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  1. I have Boone as the 12th best RB and Perriman as the 16th best WR this week. However, my opponent has Winston and If I start Perriman I could negate some of his damage.
  2. Joe Mixon vs AJ Brown

    I'm considering benching Mixon vs The patriots in favor of AJ brown vs the texans. I know mixon had a huge week last week but I can't help but think that Bellicheck is going to shut him down. Any advice?:
  3. I have Brady and Rodgers as my QB's. I don't like Rodgers vs Chicago and Tannehill is on the waiver wire for me to take. Should I pick up Tannehill and drop Brady? (Can only have 2 qbs)
  4. Pick a Gordon... Josh or Melvin?

    Wow sounds like a dunker... Thanks all
  5. I need to pick between Josh Gordon or Melvin Gordon this week. Nobody else on the waiver wire has more potential than them at this point Both players have been underwhelming but Melvin is still kind of an unknown.
  6. Watkins is frustrating as the chiefs have so many weapons. I was thinking ammendola would be out leaving Gordon to be the last option. However, it appears he is a go. Standard scoring
  7. I got offered Aaron Jones and OJ Howard for Mark Andrews and Miles Saunders. My Running backs are killing me and I picked andrews up off waiver wire last week. I could play two tight ends if I wanted to. My RB David Montgomery Joe Mixon Adrian Peterson Miles Saunders My TE Travis Kelce Mark Andrews My WR Sammy Watkins Tyler Lockett Mike Evans Josh Gordon
  8. Stick with breeze. He will find a way to get you some points in that crappy weather.
  9. Leftwich has been doing great since he returned from his injury. However, he is a florida boy playing in that ever so freakin cold greenbay.Rothlisburger is going against the giants so should I play the matchup of Rothlisburger or the all around good play of Leftwich??