got an easy schedule ahead. At the very least, it's worth it if Luck doesn't fare well without Reggie Wayne. If the deal goes through, I'd see about shopping Newton to give you better RB depth.
  5. Williams will likely stay Dallas's WR2, with the upside of WR1 if and when Dez gets injured, though in either case, he has to contend with Witten at TE. Rodgers has minimal upside, and if SJax finally returns, Rodgers will disappear. Gordon has big upside, but not necessarily while they have a QB conflict. I'd say play up that point, and see if you can get something else tossed in the trade, then I'd go for it.
  6. Vick at Giants or Wilson at Rams?

    The analysts are saying Vick. The way I see it, Vick has to stay on the field, but assuming he doesn't strain himself, he'll be tearing up the Giants all day. Wilson is likely to get an early lead, and maybe not even play the last quarter. That's how bad it looks for the Rams without Bradford.
  7. Vick or Ryan?

    Just nabbed Vick off of the WW. He's still coming off of injury, but assuming he starts, he should be able to destroy the Giants. Ryan, on the other hand, is playing a struggling Cardinals team that probably wont force them into a shootout. But Ryan is so steady and reliable! Do I go with Ryan for dependability, or Vick for the massive upside? I'm projected to win in my standard league matchup by 30 points, but I'm forced to start Colston, Boldin, and Boykin, so I'm not sure how much I can count on my WRs to perform.
  8. McFadden or M. James?

    Oakland does crazy things against the Steelers, for some reason. They might not struggle as much as you'd think. TB, on the other hand, will be wrecked so long as they struggle at the passing game, and have Revis doing zone coverage. James probably won't get much more than dump off passes. Go DMC.
  9. My D. Murray/A. Brown for R. Bush/J. Gordon

    I might consider it. Starting Dez, Blackmon, and Fitzgerald every week isn't a bad lineup, and Gordon has the ability to be a great fill in for Fitz. I much prefer Bush over Murray for Bush's catching abilities and the fact that he isn't currently as wrecked as Murray is.
  10. Harvin or Crabtree?

    Harvin, he'll be the number one guy in a team with a great QB, but no other exceptional receivers. Crabtree is at most the number two behind Vernon Davis, maybe the number three behind Boldin, plus, Kaep is not the passing threat that Wilson is.
  11. Who do i start Stacy or Gore

    Are you crazy? Gore! Never doubt the man, never bench him. He should be your every week RB 2.
  12. Trying to get AP? Does it work? WHIR

    I doubt he would go for a broken down old RB, a backup, and a great WR on a shaky team. Don't aim so high, he's got great RBs sitting on his bench. Try to grab Lacy or Bernard. Foster and Bush will treat you right, all you need is a guy to fill in for matchups, you don't need to sell your team for AP.
  13. Yeah, I understand the TE concerns, but the problem is TEs aren't reliable, they're boom and bust, and more often than not, it's bust. Better that you have your RB situation on lockdown and hold onto Rudolph. He's a talented receiver, and once Freeman is starting, he could be anything.
  14. I already own Jones and Hartline. I'm considering swapping one or both for my waiver wire options. Williams shows a lot of promise in a high power Dallas offense, and Harvin should be back soon to be the other big offensive weapon in Seattle. Jones appears to be the Ravens #3 option, but with his speed and skill, I can't imagine him not stealing the number 2 spot soon. Hartline isn't exciting, but he always gets solid numbers and has the occasional blowout. With Brandon Marshall and Keenan Allen holding my WR 1 and 2 spots, and Colston on Bye, what should my move be this week?
  15. Pick up Foles and drop Garrett Graham?

    I think Allen should be top priority. I doubt he'll end up like Royal. Royal had years to develop but only had that brief breakout. Allen is a talented rookie that just needed a little experience to start playing at his current level. Don't be surprised if he gets even better.