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  1. I like Galladay over your other choices .
  2. Which defense?

    Pick up the Bears def
  3. Evans tb will be passing a lot .
  4. Flex - Mike Evans or Gio Bernard

    Always play your studs . Start Evans and you can make your opponent wait until sunday nite. TB will be passing a ton.
  5. Last minute decisions

    Ivory and Williams
  6. Burkhead and Williams are the safest plays.
  7. Dumb question

    This seems like an easy answer but should I start Hunt over Bernard. I made it this far with Hunt should I just continue starting my studs ?
  8. I agree with you on most of what you said.
  9. Just dealt Antonio Brown. Good deal?

    What were you thinking...
  10. You don't have much of a chance. Start Booker
  11. Its come down to this has Rodgers stock fallen that much ?.
  12. Ravens vs Redskins game is going to be very windy

    The over under on this game came out at 48 now its down to 43 1/2 and going down stay away from this one.