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  1. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    We used to do the beer thing for the next years draft. Lasted about 15 years. We all got older and don't drink that much anymore so its BYOB now. Our league is competitive but the trash talking had died down. I think it will pick back up when we are running our draft from the nursing home. Also we have a rule that when you die you have to leave your team to one of your kids. No outsiders coming in.
  2. I hate my team

    Just an update - I am 7-4 and in third place and clinched a playoff spot. I thought I would be 1-10 and in last place by now.
  3. Fox Super Six

    Anyone else playing this game though the App? Someone hit the 6 for 6 for $250K during yesterday's FOX games. I think it was the first hit of the jackpot. Its a stupid game but its free so i play. lol
  4. I forget the year but I was down a ton and had Mike Vick going on a Monday night. All I remember is the team they were playing basically gave up and Vick got me like 50 points to squeak out a win.
  5. AB to New England

    Speaks of a persons character. AB should have played his contract out. Maybe part of it is how society judges athletes careers by how many championships they won. Its very unlike BB to take someone who just pulled what AB pulled. He taped a private conversation with his coach which I think is illegal. Hopefully it works out for us but we now have two WRs who might not even be on the team come November, Gordon being the other one.
  6. Start Bench tool not up yet?

    I fixed it on my screen. Thanks
  7. I hate my team

    I agree and sorry for posting. Just venting. Good luck to your Browns this season. Things are trending in the right direction.
  8. I am getting no data when I pull this up even with my custom league settings? Thanks
  9. I hate my team

    I didn't post bc I know how much people hate the rate my team posts. Went with Mixon and K Johnson and then Kelce. Robby Anderson is heading up my WR corps. Need to hit some waiver wire gold this season at WR.
  10. I hate my team

    Not posting specifics but had the 7/12 pick and I think I drafted the worst team on paper. I have never really felt this way after a draft. It had nothing to do with the huddle sheets. I just think I reached for a few guys and just missed on a bunch of guys. Great TE. Crappy receivers and ??? at RB. Thanks and good luck to everyone this season.
  11. we do a live draft but one or two people usually can't make it for whatever reason. We use facetime on the phone and tell them the picks as they go. We tried pointing the ipad at the draft board but they could not really see it.
  12. Giving others draft sheets

    I guess I am just too nice a person to say no to someone who has been a friend for 20 plus years. Thanks all for the advice.
  13. Giving others draft sheets

    At my local draft every year this guy calls me up before and asks me to bring him a copy of the rankings and I have always done it to be a good friend. This year I printed out the huddle top 200 when it first came out and I am thinking of giving him that one. Is this a scum bag move? I am just sick of him having the same sheet as me and him beating me to picks. Is it my fault if he picks a guy that is out for the season in the second round?
  14. Fantasy business proposition...

    I like the idea, but here are a few things I would be concerned with? 1. People drinking and using any kind of expensive equipment is not a good mix. 2. Not sure of the setup, but I would not want to bring my own laptop to a bar. 3. Since its a bar you are going to lose the 18-20 demographic. 4. There would be no women within 10 miles of this place. These are just my opinions. I think its a great idea. Good luck.