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  1. Kirk Cousins to Minnesota

    By Keenum going to Denver and Minnesota getting Cousins both teams have upgraded the QB position. Ironically it is probably Denver that made the bigger upgrade.
  2. Case Keenum to the Broncos

    Clear upgrade at QB for the Broncos. They should become a playoff contender once again as long as the defense stays solid.
  3. Ndamukong Suh to be released

    I gave up a while ago trying to figure out what the Dolphins are doing. They are over the cap so I get why they are doing this, however I don't get why they traded away their best offensive player for a bag of donuts because they couldn't pay him If they were only going to cut Suh, Timmons and James to get under the cap anyway. While at the same time trading for Robert Quinn.
  4. FAs: what do you want for your team

    I was just hoping the Dolphins didn't do something stupid but too late! Almost every year I just hope the same thing and more often than not I am disappointed
  5. Landry to Cleveland

    This 100%, I can't figure out what the hell they are doing. I almost feel like it is time to become a free agent and take my fan services elsewhere.
  6. It was fun donating again, Thanks for running this again Irish!
  7. Irish, Just sent PP for $40. Thanks.
  8. Just sent PP, thank Irish.
  9. Irish, I don't see my name on this list. Am I in, can I send in my money?
  10. Hey Irish, I will take 4 on two sheets as well. Thanks.
  11. HoF Finalists

    Dawk, LT, TO, Taylor, Coryell. I think Dawk and LT are sure things. TO probably has a really good shot this year with only Bruce on the list with him fro WR. I might be a bit partial to Taylor being a Phins fan but I think he deserves it. Coryell changed the offensive game. I think Warner deserves to be in as well but I couldn't put him in over any of the guys on my list. The only thing bringing him down is the length of his career. Same with TD, and unfortunately for TD I don't think he gets in because his career was cut short.
  12. I'm about to be a free agent

    Continuing to be a Dolphins fan is extremely painful. At this point I have become so cynical, I can't bring myself to have any hope since I know it will only be crushed. Whenever they appear they may actually win a game I am in complete disbelief. No playoffs since 2008 and I really do not see any reason for hope. They are pretty much the Cleveland Browns of South Florida. Being a fan and not living in Miami I can't even say well at least we have great weather.
  13. Who To Keep?

    This is a standard performance PPR league. Starting requirements are QB, 2RB, 3WR/TE. I can keep 3, I am already keeping Gurley but beyond Gurley I am not sure who, so pick 2. Hyde Olsen R. Wilson Michael Floyd T. Lockett Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Forte or Rawls?

    I think I would go with Forte slightly over Rawls. Rawls is dropped slightly due to the injury concern. However the higher upside guy is probably Rawls. A little more risk with Rawls.
  15. I got AB and Elliot who to take next?

    I think I would go Allen over Evans but it is really a toss up between them.
  16. Who To Keep?

    Thanks, no keeper penalties.
  17. Keeper advice

    Floyd for a 12th definitely over Lockett for an 8th. I have Floyd ranked higher than Lockett anyway.
  18. Antonio Brown trade proposal ?

    You really don't have the depth at RB, to get rid of Hyde I don't think. As appealing as it appears I think Cooper and Allen is too much for Brown.
  19. Need help on making a trade.

    I agree on trying Brady instead of Brees, since he already has Garropolo. You could try Brady and Yeldon for Cobb. Although I am not sure that gets it done. You may have to go up to Foster and Brady to get Cobb.
  20. I am commish of a 3 year Keeper League that has been running for about 14 years now. We are in need of an owner. It is a 10 team Keeper where you keep 3 players that were drafted after the 3rd round. We are in the 2nd year of a 3 year set. It is a PPR with standard performance scoring. It is run on CBS and buy in is $100 plus $15 for the site. If interested please let me know.
  21. Who to Keep

    This is a 10 team Keeper league Standard Scoring with PPR. Here are the players I have eligible to be kept, I can keep 3. We start 1 QB, 2RB, 3 WR/TE. Gurley Hyde Olsen Wilson M. Floyd T. Lockett Gurley is the obvious keeper, but beyond that I am struggling between Hyde, Olsen and Wilson and to a point Floyd. Right now I am leaning towards keeping Gurley, Hyde and Olsen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  22. For the last spot, I would definitely favor keeping Woodhead over D. Will. Over the course of the season I would expect to get a good bit more out of Woodhead than D. Will. You are only getting 4 starting games out of D. Will and that is not even guaranteed at this point pending Bell's appeal.
  23. Who's your teams 1st rder? Who do you want?

    Let's see, now the Dolphins have not plugged any holes and created another one at RB while moving back 5 spots in the draft. They still need help at O Line, Linebacker, Secondary and now RB. It all depends on what is left at 13. If Vernon Haergraves is there I would be happy with that or if Elliott is there. However I have a feeling neither of them will be. I would be happy with Myles Jack but again don't think he is going to be there either, so I guess I could settle for Eli Apple. At least they would plug one of their many holes.
  24. Very Sad, such a young man to lose his life! RIP Tray