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  1. It was fun donating again, Thanks for running this again Irish!
  2. Irish, Just sent PP for $40. Thanks.
  3. Just sent PP, thank Irish.
  4. Irish, I don't see my name on this list. Am I in, can I send in my money?
  5. Hey Irish, I will take 4 on two sheets as well. Thanks.
  6. HoF Finalists

    Dawk, LT, TO, Taylor, Coryell. I think Dawk and LT are sure things. TO probably has a really good shot this year with only Bruce on the list with him fro WR. I might be a bit partial to Taylor being a Phins fan but I think he deserves it. Coryell changed the offensive game. I think Warner deserves to be in as well but I couldn't put him in over any of the guys on my list. The only thing bringing him down is the length of his career. Same with TD, and unfortunately for TD I don't think he gets in because his career was cut short.
  7. I'm about to be a free agent

    Continuing to be a Dolphins fan is extremely painful. At this point I have become so cynical, I can't bring myself to have any hope since I know it will only be crushed. Whenever they appear they may actually win a game I am in complete disbelief. No playoffs since 2008 and I really do not see any reason for hope. They are pretty much the Cleveland Browns of South Florida. Being a fan and not living in Miami I can't even say well at least we have great weather.
  8. Forte or Rawls?

    I think I would go with Forte slightly over Rawls. Rawls is dropped slightly due to the injury concern. However the higher upside guy is probably Rawls. A little more risk with Rawls.
  9. I got AB and Elliot who to take next?

    I think I would go Allen over Evans but it is really a toss up between them.
  10. Who To Keep?

    Thanks, no keeper penalties.
  11. Keeper advice

    Floyd for a 12th definitely over Lockett for an 8th. I have Floyd ranked higher than Lockett anyway.
  12. Antonio Brown trade proposal ?

    You really don't have the depth at RB, to get rid of Hyde I don't think. As appealing as it appears I think Cooper and Allen is too much for Brown.
  13. Need help on making a trade.

    I agree on trying Brady instead of Brees, since he already has Garropolo. You could try Brady and Yeldon for Cobb. Although I am not sure that gets it done. You may have to go up to Foster and Brady to get Cobb.
  14. Who To Keep?

    This is a standard performance PPR league. Starting requirements are QB, 2RB, 3WR/TE. I can keep 3, I am already keeping Gurley but beyond Gurley I am not sure who, so pick 2. Hyde Olsen R. Wilson Michael Floyd T. Lockett Any help would be greatly appreciated.