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  1. Is This Collusion? (Biological Brothers Scenario)

    I don't think it is collusion because the brothers are not trading Todd Gurley for Devontae Booker straight up. It is just preventing people from making trades with them. There are people in my league I know don't do trades so I just don't offer them trades. Simple as that.
  2. QB Help

    Playoff Semifinals. Cousins or Ryan. or do I pick up Allen and start him instead of either one.
  3. RB Help...

    Mixon, Cook, Fournette
  4. QB help

    I would not pickup any other QB and leave it between Rogers and Ryan. I would normally never say bench Rogers but against Chicago and the way this year has gone I say go with Ryan.
  5. Evans, playing with Fire?

    I am sticking with Evans. Debated putting in J. Gordon over him but now with losing OBJ Gordon has to replace OBJ.
  6. OBJ OUT... Who do I Start?

    Evans if though the matchup is iffy.
  7. Tight End Help

    My vote is for Thomas he got healthy Olsen numbers last week with Olsen out.
  8. Odell Out for Sunday It figures, so I was already out Gordon and now Beckham for my second round playoff game. Oh well promising season up in flames.
  9. Agreed, I was curious about that so I decided to look at his numbers 60% completion pct. 3512 yards 18TD and 15Int. So yea must have been a down year for rookies on offense.
  10. Just going back to 2010 2010 - Sam Bradford - 7-9 (No Playoffs) 2011 - Cam Newton - 6-10 (No Playoffs) - ProBowl 2012 - RGIII - 10-6 (Playoffs) - ProBowl 2013 - Eddie Lacy - 8-7-1 (Playoffs) - ProBowl 2014 - Odell Beckham - 6-10 (No Playoffs) - ProBowl 2015 - Todd Gurley - 7-9 (No Playoffs) - ProBowl 2016 - Dak Prescott - 13-3 (Playoffs) - ProBowl 2017 - Alvin Kamara - 11-5 (Playoffs) - ProBowl So of the last 8 OROY winners 4 made the playoffs and 4 did not, seems like for the most part that is not much of a deciding factor. Looks like more likely is they win OROY and they make the ProBowl since Bradford is the only one that did not make the ProBowl of the last 8.
  11. Melvin Gordon's knee

    Yea you are probably right, Howard has done next to nothing all year. I just couldn't bring myself to drop him since he was one of my keepers. But Ekeler has been better even in a back up role all year than Howard. Of course the week Gordon was on a bye I started Crowell and Howard scored two touchdowns.Now obviously with Gordon out Ekeler is worth much more than Howard.
  12. Melvin Gordon's knee

    Really bad timing for me. I have held onto Ekeler all year and dropped him this week to cover a bye. Was debating between him or I. Crowell to drop, thought I had a better shot of getting Ekeler back. Now I am sure I will not get him back, since my waiver priority is next to last. Uggh! Stuck with J. Howard or Crowell to start alongside Mixon now.
  13. Golden Taint to Philly

    Well there goes a bunch of Alshon's targets. Ertz still gets his but Alshon and Golden will now be sharing targets.
  14. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    I think he truly believes that when he comes back and signs he will be given the lead back role right away and will do what he always does and be a stud. Then will get paid like Gurley in the offseason. I am not saying any of that will actually happen I just think that is what he believes.
  15. What do you need tonight

    I need the official scoring of AP's day to stay at 149 yards. If for some reason the official scoring corrects it to find him an additional yard he gets a 3 pt. bonus and I am toast.