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  1. Should this trade be vetoed?

    Unfortunately when you are the commissioner you are held to a higher standard than everyone else in your league. Something I have always had to deal with.
  2. Packers vs Seahawks Game Thread

    Yes I was playing against both Jones and Adams, but wow they touched or were the target in 17 of 18 straight plays. How can Gbay win if they only have two players that can gain any yards.
  3. .5 ppr Breida vs NY Giants Ingram @ Cinny M Davis @ LA Rams (assuming Carson is out)
  4. I like Ftiz this week.
  5. I thought the same thing so maybe that explains why we have not seem very much separation this year from him.
  6. Week 9 Milk Carton

    Can Mark Ingram be started anymore, three bad games in a row and the seem to only bring him in to block.
  7. M Ingram home vs LA Rams in what should be a high scoring game (Kamara is an obvious issue). Breida home vs Oakland Could do well if not injured he always seems injured. Thoughts
  8. Demaryius Thomas to Texans?

    Well unless Thomas has been holding back (not being happy with Denver) he looks old, slow and has slippery hands, he always seems to be ranked as one a receiver with the most drops. Should help Watson some, but not sure if I would want to start Thomas no matter where he plays.
  9. S Sheppard vs Wash J Nelson vs Indy L Murray vs New Orleans
  10. Trade Gurley for A Brown and P Lindsay??

    I would not trade Gurley for any two players at this point. Keep it rolling Todd.
  11. A Rogers @ LA Rams Luck @ Oakland Dalton Home vs TBay Hard to truck Dalton after last weeks terrible game, but home vs the Tbay does not get any better.
  12. Cook out. Is Murray a good play?

    On paper this does not get any better than this, hope it plays out that way.
  13. .5 ppr Ingram Freeman or T Hill

    Its a tough choice.
  14. Ingram not sure how many touches he gets. Freeman also not sure how many touches T Hill going against JVille and Ramsey. Tough choice
  15. Week 4 Milk Carton

    Mike Evans Hogan Mccoy