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  1. If this is a keeper or dynasty league then to me #1 is acceptable as long as you are trading for draft picks or players able to be kept long term. #2 and #3 are not acceptable in any situation. Even in a keeper or dynasty league you always try to put your best possible team on the field.
  2. Tannehill traded to TEN

    No drafting of a QB this year. I hope they don't sign a veteran, they are fine with Luke Falk for this year, heck even next year. I am fully on board with sucking all the way until 2021 for Lawrence. Not a real big fan of tank for Tua, I would rather tank a year longer for Lawrence.
  3. J Lewis or K Jones

    I think I would go with Lewis. I still think by around week 5 he will put it together and have a hugh finish to the season. Jones has issues beyond just his running, namely Harrington is absolutely terrible. Not that Boller is much better but I just think Harrington more greatly effects Jones negatively than Boller does Lewis. Before the season I would have taken Lewis before Jones and for now I would still stick by that.
  4. What to Do, What to do?

    I would also eliminate Dayne from consideration. Beyond that I agree with Hugh, who know what is going to happen in that mess in Minnesota. In Tennessee you only have to worry about 1 other back in Minny there are 3 other backs. Brown has definitely out perfomed Henry so far when he has been in there. You are probably better off sticking with Brown.
  5. Which WR? Need Help

    Have to start 3 of these guys Ugh! Anyway I would say Boldin is the must start of the group since in this scenario he is your No. 1. Then I would probably go with Kennison - although he will be matched up against Champ Bailey Then I would probably go with Curtis, Rams against Titans should be a high scoring affair this week. Witten is just not getting the looks this year from Bledsoe, since Bledsoe has been able to find his WR instead.
  6. Delhomme just got dropped

    I don't expect Delhomme to begin passing like he did last year. That was because of all the RB injuries. I would not expect Delhomme to not do a whole lot more from week to week then he has done now. That being said, the Steelers are a run first and second and pass only when necessary team. Delhomme is probably the better addition then Roethlesberger.
  7. Should I part with LT?

    In most cases, I would say never trade LT because you won't get value back but in this case based on your roster, I think I would do it. Looks like a good move for you.
  8. King Of The Mountain

    I have learned my lesson of trying to save teams for later in my other Survivor Pool - That one for $1200. darn Packers you suck!! Sorry had to vent, anyway I would jump on the bandwagon and take the Colts along with probably more than half of the field.
  9. Seeking advise for new FF player

    Depends on the size of your league, points, etc., and of course who is available on the WW. If you are in a smaller league - 12 people or less. Kevin Curtis might be available - he got a lot of looks game 1 not so much game 2 but shoud be a decent #3 receiver. The rookie Braylon Edwards might possibly be there, had a good game yesterday and should only get better as the season goes on. Look at the Waiver Wire Warrior report on the main page. Yo Mama does a very good job in evaluating guys that are most likely available and will provide your team with some help. He mention Curtis after Week 1. Another one he suggested last week was Bobby Engrem, he is the second receiver in Seattle and gets a lot of looks from weeke to week. Although it is very difficult to try and give info. when we don't know how your scoring works, or how many guys in the league.
  10. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    Cowboys 17 Redskins 10
  11. what do you need on MNF?

    Need Tiki to outscore Carney by more than 11 pts. 1pt per reception 1pt per 10 yds rushing or receiving 6 for TD 3 for FG 4 for FG over 50 1 for XP I think it will end up pretty tight, I think I might pull it off though.
  12. Buy Low

    I wouldn't look at this deal as getting C-Pep, look at it as giving up LT, and you don't do that. I think in the end Culpepper will still put up better numbers than Vick, it is not worth giving up LT.
  13. King Of The Mountain

    Give me the Eagles this week.
  14. King Of The Mountain

    I'll take Washington
  15. Predict the # of Manning TD Passes and win.....

    39 is my real guess, but since that is already taken a couple of times, I will say 36 just to not repeat someone else's guess.