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  1. it is amazing a guy can go from 202 yards to 7 Had to start due to players sitting out.
  2. Thomas better receiver and more reliable but Den qb is questionable, and the offense is terrible. Hate week 17
  3. Rawls and hope he gets most of the carries.
  4. Mark Ingram @ Atlanta Hightower steals tds, Cadet steals catches D Williams vs Cleveland may only play like 40% of snaps J Howard @ Minn Minn De concerns me Rawls vs San Fran SF rush De is the worst in football, but Rawls and the o-line has sucked this year Thoughts
  5. I have Crabtree and looking elsewhere, bad matchup and new QB Cameron Meredith Adam Thielen
  6. What about Seattle's running back Rawls is out and they play San Fran
  7. Please don't say stat correction I have a close win
  8. Beasley to get 1.5 its a .5ppr
  9. Could it get any worse for him. Against the worse defense vs the run in probably the past ten years and he still average less than 3 yards per carry. I cut him in week 11. I know his offense line is bad, but maybe he's over rated and just not that good.
  10. Its amazing how he gets his points every week without catching many passes some times none.
  11. I agree seems odd but probably the safest play.
  12. I won thanks to people around me letting me get .5 ppr 1-7 D Johnson 2-14 L Bell 3-27 Mccoy 4-34 Cooks 8-74 Ryan 9-87 Ware also have J Stewart and J Hill its a 6 flex league so I went heavy running backs wnt 15-1 also ty no injuries always helps
  13. I picked up Beasley I am waiting and seeing on Dez. I only need 2.5 points in a .5ppr. May go with Beasley i think he has a high floor.
  14. Dez has had 3 games with .5 .5 1.5 Beasley lowest is 3 points. Alos who would get first if Dallas gets a lead as they have nothing to gain with a win.