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  1. HoF Finalists

    I'm seeing a lot more support for Warner than I'd thought existed. Which is own personal metric is "was this guy one of the top 2-3 at his position for a 5 yr (or longer) stretch?", and Warner passes that test, it's just his 5 yrs weren't consecutive.
  2. our next president

    Avatar/post synchronicity.
  3. Will you be looking to add Ty Montgomery?

    He's 6' 217 lbs. Hardly a willowy gazelle of a WR.
  4. um Vikings vs Packers

    Yeah, the two-headed monster subbing for him in '14 had 1100-9 on the ground and kicked in 70-450-1 receiving. That's in the neighborhood of Peterson's production in a usual year.
  5. Don't take a QB early they said...

    Personally, I like to have my starting lineup (minus K and D) more or less set as early in the draft as possible. It's all based on what I see as perceived value, so mileage may vary, but generally when I see a good starting-caliber TE coming up, I'm more likely to grab him as opposed to a good RB3 candidate, unless I really love the RB.
  6. Don't take a QB early they said...

  7. Packers cut All-Pro Guard Sitton

    85, 85, 85, and 85. That's the only number Bears fans know.
  8. Calvin Johnson says he may retire this offseason

    He was DOMINANT from 11-13, and you could probably throw his '08 and '10 season in there too, at least as far as being a top-10 WR numbers wise....he never had a BAD season, and was a 3-time All Pro. I tend to think of HoFers as a player who was among the top 3 to 5 at his position for a 5 years....ideally 5 years consecutively, but I think that from 08 on, if you asked anyone what WR they would want, Johnson would have been one of the first 3 names mentioned, if not THE first. It boggles my mind that people will be against Calvin Johnson, but favor players who had long, merely-good careers - it's as if they don't want GREATNESS, they want compilers, in the HoF. Looking at every players' first 9 yrs, Calvin Johnson ranks 6th in receptions, 3rd in yds, and 5th in tds...and 5th in receiving yds/game. He could have played longer and padded those stats, but as it is I think it's pretty apparent that he performed at a tremendously high level during his entire career, and belongs in there with the greats.
  9. NFLs golden boy

    Well, Manning DID write a book talking about the occurrence, thereby violating said agreement (and profiting from said violation).
  10. Who are your hall of famers this year?

    OK. who's missing? I think Mecklenburg, and I've always been a proponent of TD. Atwater and (maybe) Smith had worthy careers, but safety is a tough get, for some reason. Rod Smith is also in a bit of a numbers-game spot - he had a good-verging-on-great career, but inflated WR #s and playing at the time where multiple WRs had similar #s and worthy careers means some aren't going to make it through the logjam.
  11. GB - WAS

    Nice win by GB. Arizona is going to kill them. KIIIILLLLLLL.
  12. Who are your hall of famers this year?

    Brett Favre Kurt Warner Orlando Pace Marvin Harrison Tony Dungy Terrell Davis ....though I pretty much am on board with all 15, so any number that go in is fine with me.
  13. Which team improved the most this offseason?

    Hmmm. I think the Bills are a better team, but that is more due to Rex Ryan and Tyrod Taylor, neither of whom came through FA or the draft. I voted NYJ, and I think that is probably the correct answer as of the 3/4 pole. Though the Titans' moves may have payoff down the road next year.
  14. F U Lacy!

    Lacy is one bad mother...
  15. Got lucky and got Todd Gurley with pick 3 or 4 in a keeper league....I mean, WTF, people? Also nabbed Gary Barnidge on the waiver wire. Same league, not so sure about his keeper potential, but he's been great this year.