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  1. Already regretting starting doctson and perine

    Great td grab by Doctson! perine had a solid game too. 130 yards from scrimmage. I’ll take it.
  2. Already regretting starting doctson and perine

    Yep. Looking a lot better in the 2nd half. We need a TD!
  3. Already regretting starting doctson and perine

    Haha. Me too with Perine
  4. Vernon Davis or Jimmy Graham?

    I’d go VD. Giants have given it up to TEs. But I think you’re good with either one.
  5. Pick 2

    Engram and Perine
  6. Cousins or Big Ben? Full Point PPR

    Hmm. Tough call with Murray. It’s impossible to predict his good weeks vs Henry’s good weeks. But with that matchup, I think I’d have to roll w Murray over Crowder.
  7. PPR Perine or Demaryius Thomas?!

    I’d go Perine. Perine could be 3 down rb. They just signed a 3rd down type rb but I can’t see him getting much run in his first week.
  8. Anyone else leave Rudolph on the bench?

    Can’t be mad about getting Goff. I benched Rudolph for Olsen. I was going back and forth on who to start. Hopefully Olsen is active and plays at least half the snaps.
  9. Cousins or Big Ben? Full Point PPR

    Cousins. He’s been money the past few weeks and he has a very good matchup vs the giants.
  10. So I don’t feel to bad about it? At least I started Latavius who punched in a td. Happy thanksgiving!
  11. I would start both over Morris
  12. Am I viewing Crabtree too high? 😕

    No. I like Crabtree over Jones Jr and sanders. He’s the best wr of the 3 so I’d do it. Like you said, you’re not starting both Jones and sanders so why not?
  13. Hyde or Perine .5ppr WHIR

    I’m going Perine over Hyde in standard league. Skins offense is a lot better than SF which means more scoring opportunities.
  14. Perine RB2 ROS

    Easy rb2 imo. He has no competition for rb touches. How many rbs stay on the field for nearly every offensive snap? Not many. Plus wash o line is finally healthy which has a lot to do with his breakout game vs NO. I’m all in! Starting him over Hyde this week.