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  1. Fuller or AJ Brown?

    Brown vs NO or Fuller @ TB i keep flip flopping between these 2. I love Fuller's matchup and I'm a little wary of Lattimore shadowing Brown. But Brown has been a beast lately.
  2. Maddox stat change causes me to lose semi final game

    Sorry about that. Crazy. I got credit for that extra point. Now I lost the semis by 0.41 pts instead of 1.41 pts.
  3. Free agents available

    I like Fuller this week @ TB. I guess I'd drop Gallup and start Reek, Thielen and Fuller.
  4. Houston @ TB or Atlanta vs Jax? i have Jameis so I kind of like the hedge with Houston defense.
  5. Evans not on IR yet

    Thanks. That's interesting. Evans was just dropped in my league. I might have to pick him up.
  6. Baltimore or New England DST

    Nice options. I think I'd go Baltimore. Balt should get a big lead early which should lead to turnovers.
  7. Evans not on IR yet

    Do you have a link for Arian's quote? All I'm seeing is that Evans is out for the season. To answer your question, I'd drop Indy D.
  8. Waller or hunter Henry?

    Waller. Better matchup.
  9. AJ vs Houston in a possible snow/rain game or Kirk vs Cleveland in Arizona?
  10. Samuel @ Atl or Brown @ Oak?
  11. Chubb or Fournette

    Chubb. Both good options though.
  12. To tinker or not to tinker?

    I'd go with Bailey. I think you have to go with the team with the highest predicted points. It's tough to predict which team is going to stall in FG range most often. Just my strategy as I'm going with Bailey this week. Who knows though? Kicker points are so unpredictable. I'd stay away from Badgley though- rain in Jax.