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  1. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    I wondered a lot of the second half of the year why Shanahan would not commit to Mostert. Clearly he is the most dynamic runner. Coleman only gets what is blocked. Best thing happened to SF was Coleman going down
  2. Zay Jones. Pascal. Slayton

    Zay Jones is a scratch
  3. L Murray or J White?

    With Kamara out I go Murray
  4. Miami is real bad. Buff has them at home. Would normally go a SF RB in most scenarios but vs Miami what would you do?
  5. Let's start top 10 BUST of the year...

    Mike Williams?
  6. Help! Which 3 RB's to choose?

    Gordon Michel Gallman. But what do I know?
  7. Tevin Coleman signs with the 49ers

    I don’t believe McKinnon is guaranteed much actually. Definitely not $18M. From what I have read they can release him this month and incur just a $3.7M cap hit
  8. Tevin Coleman signs with the 49ers

    McKinnon has a career 3.8 yard avg. And he's coming off the ACL. Given they have Coleman, Breida, and Mostert all pretty cheap, why hang onto him at that price?
  9. Tevin Coleman signs with the 49ers

    i actually think McKinnon could be gone. Coming off the ACL. Gets them out of the remaining years for a $3.7M cap hit. Breida showed great toughness this past year persisting through his high ankle sprain so I think he showed them something.
  10. Carlos Hyde signs with the Chiefs

    I’m just glad I have hyde on my roster and can see how it looks in pre-season. You never know
  11. Thoughts on Brees?

    your drive log includes the horrendous pick he almost threw on the five yard line, within FG range, down by 3 on 3rd down. the play was called an interception but was reviewed and overturned because the DB's heel touched the line. i'm not saying its all his fault, because its not. they need better O-Line play for sure. as far as whether to go with Brees or Favre, i'd go with Brees just because Green Bay looks very bad right now and Tampa's playing good defense and running the ball extremely well. Tampa will control the clock and field position all day. i'm benching Favre myself.
  12. Willis McGahee

    if you have another option at RB, i'd go with it. McGahee looked really bad in that Tampa game last week. with Losman at QB, its gonna be a long season in Buffalo. i'm benching McGahee until he and the Buffalo offense prove me wrong.
  13. Tatum Bell

    Unless you can wait for several weeks until he gets another shot, i'd dump him.
  14. LT....whats the deal?

    I think the biggest factor for LT's struggles has been the play of the Offensive Line. I saw both the Cowboy game and the Denver game and the holes just aren't there. Teams are getting good penetration and this is a cause for Brees's struggles as well. I hope its not the case but the Chargers may regret not having paid Hudson Houck.