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  1. Congratulations Brees!

    As a Dolphin fan this just hurts. He should have been a Dolphin instead of a Saint. He certainly would not have put up the numbers in Miami that he has in New Orleans and most likely have not become the first ballet Hall of Famer he is but he certainly would have been miles better than Daunte Culpepper and everything else they have trotted out there since, including Tannehill. Congrats to Brees on a great accomplishment and becoming one of the greats!
  2. Hey Irish, thanks in advance for the help. I have Joe Mixon in both of my leagues. He is playing but I am thinking he is not going to get a full workload. One league my other option is Austin Ekeler (I already have M. Gordon as my other starter) or I. Crowell. I currently have Ekeler in. The other league my option besides Mixon is Hyde of Lindsay, I currently have Hyde in.
  3. Commish Question

    Thanks everyone for your replies. You have solidified my thoughts, I will leave it alone and when someone complains which I am sure they will let them know the rule is once that players game starts, his roster spot is set.
  4. Commish Question

    Thanks, for the reply. He does not have a history of this at all and he did make a Waiver move this week to pick up a WR. That is why it seems kind of strange to me, and I think he just forgot.

    Pretty much exactly the issue. As a Dolphin fan I am really growing tired of Gase he seems to be more of the problem than Drake.
  6. Commish Question

    I wanted to get your opinion on this. No one has complained about it yet but I see someone complaining shortly once it is noticed. The guy playing me must have forgotten to take T.Y. out of his starting lineup last night. Our rules state once the players game starts he cannot be moved. I am just waiting to here someone complain about collusion or something. It has happened before. Should I just let it go and wait to hear from someone and explain the rule or should I let him correct the mistake before anyone complains? I am leaning towards I should stick to the rules as they are and it doesn't matter who he is playing.
  7. Joe Mixon may need surgery

    Here is my take on why Mixon is the primary and Gio is the backup. One is based on size Gio is 5'9" 205 while Mixon is 6'1" 225 so just based on that you would believe Mixon is better suited to be an every down back. . I am certainly not saying Mixon is better just because he is bigger, there are certainly examples of "smaller" guys being great every down backs. Even with the smaller size Gio only ran a 4.53 at the combine while Mixon ran a 4.45. Bernard has also had some injury history with a torn ACL in college as well as missing three games in 2014 and a torn ACL in 2016. Outside of the current injury Mixon has no injury history to speak of. Also Mixon was considered to be a first round talent however he "fell" to the second round based off of "character" concerns.
  8. Who should I drop for Mark Ingram

    I would drop Moore first but either one works for Ingram.
  9. Trade Advice involving L. Bell

    No, I could not draft Bell next year and keep him for 3 years since a player is only eligible to be kept if he is drafted in the 4th round or later.
  10. Starting Dalvin Cook this weekend?

    Cook, Conner and Baldwin. Out of those choices Cook is the most definite start.
  11. Drop or Keep or Trade

    Watkins is worth more than any of those guys. You could certainly pair him with Reed and try to upgrade. You might be able to get up to J. Gordon, C. Hogan or M. Jones someone like that for Reed and Watkins depending on what his team looks like.
  12. Who to start at RB week 1

    I say Rex and Henry.
  13. Trade advice! Need help

    Yes, take that deal. Stafford is certainly adequate at QB and the upgrade from Henry to Hunt is big.
  14. Package for Bell. Help

    Ertz and Cooper is not bad. If you want to try Gronk, I would go with probably Gronk and a Drake would be as high as I would go but that is risky for you if Bell doesn't show up until week 10.

    Do you start two RB? I think I would accept that since you have Mixon as well so the loss of Carson to you is not much. So between Barkley and Drake for Hutn and McCaffrey I would take that.