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  1. Jay Feely

    I know, he sure did not look hurt kicking all those extra points against my Saints
  2. Jay Feely

    Does anyone have any info on Feely? My league has him listed as Questionable and I checked a few sites and found nothing on him.
  3. Saints/Giants game

    Okay, who cares about the signs, they just wanted to get on tv anyhow, maybe they left the stadium and went to a WWE event with them. No problem cheering for your home team, because if it were under normal conditions and played in NO, I would have poured beer too. But, it should not have happened at that game.
  4. Saints/Giants game

    Being from New Orleans, we got reports today, from the fans from New Orleans that were invited to the game that were staying the the state of Mass. that Giant fans were throwing beer on them,
  5. Football in New Orleans is Over For Good

    put this in your think tank. come Oct. I can see the Saints playing the Miami Dolphins in Tiger stadium....Nick Saban back in Baton Rouge. 92,000 people to see a NFL game played outside....
  6. Football in New Orleans is Over For Good

    This dude, he has no clue. For starters the mayor has absolutly nothing to do with the Saints staying or leaving. Its only the Gov. and Benson. Right now yes it put on the backburner. As far as the Saints Enertaning the idea of moving the answer is NO. Yes the hurricane has put a wrench in the plans, but once we get back I expect the state and Benson work out a deal.
  7. Football in New Orleans is Over For Good

    Sorry Capt. you just can't beleive a word that the national media is saying. Hell while I was away the national media was saying that people were killing people in the dome, rapes happining, suicides all not true. CNN, CNNBC, FOX they are all f'in a-holes. I came back Wendseday and it sucked. Yes I was one of the lucky ones only minimal damage to my house, I haven't seen my family for a week just got my power on yesterday. But the superdome is fine. What you see is only a covering (light weight to hold up the stucture). Yes we are hoping that we can get a new place, but first the death needs to leave this city.
  8. Football in New Orleans is Over For Good

    Lets see heres one.
  9. Football in New Orleans is Over For Good

    Dude let me say something to you, don't believe everything you hear. Your not in this city I AM. For starters how can they report that the Superdome is going to be torn down. For your info and the stupid media that you are hearing this from, (by the way there is a NAVY copper flying over my house right now) they are just starting to pick up the 1000's of bodies floating in our city. You need shut up!!!!! Beside why would the city send in inpectors into a dome that is surrounded by Water donkey
  10. Football in New Orleans is Over For Good

    Let me tell ya'll all one thing, being from the New Orleans area it will a shame for the Saints to move. No other franchise in NFL has experienced more disapointment than Saints fans. All those losing seasons and this terrible accident. I had to get away from all the bad news for a while and I look at the board and its a shame. I was hoping to see people saying that the NFL should help the state of LA. & MS. and do what they can to assist, possible giving money to help build a new place to play. But instead people are making fun of this terrible situation (what losers). All you people see are the bad people here on the news but the Saints are the one thing this state has to bring us all together as one. Whites, Blacks, rich, poor, it dosen't matter who you are the Saints brings this state and city together as one. If the Saints move it will be one sad day, and I hope that the NFL will step up and help us. God Bless New Orleans and all its people. We will be Back
  11. running back help

    I know the feeling, I had Portis, Dillion, Deuce, & McGahee in the same type of league. I decided with Deuce, if the Saints don't get behind so early in the game like last year, I expect big things from Deuce this year.
  12. Bennett OUT for Week 1?

    GO MOORE GO!!!!!!
  13. Pick #2

  14. Don't forget about the Joneses