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  1. Anyone else Eli is also available heaven help me
  2. Have Goff bad matchup who to pick up and start Brissett home vs Tenn Keenum @ Detroit both players have played well the past three weeks. I like Brissett being at home, but Keenum has better passing weapons. Thoughts
  3. Vernon Davis this Thanksgiving

    Here is one more on the Vernon train this week. He has had been pretty consistent this year and we could not ask for a better matchup. GO Vernon!!!!!!
  4. Monday night - Panthers/Dolphins

    Gano needs 12 points down by 11.4 I cut Lutz (due to his in accurate kicking) this week who had exactly 12 points. ty powell and m gordon
  5. SNF Pats/Broncos

    I agree go Ne defense need a few sacks and a turnover in the second half. Osweiler actually looks really good.
  6. Drop any of these for Powell this week?

    Powell without a doubt sucks
  7. Week 10 Milk Carton

    Yes Gordon is playing but appears to splitting time with Ekeler He has all the point as well. sucks
  8. Week 10 Milk Carton

    Powell u stink
  9. Week 10 Milk Carton

    M Gordon and B Powell, Powell you are playing the Bucs
  10. Probably not but worth a topic none the less
  11. Reed looks to be out Walker vs Cinny Davis vs Minn
  12. Sad I has come to this but Freeman only gets between 11 and 13 carries a game. Leaning towards Powell against Tbay sucky defense
  13. Deshaun Watson may have torn ACL

    P/u Goff good match this week but beyond not good at all. Like most injures killing me Odell J Nelson D Cook T Eifert now Goff I have an excuse for 3-5 at least.
  14. Midway Point- Sell High By Low

    I have Wilson and Watson. I need to trade Watson as I think he has higher trade value. Who on the running back side would be equal value, Maybe Fournette a Melvin Gordon don't see a Gurley Bell or hunt owner making that trade.
  15. Week 8 milk carton

    J Graham