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  1. Conley or Anderson?

    Conley has the best match up.
  2. David Montgomery

    I think he is a must start this week.
  3. Last call Allen vs Bucs or Garoppolo

    Don't go with Allen this week . You can do better.
  4. Who To Drop for Kicker

    Trade Sanders and Mccoy for one player and up grade your team in some way. then pick up a kicker.
  5. I would go with Humphries they paid him a lot of money and needs to produce.
  6. McLaurin trading Potential

    I would just keep him.
  7. Chubb trade?

    Do it .
  8. Conner for Kerryon

    Conner is banged up tough to make a trade now.
  9. If Samuels ends up starting...

    I would start him over Ekeler his time is up.
  10. Why is everyone trying to trade Willams away. I got offers in two leagues.
  11. secret pick up

    anyone else last bump