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  1. Waiver 11/13

    1 year each Griffin and Kwiatkowski
  2. 2019 Crabs Roster Moves

    Dropped Jordan Thomas
  3. Seminoles/Crabs Trade

    Seminoles send Parris Campbell and $30 Crabs send Edelman
  4. Need a playoff boost?

    Hit up the crabs
  5. 2019 Crabs Roster Moves

    Djax IR
  6. 2019 Crabs Roster Moves

    Gerry and Hand 1 year each
  7. 2019 Crabs Roster Moves

    Case Keenum was cut
  8. Austin Hooper OTB

    He can easily be tagged but if you're making a push bring your checkbook.
  9. Waivers 10/16

    Williams and Woods 1 year each
  10. Ekeler OTB

    Looking for multiple players in exchange or lots of cash. Serious inquiries only
  11. 2019 Crabs Roster Moves

    Clay Matthews 1 year
  12. River City/Crabs Trade

    River City Reform will give Cohen, Tarik CHI RB Jones, Ronald TBB RB To Maryland Blue Crabs for Year 2020 Round 2 Draft Pick from Maryland Blue Crabs$3 in blind bidding
  13. 2019 Crabs Roster Moves

    Joseph 1 year Bridgewater 1 year Godchaux 1 year
  14. James Washington OTB

    Hit me up
  15. 2019 Crabs Roster Moves

    Assign Hargreaves 1 year