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  1. David Wilson

    I took a chance - FAIL But my other options - Lynch & Steward may not see the field either
  2. There will be a bounty (can I use that word) on the Replacement Refs
  3. Sean Payton suspended for a year

    Yeah - and the NFL needs about 15K volunteers to make it happen....guess they will have to bus them in from other cities
  4. Sean Payton suspended for a year

    This Sucks - kinda harsh if you ask me....Hell Bellicheat didn't even get 1 game.
  5. Brees Why is he still and passing

    I agree - but my comment is made because of all the negative media the Saints recieved last week for running up the score on ATL to get Drew the record.
  6. Brees Why is he still and passing Because of this BS....This is the record that needs an "*"
  7. Hakeem Nicks - Stat correction?

    Since we need a change - can we add a TD to either player, I lost by 2 and need that TD.
  8. I have Gerhart, but also have Wells, Starks, & K. Smth currently on roster - and per our league rules, cannot make a waiver move unless players are listed as Doutful or Out. As of right now, all are listed as questionable & possible gametime decisions. Means I'm stuck with only 1 RB. Sucks to be me.
  9. A New Penalty Proposal

    How about getting FULL TIME officials like the rest of the pro sports...
  10. 62 - 7

    1 2 3 4 T IND 14 10 24 7 55 NO 0 10 3 8 21 2003 Match-up no ease up here. No the score was not as one sided, but I was at this game, no mercy by the Colts, Manning was putting on a clinic.
  11. Sad Day for College Football

    No way should Boise St. be ranked over Clemson
  12. LSU

    Have you seen the players with the #9 on their arms, the team is supporting JJ.
  13. Is Vick a whiny, cry-baby?

    Take Drew off this list - only Brady & Manning
  14. Local Draft Ignorance

    Bonehead Trade & Pick - performance 3 keeper (must be different positions) this guy keeps a QB, WR, & TE. He really didn't have any RB on his roster worth keeping. So a day before the draft he trades his QB J. Freeman for M. Schaub, his TE A. Gates for J. Finley - so far so good for him..IMO The he switches his draft order - swaps his #1 and drops to #3 - remember he did not keep a RB - and this year A. Peterson was avaliable. Now the trade is not so good. This is a 12 team league and most teams have kept a top notch starting RB - Top 3 avaliable: Peterson, Mendenhall, F. Jones... So with his 1st pick he selects - T. Brady - okay he is a top QB, but you already have one with Schaub...
  15. Sad Day for College Football

    Since Boise St. beat a not so good Georgia team, and the rest of thier schedule is cake, they will be playing in the NC game. The only ranked team (as of now) on the schedule is TCU who showed their true colors this weekend. Now the question is who will blow them out in the NC game?