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  1. Possibly interested. Is the site up yet to look around? For some reason, it seems there are multiple sets of rules posted here, and a few have different terms.
  2. possibly interested here. send a PM please
  3. Reggie Wayne will play for...

    I think Wayne ends up in Baltimore opposite ol' man Smith or in Carolina as a mentor to their big young WRs. Either place, I think he could be productive as a move-the-chains type wr.
  4. Bishop Sankey

    I'll agree with BA here. Those that don't believe should check out PF's data on Sankey.
  5. This season is just a formality

    I'll put $100 on the field. You put $100 on the Seahawks. Since its apparently been predetermined you'll win, why wouldn't you?
  6. Ha! Naysayers!

    So if he crashes and burns from here on out, will you also come back here weekly to congratulate those who 'told ya so'? Just curious?
  7. Jonathon Dwyer

  8. Commissioner's behaviors

    None of that matters unless there is a provision in the rules regarding 'churning'. If there isn't a rule against it currently, then its a found loophole that should be closed in the offseason. The OP clearly states that there is a rule regarding picking up available players and Todman should have been 'locked' or unavailable to be picked up by anyone prior to his start on Sunday. If that's the case, then the commissioner is wrong. Plain and simple.
  9. Cowboyz: "So I'll be wrong on this one because at the time, in this particular circumstance, walking away was the only right." Again, based on your rationale above, 50+ other players, coaches, etc., were all wrong since they did not walk away? Sorry man, but that's completely ridiculous!
  10. So, based on everything I've read so far, if Dez dropped a catch (I've seen him drop MANY passes in his career) or got flagged for some stupid ass penalty (which I've seen from him a lot of too), and Dallas loses a game or even a shot at the playoffs...then Cowboyz and any other Dez apologists would essentially be fine with the other 50+ guys saying "F U!! we're tired of your sith!" and walking off the field. Considering all the negative-impacting plays/actions I've seen from Dez, I guess those guys would be justified too. ??? AGAIN...YOU WIN BECAUSE YOU ARE A TEAM (Dez has never won a singe game in his life by himself) AND YOU LOSE AS A TEAM. Last things... #1 -If Dez is so upset and disgusted that his teammates and coaches aren't better, he should walk into Jerry's office, state exactly that, and quit. Lets see how far that kind of attitude gets him in life. #2 - Remind me never to get into a fight with Dez fans on my side. If it ever becomes clear we might lose, I'll be fighting alone.
  11. Cowboys: "Look I realize what he did was exceptional, but in this particular case I give him a pass. Only because I can't imagine how anyone could stand there and watch what happened without completely going crazy." I'm just curious. Since no other player walked off the field in disgust along with Dez, are they lesser men in your eyes? Do they not care about winning as much as Dez? Or do they simply understand more than Dez that 'we win as a team, and lose as team'?
  12. I honestly don't understand the apologists for Dez's attitude or actions. Its one thing to be upset, even furious about a loss. Hell, I've seen many an athlete, including myself, cry on the sidelines after a bitter defeat. You'd never hear an apology for any of them. BECAUSE THEY DO'T NEED ONE. THEY DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG. Dez did. No excuse for that BS in any sport. My 6 year old son's team just went undefeated, but lost in the championship. There was plenty of crying, and plenty of emotion spilled by those kids at the end, yet each boy stood on that sideline and watched every last second tick off the clock. Then they walked across the field to congratulate the victors. Proud of the way they handled themselves. I'd think any parent would be embarrassed/pissed if their kid stomped off the field before a game ended because he was 'upset'. Bottom line is there were 50+ other grown men on Dallas' sideline who acknowledged the defeat and acted like grown men. There was one who did not. Easy to see who is in the wrong.
  13. MIN/NYG game thread

    Somewhere, Schiano is laughing his arse off. I don't care if you walked out there today, as an NFL QB you should be able to throw a football 10 yards down the field and get reasonably close to a WR. Granted, there were quite a few drops, but JESUS I've never seen an NFL QB have that many thrown that were uncatchable. More than 10 feet over the wr, more than 5 yards out of bounds, into the turf, and on and on .Wow!
  14. Dear Mr. Muto

    Neither Kimra nor I ever got outta the .500 club. Wasn't a pretty season for either of us. Where were you playing, ER? We were in Kentucky at a huge event.