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  1. Harvin or nicks?

    I think Harvin is going to want to tourch his old team. He may be on a snap count, but I bet those will come on 3rd and long and especially in the red zone
  2. Who are the top 10 keepers for 2014?

    I'm only going to list people that may have been picked up on the WW. Harvin (considering he may not have been picked up) Reed (Wash TE) Allen (SD WR) Rivers T. Pryer Cooper Boykin Ellington Foles Aaron Dobson Alshon Jeffery
  3. Manning trade?

    Damn straight I'd do it.
  4. CJ1K, Gio, Jefferey? Pick 2

    I'd go with the two Rbs.
  5. why would you pick up MCown and not pryor?
  6. Chris Johnson, Tate, and Cruz? Pick 2

    Johnson and cruz Tate is playing with broken ribs, so i'm not sure how effective he'll be. However, that said, I'm giving cruz 1 more chance. If he doesn't pull off a good game vs a team that has been giving up lots of points in the air, i'll play Mendy before I play him again.
  7. Which 3 mediocre WRs should I start?

    Douglas, Nicks and pick up Boykin
  8. Pick 3 RBs

    I see no reason not to start Brown and Geo. Basically, you can probably start anyone other than Sjax and do fine.
  9. Keenum or Rivers?

    Rivers. I think Rives is going to try and make a statement after last week.
  10. Dwayne Bowe arrested

    Was anyone even starting Bowe and if so, why? Are you a 24-man league?
  11. Chiefs v Broncos - The Thread

    I really don't see this as a sure-win for Denver. KC has a pretty stout Def and will probably shut down Denver's running game, which will give KC a lot of chances for pics, not to mention Manning may be a little hurt. A couple of sacks and this game might get away from Denver. Still, the problem is that Denver has so many air targets KC will have to cover man-to-man and Peyton is a master of shredding man-to-man. Den Def better step up or JC is going to do a little shredding of his own. I don't see this as a runaway for Denver, but I think they'll win something like 28-21.
  12. WDIS?

    1. Move Bell to the Bench with team 1 and start C. Johnson. 2. Keep Thomas and try to trade Welker for a good number 2 WR baring that, start Cooper this week at WR2 and bench Welker.