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  1. secret pick up

    anyone else last bump
  2. Quick Help Needed

  3. Which Minn WR

    I like Taylor
  4. Drop Chris Brown for Shipp

    Try to trade Brown while you can.
  5. secret pick up

    1 point every 10 yrds 6 for TD everyone likes Branch but know wants him on there team why.
  6. secret pick up

    who would you pick up Taylor Branch Givens Glenn Galloway or Ferguson for the next two weeks
  7. Need to pick one of these Glenn Taylor Branch Who looks good for the rest of the year.
  8. Waiver Wire

    Terry Glenn allways does good with Bledsoe at QB they have some easy games coming up.
  9. Kevin Jones- Welcome to my bench

    Im 0-2 thanks to his 22yrds.I have 4 backs he is now number four.
  10. Trade Offer

    take the trade Bennett and Jimmy Smith one sided deal.
  11. Stacked at RB

    Westbrook never has good trade value dont know why.
  12. Yes Deuce will suit up for the game I have to get one prediction right dont I.
  13. Culpepper AND Farve are reaming me!

    Trade Culpepper while you can still get something for him.