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  1. Where do you watch the NFL on Sunday?

    I would become a steelers fan if it meant I could have that kind of set up. Very nice. Props to your wife.
  2. You need to go above this guys head for the sake of the company. This guy is in a leadership position and being a total dick to people that make less than he does so he can win a fantasy league. He should be removed from his position immediately.
  3. What do you need Monday Night?

    I need a time machine so I can re-draft my team.
  4. Bucs/Dolphins won't play in Miami Sunday

    Stats cannot count for week 1 in week 11. You would have to have the rosters lock for week 1 and what if someone like Evans did not play in week 11. It sucks more for the Bucs who might be fighting for a playoff spot and now there bye week could be in week 1 then they play 16 games in a row. It sucks no matter how you look at it but the safety of everyone in the Miami area is more important than a football game. Note to NFL - Teams in hurricane zones should start the first few weeks on the road.
  5. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket offers

    Problem with discounts is people get used to them. And if the company was giving them than by all means you should try to get them. But this is the problem they cause. As word spreads more and more people expect them year after year. Bed Bath and Beyond had the same problem because they would send those 20% off coupons via mass mailings. Not many people would buy stuff their without the coupon and it eroded their profit margin year after year. Also DTV needed you as a customer more than AT&T does. Sorry you are not getting the discount that you have been used to getting. I used to have DTV with sunday ticket and would do this dance every year. Finally canceled when my kids got a little older and I could not watch football as much anymore.
  6. Tom Brady to retire?

    McDaniels taking himself out of the running for HC jobs and saying he wants to stay with NE forever adds another twist to this as well. Maybe Brady stays and Bill retires on top. As much as he loves football being a HC is a grind and its still a job. Maybe he takes a front office job to stay in the mix, McDaniels gets the HC job and Brady plays next year.
  7. What do you need?

    I need 19 pts from Gano tonight. I am guessing I will get 4 extra points and a field goal. It was a good run. See you all next year.
  8. Deflategate 2...starring the Steelers?

    As someone who enjoys sports and talk radio and TV etc I would not want the Steelers or their fans to have to go through what we had to go through listening to the Deflategate issue being covered more than Donald Trump becoming president. I am not just a fan of my home town team I am a fan of the entire NFL. And this post has nothing to do with who was right or wrong in any of the situations the Patriots have found themselves in. It was just the way it was handled that was the worse part. And I am glad that the NFL is not making an issue of this. Looking forward to some great football games come January. Some great football franchises in the hunt for the trophy (Cowboys, Giants) and some teams turning things around that could make some noise come playoffs (Detroit, Tampa Bay) Thanks
  9. Gronk. NE homers.

    Patriots said they do not think he is coming back this year but are waiting until after the surgery to make a final decision.
  10. New awesome free Sports' App to try...

    I watched the video and I think its a good idea. I do not have time to do something like this but it looks like if its done right it could be fun. Good luck.
  11. What to do with Edelman

    Not sure what your team looks like but if possible maybe try to trade him
  12. Business venture - opinions

    The drive in movie theater near me wanted to show patriots games but then the NFL got involved and it got tabled.
  13. Good idea?

    Maybe when Yahoo becomes Verizon they will fix that.
  14. This should not be an issue for anyone. You draft a team and you have a depth chart. You play the best guys on your team each week. Anyone on your bench that your going to start should only be for an injury or they are consistently out performing one of your starters. If you play the WDIS every week and start benching studs based on matchups your going to make the wrong decision most of the time. Or just drive yourself crazy all season.