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  1. Philly or Cowboys DST?

    Philly. I think Philly will rebound at home.
  2. Dak Robinson Gallup or Zeke

    I think Dak would be the safe bet.

    Pretty even but I'd rather play the second team with a banged up Cook and I'd prefer to avoid CMC.
  4. Week 14 kicker???

    I normally don't sweat my kicker spot but I've been pretty bad all season picking the right one and I need all the points I can get in the first round of playoffs. I currently have Gould. Koo and Bailey are available. Gould @ NO Koo vs Car Bailey vs Det?
  5. Weirdest team I've ever managed

    I'd hold TY. Damien or Pascal are last spot on the bench kind of guys. Guess it depends if you want more wr or rb depth. I usually go for rb depth so I I'd hold.
  6. Weirdest team I've ever managed

    I think you got it right. Definitely wouldn't bench Lamar Jax.
  7. Standard league. Worth noting: I also have Hopkins. Not sure if that affects starting Fuller or not. Fuller vs Denver Brown @ Oakland Kirk vs Pitt?
  8. Olsen or Higbee?

    Agree. Higbee this week vs Arizona.
  9. Rodgers or Winston

    Jameis vs Jax isn't a bad matchup but I'd go with ARod, the better QB and better matchup @ Giants.
  10. Anybody holding A.J. Green?

    Standard scoring. Start 1 QB, 2 Rbs, 3wrs, 1 te, 1k, 1defense qb-Winston rb-cook,fournette, Mattison, Hunt wr-Hopkins, Hill, Kirk, Fuller, AJ Brown, AJ Green TE-Henry, Griffin k-Lambo D- Philly
  11. Anybody holding A.J. Green?

    I'm in a 12 teamer. I'd probably be better off handcuffing Fournette with Armstead.
  12. Anybody holding A.J. Green?

    I just picked him up this week after news of Dalton getting the starting QB job back. Definitely a long shot.
  13. He's out again this week without even getting a limited practice in. That week 16 matchup vs Miami is the only reason I'm even thinking about it. It's odd he hasn't been IR'd yet.