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  1. Chris Hogan

    I dropped him in my ppr league before the most recent game. I don't know about him either his stats are better in a regular scoring league as he makes a lot of big plays, but limited number of touches. I think he led the league in yards per catch last year. I will try to pick him back up, but most likely will not be able to.
  2. Milk carton time

    Rivers is sucking
  3. Milk carton time

    How about Cam 21 yards with an int some one needs to tell him this is New Orleans he is playing
  4. Baltimore - Jacksonvillw

    37-0 wow too bad they could return the int for a td
  5. Wdis QB all suck

    4pts pass 6pts run Avaialble Wilson vs Mariota or p/u Palmer vs Dallas or Kizer vs Indy
  6. Week 2 Injury Thread

    Jordy your 0 sucked I lost by 1.1 points because Montgomery had 26 Jordy 0 unreal
  7. The Cowboys are a poorly coached gaffe machine

    Yes the spoon thing is stupid
  8. Week 2 Injury Thread

    Jordy NElson
  9. Week 2 Milk Carton Thread

    Cam Newton has nothing so far
  10. Week 2 Milk Carton Thread

    Brady 300 yards Cooks only 1-22
  11. Week 2 Injury Thread

    Greg Olsen
  12. Week 1 Milk Carton Thread

    Crowder has -1 so far Eifert is also missing
  13. Mixon currently #4 on the depth chart

    IMO Hill will be the goal line guy, not might. I saw Dixon play last week and he looked really good, but Gio on third down and Hill with the tds makes Dixon a R4.
  14. Jarvis Landry up for trade?

    You make an argument that Cutler is not as much as check down QB as Tannehill he also seems to lack the soft touch for the short passing game, this may hurt Landry a little.
  15. Good price for Elliott, but wow that's a lot for bell.