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  1. I don't know about him, I agree just because you change teams (better situation) you become better. He never seemed to do much in Minny. It may be a time share thing just not worth a 4 or early 5th round too me. Changing subjects, I do like Goodwin a lot. Not sure where is ADP is.
  2. Lost by 1.75 points, Crabtree (goose egg) was not in the game during the fourth quarter I do not see any info about him being hurt. Did they pull him.
  3. Eagles defensive touchdown

    the line was 9.5 glad they did not go for the extra point.
  4. Streaming defenses

    Same here mostly Jags though
  5. Milk Carton time

    AJ Green and Cinnys offense
  6. Milk Carton time

    S Sheppard Is he out I did not see him on their last drive
  7. Crazy to bench my RB1?

    If they run from the 2 yard line instead of pass I like Burkhart, you never know what they will do. I believe without gronk they will run at least 35 times if not more.
  8. QB Goff Keenun or McCown Any ideas

    Its funny first look it looks to be low scoring, but they have the two highest scoring offences football. Vegas has it at 49.5 points I guess Goff it is. Wish woods was playing
  9. Goff vs. Carr.... Flex help too...

    Goff is at home while Carr is on the road. I lean towards Goff, plus how many good games has Carr really had during the past eight games.
  10. Gio Bernard

    This looks to be (on paper) a great play this week. He looked really good Monday night. We shall see
  11. Goff home vs Philly the two top Offenses in football, but it may be a low scoring game Keenum @ Carolina On the road low scoring McCown @ Denver On the road Who knows, Denver De is not what it use to be, but not sure I want to risk my playoffs on McCown thoughts
  12. .5 ppr no one on the waive wire is a better option. Ginn at home vs Carolina Shepard @ Oakland
  13. Sterling Shepard or Devante Parker

    I would p/u Cupp Peterson will most likely cover Watson
  14. Week 12 Milk Carton

    D Parker he does not catch the ball, but the defense comes up with a few catches. Had Odell and Nelson to start the year and this is what I have left.