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  1. Big trade

    I'm keeping Bell. Would take more than that for me.
  2. Blockbuster Rodgers trade

    I wouldn't. You're looking good with your 2 starting rbs. I think you'd be weakening your starting lineup with this deal.
  3. Huge trade

    Can't go wrong with either. I'd probably stand pat just because there's really no reason to do this as its a very lateral trade.
  4. TE pickup

    They're all a weekly crap shoot. I'd go with Watson based on his volume last game and Flacco's history of peppering Pitta with targets.
  5. Le'veon Bell for Mike Evans?

    Absolutely if you can get bell for Evans.
  6. Maclin for Martellus?

    Who's available on the wire? I'm in a 12 team league and there are plenty of TE options like Hooper, Engram, Witten, Thomas, Cook, Watson etc. so assuming there are decent wire options, I'd keep Maclin.
  7. Who wins trade?

    Green. By a lot.
  8. Huge trade!

    I agree. I think Parker could be just as valuable as Thomas so I think you need to get a stud wr if you're trading Zeke and Parker. Like oBJ, Julio, AB or Evans.

    I'd do it. Bell is the best player in fantasy. DT is nice but you can always find serviceable wrs on the wire unless you're in a 16 team league.
  10. Greg Olsen Replacement

    I'd take Ebron. talented TE and he has a good QB. Jones and Tate will get plenty of receptions but they are not huge red zone targets.
  11. Chris Thompson or Derrick Henry?

    Henry no doubt
  12. Marcus Mariota for Jameis Winston

    I like getting Winston and west for Marriota and Wallace. I'd rate the qbs as even and I have west much higher than Wallace.
  13. Drop Kenny Golladay?

    I wouldn't. I picked up Golladay off waivers instead of Lee. Lee- theoretically higher floor as probable number 1 wr but its Jax with Bortles so... I'd go with the boom/bust Golladay on a good passing team over Mediocre/bust Lee.
  14. Devonta Freeman for AJ green

    Looks very even to me. I can't think of a league set up where it wouldn't be.
  15. who to pick up on Waiver For Bench

    1.Mack 2. Allen