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  1. Looking for RB,WR

    If you've got someone you might cut or you want to change things up hit me up. Must see the field. Top 3 WR or Top 2 RB on a team.
  2. River City/Crabs Trade

    River city sends Kallen Ballage Crabs send 2 bucks
  3. Looking for picks

    Looking for multiple picks. Hit me up if you're selling
  4. 2020 Rookie/Devy Draft - discussion

  5. Looking for a 4th rounder

    Send them my way
  6. 2020 Rookie/Devy Draft - discussion

    You too brother!
  7. River City/Crabs Trade

    River City Reform give Year 2020 Draft Pick 1.09 Year 2020 Draft Pick 6.04 Maryland Blue Crabs give Year 2020 Draft Pick 3.04 Year 2021 Round 1 Draft Pick from Maryland Blue Crabs $5 in blind bidding
  8. Looking for a 2nd rounder

    You selling? I'm buying or trading
  9. 2020 Rookie/Devy Draft - discussion

  10. 1.04 OTB

    Mainly looking for a stud WR. Will move back for more picks. Sell for cash. Let's see what is out there