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  1. thanks for your advice, HK! what about your team(s)? have you clinched the playoffs? anyway, i picked up jared cook (@ARI) from the WW. would you play him instead of g.graham @JAX? cheers!
  2. hey! sooo, with a win i'm in the play-offs for sure. if i lose, i'm practically out. here's my situation (2RB, 3WR, 1FLEX, standard scoring): RB: lynch (must-start), a.brown(@SD), r.jennings(@NYJ), b.rainey(vs BUF), s.vereen(vs CLE) WR: garcon (vs KC), cruz (@SD), jeffery(vs DAL), j.jones (vs. ATL), r.white(@GB) FLEX: i guess, that's one RB from above wow, there are some toughies to decide... thanks!
  3. hi! need two more victories to secure the play-off spot (standard scoring)! here are my questions for week 13: QB: kaepernick vs STL or rivers vs CIN? RB+FLEX: pick 3 out of 5: lynch (obvious), a.brown (i'll start him, i guess), r.jennings (mcfadden coming back...), b.rainey (@CAR...), s.vereen. thanks in advance!
  4. hi! pick 3: a.brown, r.jennings, b.rainey, s.vereen (benched at the moment) thanks!
  5. C. Clay vs TB Or Garrett Graham vs ARI

    bump since i have the same problem!
  6. here's my dilemma: i have the injured david wilson and brandon jacobs on the bench, all other players are on bye week. at the moment, my flex starter is green-ellis. should i give up on one NYG running back (which one?) and pick up a free agent: hillis, roy helu jr, or sidney rice, for this week? cheers
  7. hey! my current line-up in question (standard scoring): QB: rivers RB2: green-ellis WR3: a.jeffery TE: c.clay FLEX: g.jennings bench: kaepernick, b.jacobs, b.powell, j.edelman, g.graham if jacobs seems to get the major workload, he's coming in for jennings. any thoughts about this? thanks!
  8. i ve got the following WR: cobb @BAL garcon @DAL cruz @CHI jeffery vs NYG jennings vs CAR there are three WR spots and one flex. at the moment, jennings is on the bench. i'm also not sure who to start as my RB2, b.powell vs PIT or green-ellis vs BUF?
  9. should i start kaepernick vs texans this weekend, or should i go with rivers @oakland? so far, i've always chosen kaepernick as a starter but his performances have made me sceptical...
  10. standard scoring, clay @NO, BJGE @CLE, d.wilson @KC i'm leaning towards clay... or maybe BJGE would be a better option?
  11. i have an open RB and a FLEX spot (standard scoring) i have to choose between BJGE, d.wilson, b.powell, and (for the flex position) d. baldwin and s.rice who play JAX this week. cheers
  12. soo.. should i start a seahawks receiver (vs JAX) on the flex position (baldwin or rice), or rather b.powell vs BUF, or even the biggest disappointment so far: david wilson @CAR? for the TE position, i can choose between b.myers @CAR and c.clay vs ATL, who i picked up from the waiver wire yesterday. looking forward to your opinions!
  13. who would you start as TE?
  14. hi! i've got 1 RB, 1 WR and one FLEX position to fill ( standard scoring): j. parmele j. stewart n. washington l. moore d. avery e. sanders i was thinking parmele, stewart and maybe washington due to the match-ups since moore will be facing the 49er's defense. what do you guys think?
  15. hi guys, i have 1 WR, 1 RB and one FLEX position to fill with the following players (nfl standard scoring): i. redman j. stewart t. jones l. moore e. sanders n. washington based on the match ups i'm thinking of something like redman, jones, sanders. help me! :-)