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  1. Never again list

    J Conner i.e the China doll
  2. Milk Carton -Week 16

    C Carson need two tds please lol
  3. I know it sounds strange, but Cooper has struggled on the road, just had one catch, Prescott is hurt. Boyd is playing Miami .5 ppr Last five games for cooper 5 0 12 17 2 not too good
  4. I have t Hill, so if Mchomes does throw a td to hill I would still get some points. I have what I think is the better team but anything can happen Its a 4 pt td pass -1 ints and also -1 if sacked. Mahomes is at Chicago M Ryan is at home vs Jacksonville.
  5. Well I started Perriman and Winston last week, and doing it again due to injuries. There are no guarantees, but he has three good games in a row so he has some talent. As stated above the Bucs cant run the ball and Houstons pass de is terrible plus I saw the game against Denver and Houston had no pass rush. Heres to hoping that continues. No rain today here but winds are to be 12 miles an hour, dont think that will to high. Good luck everyone

    it still counts as a player fumble
  7. .5 ppr keep Conner or start J brown is Conner going to ply most downs or a committee
  8. .5 ppr need two J Brown vs Pitts 10.9 9.22 4.10 Pitts great de J Washington @ Buffalo 17.30 19.10 5.30 Buff great de B Perriman @ Detroit 4.90 11.20 14.50 He is replacing Evans, Detroit de sucks and Winston passes a lot. Thoughts
  9. Winston or Mahomes????

    I look at it differently. If my team is pretty solid I would rather go with the equally rated QB I don't have the receiver with. I figure its more diversified. If the received scores you still get points, and if the qb has a bad day at least it wont kill two players. If you need the upside as your opponent has a better team that I would go with both from the same team.
  10. TE Help

  11. .5 ppr Cooper vs rams and Ramsey clearly not 100% but still better than most receivers Kupp @ Dallas has not done much lately and only player 40% of the snaps last week may not 100% Woods and Higbee are getting all the targets K Allen vs Minny Has been a little better lately after being bad for 6 weeks thoughts
  12. Week 14 Milk Carton

    What is the deal with Kamara. Is he hurt or just regressed this year. 94 point game and he had five points. Has not scored a td since September. Just bad every week. Bust of the year at this point.
  13. Winston or Tanny

    Winston vs indy (at home but vs a decent defense) he has averaged 27 a game last five Tanny @ Oak (across country but facing a really bad defense) he has average 26 a game last five.
  14. Conner is still out so I need one Snell @ ariz does not catch alot of passes K Allen @ Jvill playing better recently, but still below normal J Brown vs Balt been solid until last week and Balt is tough