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  1. Pick up Darnold?

    I have Stafford and Winston. Before Winston's disaster last week, I felt ok going forward with these 2 as they have pretty good complimentary schedules going forward. But Darnold looked very good in his first game back last week and his schedule from week 9-14 is about as soft as it gets. Question is should I drop Winston for Darnold?
  2. Would you make this trade

    If you have another good QB, then yes it's a good deal.
  3. Start Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones?

    Not a bad duo but depends who else you have at rb.
  4. Kicker Trade

    Nope. I like Golladay over Moore. Kickers don't change anything. Just stream matchups with your kicker spot.
  5. Who's the better end of bench stash/lottery ticket. Standard league.
  6. I’m 1-5 and have 2 offers

    I'd take Godwin and Ekeker for Adams. Adams looks like he could miss multiple games with his toe injury.
  7. JuJu for Godwin ?

    Yes if you're getting Godwin. Not sure why the Godwin owner would do it though.
  8. Big ol' trade...thoughts?

  9. Diggs for Coleman

    I wouldn't. You already have 3 wrs better than Diggs assuming Adams gets healthy.
  10. I'd go with Hock ROS but I think he's still questionable after his concussion so he may not be an option this week.
  11. Cowboys Or Eagles ROS?

    I don't think either of those defenses are matchup proof to hold ROS. Unless you have NE or Chicago, you pretty much have to stream defenses each week.
  12. I have Jimmy Graham and Hunter Henry (dropped OJ to pick him up last week). Should I burn a waiver (5th out of 12) on Everett to replace Graham or would I just be chasing points?
  13. Who do I start this week? DRob vs Indy or Samuel vs Jax? standard scoring