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  1. Hi, I'm in 12 team, nonPPR league, and I'm struggling with my flex position this week. I think Giovani Bernard is the safe play, but Buffalo's rush defense has been solid. I'm considering taking a flyer on Donnie Avery (vs Oakland). Am I crazy? Do I stick with Bernard or do people think putting Avery in there is a decent play this week? any opinions are much appreciated. thanks. -will
  2. Vick or Rivers this weekend?

    vick for sure, i don't think it's a coin toss at all
  3. Bernard or McFadden/Jennings at RB2

    i'd start bernard this week. he'll get some red zone touches for sure
  4. Jermichael Finley or Martellus Bennet? PPR

    i actually think this is a close call. they both have good upside this week, but i believe bennett is still a little banged up and green bay is coming off of a bye. i'm leaning finley, but not by much...
  5. trade offer

    great, thank you both. that helps
  6. trade offer

    Is this a good trade offer, seems fair to me, and i need a better receiver.. 12 team, non-ppr i give him Giovani Bernard - RB & Vincent Jackson - WR for Maurice Jones-Drew - RB & Anquan Boldin - WR any thoughts on this are appreciated. Thanks. -Will
  7. I need advice on this trade, any insight would be appreciated. I’m leaning no, but haven’t decided. This is a 12 man league, non-PPR. My wide receivers are a little weak, so obviously Victor Cruz intrigues me. However, is it foolish to even consider giving up Reggie Bush after his impressive week 1 performance? He wants to give me: Pierre Thomas & Victor Cruz For Reggie Bush & Rueben Randle My other WR’s are Vincent Jackson Torrey Smith Vincent Brown Tavon Austin My other RB’s are: Chris Johnson Giovani Bernard Isaac Redman Mark Ingram Thanks for any advice on this. -Will
  8. Shiva Bowl Strategy

    Cam for sure
  9. Not sure if I want to trust McCoy this week for my championship, but at the same time, I don't want to leave him on the bench and watch him put up a 25.... What is the general consensus on McCoy now that he is starting? Are most people starting him as an RB2 or flex at least? I am in a 1/2 point PPR league, big money on the line. I am leaning towards starting McCoy, but debating whether to start Dwyer instead as the safe play. Another option I have in my roster is Joique Bell, but he proved to be a dud last week. I could go to the waiver and pick up Dexter McCluster or David Wilson or someone like that, but that seems a bit of a stretch. Am I overthinking this? Do I just roll with McCoy now that he is starting? My other running back is Gore. LeSean McCoy vs. Washington Jonathan Dwyer vs. Cincinnati Dexter McCluster vs. Indianapolis David Wilson @ Baltimore Appreciate the insight. -Will
  10. Worried about leshoure?

    i have a similar dilemma, trying to decide between these four guys for my flex spot in a 1/2 point PPR league: Joique Bell Jonathan Dwyer Sidney Rice Brandon Lloyd I am actually leaning towards Joique as my top choice, Dwyer second. I feel like they are all risky plays with decent upside. i am leaning Joique because I think Detroit will dominate the game and end up giving him the chance to show more what he's got. not sure if this helps you at all... -w
  11. RGIII vs. Dalton, please help.

    ya i agree i would play it safe and go with dalton
  12. Need Second Round Playoffs Help - WHIR

    i like clark if you can get him. both your current ones seem like weak options at this point in the season. WR - i go with givens b/c of upside depending on amendola and maybe even regardless. oakland WR situation is just so inconsistent, and we all know how horrible AZ has become. i would avoid cecil shorts this week with the concussion situation seems risky -w