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  1. Superbowl 2019 Thread

    Rams are not good against the run. Rams will game plan to stop the run. Pats will come out and throw all day long. When the Rams adjust at halftime the Pats will run. That is why they are so hard to beat. I give the edge to the Pats in this one. I think BB having two weeks to prep is a huge advantage Pats. Experience - Huge advantage Pats. But we all know that anything can happen. Should be a fun one to watch. Sorry we made it again. I know the world is sick of us. I don't blame you. And I agree that each team should get the ball in overtime.
  2. TE Help

    I have Hooper - Canup either Braete, MacDonald or Ian Thomas. Thoughts.
  3. Yahoo League mess up (win and loss)

    We have transaction fees and folks on the playoff bubble are complaining because they need to put in waiver wire requests but with the standings messed up they don't know if they are still fighting for a playoff spot. I guess there were so many points scored last night that Yahoo crashed. lol. Great game though.
  4. Daily Fantasy question

    ,I stopped playing because I do not trust the integrity of the companies that run them. Not saying they are doing it on purpose but I read where employees were playing and winning. The bots that people use to generate lineups with every combination of certain key positions. Feel like I have no shot to ever win. Legalized gambling will destroy this business and they know it and that is why they are getting into it in NJ.
  5. traded injured player

    Its a dick move but Sony is only going to miss one or two weeks is what I am hearing. So Karma could come back to you on this one.
  6. Trade loan collusion?

    What happens if you make the first trade and then someone gets hurt and the other guy refuses to trade players back to you?
  7. Fitzmagic or Fitzpatrick

    Beer made his daily comment about the Pats cheating. Was getting worried when I didn't see it by lunch time.
  8. Josh Gordon to the Patriots

    I am a Pats fan but I would root for Josh wherever he went. Hate to see drugs/alcohol ruin anyone's life. I think the Browns could have gotten a little more for Gordon but sent him the Pats as a favor to Gordon - If anyone can turn him around maybe its the Patriots culture. But if you look at history and we have a pretty good sample here than odds are that Gordon fails and is cut. He is at or nearing his last chance in the NFL. I root for Josh Gordon as a person.
  9. Gronk possible trade?

    Any legs on the internet rumor that Gronk might be traded today? Hearing about possible big new may be coming out of Foxboro today?
  10. Congrats to the Eagles

    Congrats Eagles fans. Great game. Enjoy the moment. Watching pregame and they showed some 90 or 100 year old Eagles fan who only wanted to see a super bowl win before he died. Reminded me of my grandfather with the redsox and it puts a smile on my face today that that Eagles fan gets his lifelong wish.
  11. Annual Huddler Superbowl Box Pool (2018)

    Irish - I just sent you PP. I put patriots on note. Thanks
  12. Annual Huddler Superbowl Box Pool (2018)

    Hi Irish - Let me know how many I have and I will send paypal. Thanks
  13. AFC Championship Game

    I really like tis jags team and hope its a great game next week.
  14. Annual Huddler Superbowl Box Pool (2018)

    I will take 12 - Let me know how much I owe you and I will send paypall thanks
  15. I could see this happening. Maybe Brady thinks that if Grappalo replaced him in one or two years and the patriot machine kept chugging along then his legacy could take a hit? Not really sure but should be an interesting off season. Does Bill leave the pats this year?