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  1. packer fans

    How about GO BEARS!!
  2. Detroit Chicago Game

    WHAT A HIT!! I have a headache now!!
  3. Trotter Ejected

    How do you know he has brown eyes
  4. Hey Bears fans!

    It's really falling apart now-3 false starts in a row?!! Then a sack
  5. CJ Injured?

  6. Benson in!

    Cedric in 13:00 left in game
  7. CJ Injured?

    who the heck is cj?
  8. What's the :coolest" rule in your league?

    We use a O/D differental. Each team has an Offense Team and a Defense Team. Take points differental of them and use:3-9 Diff=2 points, 10-16 Diff=4 points, 17-23 Diff=6 points, 24-30 Diff=8 points, 31-36 Diff=10 points & 37+ Diff=12 points. Ex: If Dallas (OFF) scores 45 and Chicago (DEF) gives up 10 = Diff is 35 which is good for 10 points. Try finding an online league that can handle that scoring!
  9. CFL

    My neighbors kid is second string QB on Winnipeg Bluebombers of the CFL-and I've been watching their games for a couple of weeks now. I was wondering what you football junkies here at The Huddle think of the scoring differences and the total experence of the CFL compared to the NFL
  10. Grossman Down!

    Man, I hope Urlacher doesn't stub his toe!
  11. Grossman Down!

  12. Grossman Down!

    They're saying the new turf at the RCA dome is real slick and not worn in yet. It's that new Field Turf that looks like grass but feels like plastic.
  13. Grossman Down!

    Offical word-broken left ankle-out 3-4 months.
  14. Grossman Down!

    Chad Hutchinson and the rookie Kyle Orton who looked pretty good last game vs. MIA