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  1. Who should I drop for Mark Ingram

    I would drop Moore first but either one works for Ingram.
  2. Trade Advice involving L. Bell

    No, I could not draft Bell next year and keep him for 3 years since a player is only eligible to be kept if he is drafted in the 4th round or later.
  3. The Bell owner in my league has posted he doesn't have the patience to deal with the saga so he wants to trade him at a discounted rate. This is a PPR and standard performance league. We start 2 RB and 3 WR/TE and it is a keeper league where you can keep up to 3 guy however a guy has to have been drafter in the 4th round or later of his original draft and a guy can only be kept 3 times. My Team for RB and WR is: RB - M. Gordon RB - J. Mixon - Keeper can be kept twice more RB - J. Howard - Keeper can be kept once more RB - Rashad Penny WR - O. Beckham WR - D. Thomas - Keeper can be kept twice more WR - M. Evans WR - D. Baldwin WR - J. Gordon - Keeper eligible TE - G. Olsen - Keeper eligible WR - A. Jeffrey - Keeper eligible He has made me an offer of J. Mixon, J. Gordon and a 5th rd. pick if Bell reports before the week 2 game. I get Bell (Not Keeper Eligible) and E. Sander (Keeper Eligible) and a 5th rd pick if Bell reports after week 9. If he reports after week 5 but before week 9 I get a 7th. If he reports before week 5 - no draft compensation. Any ideas would be helpful. My initial reaction is that is too much for me to give up. I was thinking of countering with J. Howard and Baldwin with the pick compensation staying the same. Thanks in advance.
  4. Starting Dalvin Cook this weekend?

    Cook, Conner and Baldwin. Out of those choices Cook is the most definite start.
  5. Drop or Keep or Trade

    Watkins is worth more than any of those guys. You could certainly pair him with Reed and try to upgrade. You might be able to get up to J. Gordon, C. Hogan or M. Jones someone like that for Reed and Watkins depending on what his team looks like.
  6. Who to start at RB week 1

    I say Rex and Henry.
  7. Trade advice! Need help

    Yes, take that deal. Stafford is certainly adequate at QB and the upgrade from Henry to Hunt is big.
  8. Package for Bell. Help

    Ertz and Cooper is not bad. If you want to try Gronk, I would go with probably Gronk and a Drake would be as high as I would go but that is risky for you if Bell doesn't show up until week 10.

    Do you start two RB? I think I would accept that since you have Mixon as well so the loss of Carson to you is not much. So between Barkley and Drake for Hutn and McCaffrey I would take that.

  11. Pick 1 to Bench, week 1

    For week 1 I would bench Collins. It would be matchup based for me week to week between Collins and Mixon.
  12. Who has been here since the 90s?

    Wow, I can't believe it has been that long. I don't remember when I started visiting here but it must of been 99 or so since it was before it was a pay site. Didn't join the forums until much later and still rarely ever post. I remember when I used to print out the rankings and would black out the name at the top of it just in case one of my league mates would see it. I didn't want them having any idea what site I used to keep the advantage to myself.
  13. Classy move, the right move

    Very Classy move by a first rate organization. Even though I am not a Steelers fan, they are certainly a classy organization. I would venture a guess that 90% of the other teams in the NFL or professional sports for that matter would not do something like this.
  14. Baker Mayfield

    Not even close. I think he is close to the next Johnny Manziel than Drew Brees.
  15. Gore to Miami

    +1 I give up, I have run out of words to describe the stupidity this offseason.
  16. Kirk Cousins to Minnesota

    By Keenum going to Denver and Minnesota getting Cousins both teams have upgraded the QB position. Ironically it is probably Denver that made the bigger upgrade.
  17. Case Keenum to the Broncos

    Clear upgrade at QB for the Broncos. They should become a playoff contender once again as long as the defense stays solid.
  18. Ndamukong Suh to be released

    I gave up a while ago trying to figure out what the Dolphins are doing. They are over the cap so I get why they are doing this, however I don't get why they traded away their best offensive player for a bag of donuts because they couldn't pay him If they were only going to cut Suh, Timmons and James to get under the cap anyway. While at the same time trading for Robert Quinn.
  19. FAs: what do you want for your team

    I was just hoping the Dolphins didn't do something stupid but too late! Almost every year I just hope the same thing and more often than not I am disappointed
  20. Landry to Cleveland

    This 100%, I can't figure out what the hell they are doing. I almost feel like it is time to become a free agent and take my fan services elsewhere.
  21. It was fun donating again, Thanks for running this again Irish!
  22. Irish, Just sent PP for $40. Thanks.
  23. Just sent PP, thank Irish.
  24. Irish, I don't see my name on this list. Am I in, can I send in my money?