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  1. Here and ready to roll
  2. Agree
  3. Ugga Mugga Hardcore Homers ( Transformers (
  4. I hate to do this to the Mods, but they closed up the original Seriously thread. New Issue - As moderator in some of my league threads I can now ONLY moderate the threads I started and cannot lock, edit, etc. other threads. Can anyone assist with this new dilemma? I can't edit and post new cap penalties in some of the larger leagues without this ability.
  5. This has been a nightmare. Appreciate your efforts for this "best" of a bad situation fix.
  6. I checked, and see them as a searchable option (i.e. "locked"), but I don't have the ability to lock a new thread still.
  7. I could be missing something (that's for sure), but like BigJohn I don't see it. I seem to only have pin, hide and delete available to me as the mod.
  8. Are we no longer able to lock threads if we are board monitors? That's a bummer. Really helped me commissioner some league on the Huddle.
  9. Agree. Still Hardy should be solid (not great) in ppr. Kid catches everything thrown his way.
  10. The Dolphins are a dumpster fire. Total dysfunction. They are going to be a joke until they are sold.
  11. Doubt it.
  12. As a guy who owns him almost everywhere, I am glad for him. It looks like he did the research and it is scary, especially for his position and size. Love this hobby, but its brutal on these guys long term health. This off season has been crazy .
  13. Chicago here here. McClellan is listed as doubtful thus week. I doubt he plays.