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  1. Ware or Gus this week?

    With Gus being questionable with an ankle issue, I'd go with Ware.
  2. GB D or KC D?

    I think the GB weather forecast calls for some snow. Not sure how that would affect the choice.
  3. GB D or KC D?

    Yeah, I don't think there's a clear cut choice here. Coin flip time. Any other opinions?
  4. GB D or KC D?

    I need to win and I need to score big to get into the playoffs. Who has the higher upside- KC @Oak or GB vs Arizona? I have GB and KC is available.
  5. Ware or Mixon?

    Assuming Hunt is out, Ware @Oak or Mixon @Denver?
  6. Trade help

    I'd definitely take that. Jones to Mack is a little downgrade (not much imo) but definitely worth it to acquire a stud wr like Adams.
  7. How would you rank these rb's this week

    Edwards Carson Mack Cohen White
  8. Humphries Kittle Ridley. Pick 2

    Kittle and Humphries
  9. Pick 3 WR

    Jeffrey, humphries, Ridley
  10. Josh Adams, Chris Carson or Gus Edwards?

    I don't think you can go wrong with either Carson or Gus. Both good matchups. Id probably go with Gus.
  11. Flex Lindsay or Ekeler

    Lindsay. Cincy D has been terrible
  12. Season is on the line. Im a long shot for the playoffs. I need to win and outscore another team by 38 points. Kamara scored 6 points tonight so I need big upside from my QB spot. Mayfield @Houston or Lamar Jax @atl? Mayfield has been lights out lately but he has the tougher matchup.
  13. Strangely, FA DSTs abound? Which one?

    I'd take the rams for weeks 14-16. Denver is nice too but the Rams are much more likely to be playing with bigger leads and force more turnovers.
  14. Looking to Week 14 Defense

    Denver has the best ROS schedule but i like NO more for week 14.