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  1. Divisional Game Thread

    Yes all are still on their rookie contracts. This is Kamara's second year, Lattimore's second year and Thomas' third year. Thomas is due to be an UFA in 2020. Kamara in 2021 and Lattimore in 2022 since I would assume the Saints will pick up his 5th year option, if they don't work out a new deal before then.
  2. Dolphins expected to hire Flores as HC

    I have to say though, at this point as a Dolphins fan. I don't really care who they hire. The bottom line is they are going to be terrible for the next few years. If you want to hire a young guy and he actually does something with the crap you have then maybe you have a good coach and you give him an extension. If he doesn't then you dump him in a couple of years when/if you actually start to get some talent.
  3. Payment sent. Thanks for running this again, Irish.
  4. I will do the max again. Thanks Irish.
  5. Nick Foles

    I am not arguing he is not worth 20 mill and I am sure the Eagles feel he is worth it. However we are talking about him being a backup QB with the Eagles, not the starter. All of the QB's you pointed out went on to be starters elsewhere. Not to be a backup. Glennon was brought in to be the starter and then they ended up drafting Trubisky with the plan of Trubisky sitting behind Glennon for a year or so. Then Glennon got beat out in camp, if I remember correctly.
  6. Nick Foles

    The point in not every team can is it depends on their current cap situation. In the Eagles case if they decide to exercise the option they would need to cut elsewhere to make it happen. Obviously a sign and trade would work if they can work out what they feel is a fair deal which would be a pretty high draft pick. (I would think at least a second and maybe a first). So it comes down to, do they want to spend 20 million on a backup QB at the expense of cutting other players that contribute at other positions if they cannot work out a deal.
  7. Ouch....Allen Hurns :(

    That looked like a career ender to me. It looked like the ankle just completely snapped. I feel for him, hope to hear it is not as bad as it looked.
  8. Wilks gone as well. That is added to Koetter yesterday along with Hue Jackson and McCarthy mid season. Wow, 8 jobs open that seems pretty high. I don't know how many there have been in past seasons but that seems like a lot of open jobs to me. I have not been happy with what Gase has done with the Dolphins so far. But they need a lot more than just Gase to go. Too bad there is no way to fire Ross.
  9. The Dolphins need to stay far away! We already have soon to be had a completely average to below average QB.
  10. 2018 Playoff Fantasy Football!!!

    In Sent PP, Thanks Scotty for the invite.
  11. Starters week 1 vs 16

    My starting lineup in the Super Bowl is remarkably similar to my starting lineup in Week 1. Filled in for injuries here and there. Had a pretty good draft for starters my backups not so much but dropped A. Jones and M. Mack to early: Week1 Super Bowl Lineup D. Watson D. Watson M. Gordon M. Gordon J. Mixon J. Mixon D. Hopkins D. Hopkins M. Evans M. Evans E. Engram G. Kittle D. Baldwin P. Lindsay Rams Rams Gostkowski Gostkowski Bench Bench C. Hyde S. Watkins J. Crowder J. Reynolds K. Stills B. Mayfield M. Mack J. Wilson Jr. K. Benjamin C. Samuel A. Jones M. Williams
  12. Super Bowl teams, who do you have?

    Depends on how the injuries play out but so far it looks like this: D. Watson M. Gordon J. Mixon D. Hopkins M. Evans G. Kittle P. Lindsay Rams D Gostkowski This crazy league we employ Punters and Coaches too, although they don't gain many points. B. Colquitt Rams Coach
  13. Is This Collusion? (Biological Brothers Scenario)

    I don't think it is collusion because the brothers are not trading Todd Gurley for Devontae Booker straight up. It is just preventing people from making trades with them. There are people in my league I know don't do trades so I just don't offer them trades. Simple as that.
  14. QB Help

    Playoff Semifinals. Cousins or Ryan. or do I pick up Allen and start him instead of either one.