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  1. ROS: Ty Williams (LAC) or 'Quan Smith (NOS)

    I'd take Quan. We know who Ty Williams is. With Ginn on IR, Quan has a nice opportunity to become the number 2 wr behind Michael Thomas.
  2. Drop Bilal Powell for Meredith?

    Yep. I did the same move today.
  3. Pickup D'Onta Foreman?

    Not a terrible stash but I don't like Foreman enough to drop any of your guys. Recovering from an Achilles tear is far from a sure thing.
  4. Karryon Johnson

    I'd still do it. Baldwin should be fine at your wr3 spot.
  5. Karryon Johnson

    If you only have to start 2 wrs, then yes
  6. All great trades. Not sure how you pulled off the 2nd and 4th ones.
  7. Trade advice???

    Definitely fair. try it.
  8. Last Minute Breida Trade?

    Yes! Accept before he cancels it!
  9. Who should I drop to pick up a kicker?

    Thanks guys. I had no kicker on my roster to drop. Anyway, I dropped both of them. One for a kicker. F'n Lambo only got me 1 point! And one for a Tre'quan Smith stash.
  10. RB2 starter

    Carson. Good matchup and Seattle has been running well.
  11. Choose 2 out of 3 rbs: Latavius vs Ari. Cook is out. Bilal Powell vs Indy. Crowell is active Mike Davis @ Oak. All good matchups. Latavius should get most of the rb snaps but minny's run game has been terrible. I'm torn.
  12. Coutee or Chester Rogers this week?

    TY being out is killing me. Not much on the wire. Jets secondary is banged up which gives Indy Wrs a chance and Rogers has been getting targeted. Who knows-pretty much a coin flip.
  13. Coutee vs Buffalo or Rogers @Jets? Standard scoring.
  14. Roll without a kicker this week?

    Wait til Monday and if you need points, pick up one of the mnf kickers if available. If you have the win by Monday, don't bother w a kicker.