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  1. Fournette waived! Signed by the Bucs, does this push R. Jones out?
  2. Teams in need of new owners

    +1 He has been awful.
  3. Playoff Expansion

    2010 - Seahawks 9-7 2014 - Panthers 7-8-1 Outside of the strike shortened 1982 season these are the only two teams with losing records to make the playoffs. Both teams won their division and then actually won on Wild Card Weekend. In 2010 there were two teams that finished 10-6 and did not make the playoffs in the NFC (Buc and Giants). In 2014 a 10-6 Eagles team did not make the playoffs. A Wild Card team is not going to make the playoffs with a losing record, so adding a Wild Card would not make it any more likely for a team with a losing record to make the playoffs. That being said I am not arguing for or against this, just stating the facts. Although adding an additional wild card does increase the chances of a mediocre 9-7 team making the playoffs but that happens pretty often anyway.
  4. 2020 Huddle Superbowl Box Pool

    Woo Hoo! Two years in a row I won something. Thank you 9ers defense for not being able to stop Damien Williams in the second half. Thanks for doing this again Irish and the very quick payout. I fell asleep and woke up to an email telling me I had been paid, can't beat that.
  5. 2020 Huddle Superbowl Box Pool

    Money sent, Thanks Irish!!
  6. SPIT Week 1 Standings

    I have decided that since I clearly have no idea who is going to win from week to week. I am just going to pick the player I think will score the most points and forget about trying to save them for later. Since chances are about 90% I will be wrong on the outcome and will lose the player I was trying to save anyway.
  7. I agree Cooper probably does have the higher ceiling. Thanks again for the help!!
  8. Hey Irish, one more. I am thinking about benching A. Cooper. J. Brown vs. Den. Chark @ Ten. A. Cooper @ NE D. Waller @ NYJ I currently have Brown and Chark in but am waffling between Cooper and Brown.
  9. Hey Irish, I need to start two of these RB in a PPR league. Guice vs. Detroit Mixon vs. Pit. L. Murray vs. Car. Bo Scarbrough @ Was. As you can tell my RB's are a disaster. I have Mixon and Guice in right now.
  10. Let's start top 10 BUST of the year...

    Mixon for sure. OJ and Diggs outside of when he played the Eagles secondary.
  11. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    Agreed. One exception being Wentz.
  12. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    If you are going to make a comment like that, you might want to have some data to prove your point. Their drafting does not look too bad to me. 2014 - Greg Robinson - Mistake Aaron Donald - 2015 - Todd Gurley 2016 - Goff - Granted he is not elite but they were clearly taking a QB either way that year. The mistake was taking him instead of Wentz, obviously Goff is way ahead of the other QB taken that year in the 1st round (Paxton Lynch) 2017 - no 1st 2nd round Gerald Everett and 3rd round Cooper Kupp 2018 - No 1st or 2nd. 2019 - No 1st Unless you are talking about the Eagles not drafting well. That point, I will not argue other then Wentz in 2016 and Barnett in 2017.
  13. I don't think Jones or Howard go anywhere due to their contracts. They might be able to get a box of Krispy Kremes for Parker. They just traded Minkah who is only in his second year so Baker?