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  1. League Forum Moderator Reset

    Thank you! As far as the timestamps go, is there any way to see the time when someone is accessing the site through a mobile phone? It works fine when you have a cursor and can hover over it, but this is not possible on a mobile device.
  2. League Forum Moderator Reset

    Whitney, Still looking for moderator power for RWings for Fanatics Dynasty League: Unless you've already taken care of it and I don't know where to look!
  3. League Forum Moderator Reset

    Please reset me (RWings) as Moderator for Fanatics Dynasty League. The lack of a timestamp is really going to make life difficult during RFA! Ouch...
  4. NFL draft talk official thread

    Here ya on Weeden. Really wanted to wait until 37 or just go all in on McCoy. The trade threat for TRich was real, though. TB wanted him and proved it with their trade up to get Doug Martin at the bottom of the first round. That's the deal i was most worried about: Bucs leapfrog Browns to get TRich and Vikes know we ain't taking another left tackle. No risk to them. I'm actually surprised they didn't make that move, but obviously they weren't dangling a 3rd or the Vikes would have taken it. Browns had extra picks in 4th & 5th so it was necessary. I'm just loving TRich in the Orange & Brown!
  5. I'm converting my long-time main league to a dynasty league this season. And when I say long-time, I mean it...I started this league in 1989. This is our 22nd year and we've made many changes along the way (IDPs, keepers, auction, etc.). I've also participated for the last 5 years in dynasty league (ConFusion) here at the Huddle so I understand how they work. My question is what you experienced dynasty leaguers think is the best way to populate the initial rosters. When we started ConFusion we had a starting budget of $10,000 and we conducted an online veteran auction spanning 3-4 weeks. Whatever was left over you could apply to the Rookie Auction. It worked well. My main league has been an auction league for awhile so that would make sense to alot of the current owners. I know some leagues do a serpentine veteran draft and then reverse the order for the rookie draft. Man, those early picks are really valuable though, aren't they? Again, I don't need all the dynasty league rules, but I'd love to hear your comments on how to do the initial rosters and what's worked well.
  6. Hey, Dynasty Pros, need your help...

    I hear you on the strategy, but I also like the idea where if you are last in the vet draft you reverse the order and become first in the rookie draft. There's something balanced about that approach. I'm just so used to auctions and having a shot at anyone you want, provided you are willing to pay for them, that going back to a draft sounds tough. Those owners with low picks will not be happy.
  7. Hey, Dynasty Pros, need your help...

    Thanks, coach! As you know from our journey through ConFusion together, those rules are pretty good and the ones that I'm going to pattern this other league on. So i've got that going for me!
  8. IDP sleepers

    I took Baldwin at 7.11 in ConFusion...must have just beaten you to him, Darin! I love his upside on the Lions D. I don't think Lehman will ever stick in the middle, Bailey didn't work there and Lenon is no answer. I had wanted to draft McBride, but I figured he was flying under the radar so I didn't and then signed him as a free agent. And it's for all the reasons you just mentioned here.
  9. If you do your own taxes

    Nice! Thanks, Suny!
  10. Help at WR

    AJ and Cotchery
  11. Brady at Jax against a tough D or Cutler at home against the crappy Bengals pass D? But Cutler's a rook and Brady is a crafty vet! Can't believe I'm actually leaning towards starting Cutler! I don't think I'll get much more than 180 yds and 1 TD from Brady, though, and Cutler's thrown 2 TDs all 3 games he's started. What do you guys think?
  12. Am I out of my mind...

    Yeah, I thought about that, too, but it always seems like making a decision with the weather in mind is tough.
  13. Cutler against the horrible Bengals pass D Parker...doing too well this year to bench for a WR
  14. Tom Brady

    That's how I'm rolling right now because I just can't imagine Brady having to throw that much. I think he's going to finish with 180 yds - 1 TD. Cutler is going to have to put it in the air. This all changes, though, if Javon can't play...
  15. Tom Brady

    Yeah, I gotta tell you, I'm sweating Brady in my championship game, too. It's tough to bench him, but he could easily post single digits in a game like this. My only other options are the even more erratic Pennington or really roll the dice with Cutler vs. the horrible pass defense of the Bengals. C'mon, Tom, bring me home another title!!
  16. LT I hate him!

    All you people complaining about that LT draft choice should be converts to the auction format. I paid $98 out of a $250 budget (39%) for my man LT and he's worth every penny! Every other owner in the league had an equal shot at paying up for him but they didn't. And now LT is leading my campaign for my fifth FFL title!
  17. Tomlinson

    Now that would make me very happy!!
  18. Tomlinson

    That's my issue right now. I lost Kevin Jones this past weekend while I was on bye and I only have Dominic Rhodes to go with LT. Maybe I should run Turner with LT instead...
  19. Thursday Night Football

  20. WDIS at QB? Hasselback or McNair

    I've got the same choice and I'm going with McNair because of the Cincy pass d and I don't think the weather will be too bad.
  21. Court date tomorrow

    Kevin, My prayers are with you, buddy. Hopefully the judge will realize that the best thing possible is to keep the family together.
  22. LeCharles Bentley

  23. Saints MLB info

    Beautiful! Go Alfred! I was worried I'd have to give up on him. Thanks Hitman!
  24. Braylon Edwards

    How's Travis Wilson looking?