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  1. Who do I pickup as insurance for Antonio?

    I picked up Lafell but I dont have the the option of plugging in a TE for brown. I think I’d go with Kroft out of those 3.
  2. Drake, Williams, or COllins?

    I like Drake this week with Williams out. Rest of season? Assuming GB turns into a 3 rb committee, Id rank Drake at the top. Collins is nice but Woodhead will get his opportunities and Allen ran in a td last week so it’s hard to trust him.
  3. I’d go Cook at TE. Giants have been a great matchup for TEs
  4. Need a playoff rb stash

    Is Mike Davis available? He could be the rb that finally takes the job in Seattle. I like mckissic but it looks like they’ll never give him the lead role.
  5. Pick 2 rbs for this week

    One for each combination. Still confused! I keep switching them in and out! Currently have Hyde and Perine in. Thinking they both get majority of rb snaps. But Latavius has been the most productive of the 3 the past few weeks.
  6. TE Waiver selection

    I’d go with Cook or Rudolph over Seals-Jones. Cook vs Giants is a great matchup. I have Rudolph and Seals-Jones and I’m definitely going Rudolph. It’s just too hard to trust a guy only on the field for 10-15 plays.
  7. Big week! Perine @ Dallas Latavius @ Atlanta Hyde @ Chicago ?
  8. I like McKissic this week. He’s the only rb gaining yards. He has to get more carries in addition to his receiving yards.
  9. Kroft or ASJ

    I'd go Kroft
  10. Best “under the radar” RB for RoS?

    I like Clement and Ekeler out of that bunch.
  11. Already regretting starting doctson and perine

    Great td grab by Doctson! perine had a solid game too. 130 yards from scrimmage. I’ll take it.
  12. Already regretting starting doctson and perine

    Yep. Looking a lot better in the 2nd half. We need a TD!
  13. Already regretting starting doctson and perine

    Haha. Me too with Perine
  14. Vernon Davis or Jimmy Graham?

    I’d go VD. Giants have given it up to TEs. But I think you’re good with either one.