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  1. Week 1 conclusions

    Weather delays suck.
  2. HC Mike Mularkey out in TEN

    I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW! I went to bed last night after seeing a rumor that he might get an extension. This was such fantastic news to wake up to instead. As others have said, I'm thinking they go after McDaniels. Before they initially hired Mularkey as their HC, there were rumors that McDaniels wanted to coach the Titans. That might still be true, plus GM Jon Robinson worked for the Patriots for a while and would know McDaniels pretty well. I would be happy with that. I think he learned a lot from his stint in Denver and will do much better in his next HC gig. We'll see though.
  3. Trivia

    8.5? First team gets a field goal then a defensive touchdown for 9 points.
  4. lmao @ PIT

    I just found this screenshot of the play which is pretty clear.
  5. lmao @ PIT

    In that case there was no question he caught the ball and maintained control going to the ground, the only issue is whether or not he was out of bounds. Completely different scenario. Though if you want my opinion on it, I think the call should've stood had they called it either way originally. I wouldn't consider that irrefutable evidence to overturn it, but obviously they did.
  6. lmao @ PIT

    I was watching the Titans game so I didn't see the play live. However, this is quite conclusive in my opinion. The ball pops out of his grip as he hits the ground, and the ball is clearly touching the ground. Incomplete pass. You can hear the pain in Romo's voice as he realizes it. As for the rule itself, personally I like it. There is a clear definition of what constitutes a catch. A lot of people complain that the rule is terrible and needs to be changed, but I have yet to hear a suggestion that would actually improve the rule, as every suggestion I've heard would either add more subjectivity to it (e.g. passing the "eye test") or result in about a dozen more fumbles every game.
  7. ASJ Touchdown Reversal

    I thought it was a good call. He catches it as he's going to the ground, the ball comes loose as he hits the ground, and he doesn't regain control until he's already out of bounds. By rule, that's incomplete.
  8. NBC Skycam/view fail

    I loved it. Being able to actually see the running lanes open or the routes developing downfield was quite refreshing. The Matthews touchdown at the start of the second half was incredible with the skycam. I hope they do more of this in the future.
  9. what is up with McCaffery??

    He was wide open in the flat near the goal line right before their last field goal. Should've been an easy TD, but Newton overthrew him. Would've made his stat line look a lot better, but still not the kind of production I was expecting when I drafted him.
  10. NFL Draft

    I initially wanted Tennessee to trade down in the 8-12 range and pick Corey Davis there, since I thought he was a small reach at 5. However, after seeing Williams and Ross get taken right behind him at 7 and 9, I'm glad they didn't trade back. I would've liked OJ Howard at 18, but without a second round pick getting a CB was a definite need-to-do there. Not entirely sold on Jackson but in JRob I trust. Now I'm hoping they grab Sidney Jones at some point, let him sit and heel (sorry) for a year. He'll be a steal for whoever gets him in my opinion.
  11. Honestly, I've seen more Titans' fans wanting Corey Davis over Mike Williams (myself included). Williams' lack of separation is a big concern for me, especially since the Titans coaching staff has yet to show they can scheme WRs open. I think Davis' greater speed and better route running give him the edge. I would be very pleased if they took Davis at 18, even if Williams was still there.
  12. Falcons fire DC Richard Smith

    Reading responses from Falcons fans on Reddit, it seems Quinn took over play calling on defense around their bye (week 11) which prompted their improvement. They got consistent pressure on Brady during the Super Bowl, but that was really the first time all season they've been able to do that as a group. Despite that pressure, the Pats were still able to move the ball really well, it just didn't show up on the scoreboard because of the turnovers. Also, these defense ranks are pretty bad: Yards/game: 25th Points/game: 27th Red zone: 32nd 3rd down %: 26th Rushing/game: 17th Passing/game: 28th YAC: 32nd Doesn't seem as much of a head scratcher after looking at that.
  13. Fantasy Football Fan or overall NFL fan?

    Much more a fan of the NFL than fantasy football. I check the inactives Sunday morning and make lineup adjustments as necessary, then that's it until the noon games are over. I don't even look at my opponents' lineups. I hope my guys do well and I do cheer when I see they got a big play or a touchdown or something, but not even once do I check my scores until I get home after the noon games. I watch every Titans game no matter what. I always go to my parents' house to watch the noon games with my dad and brother (and get free lunch). They got Redzone for the first time this year, so I've been dual-watching that with the Titans game because they always play at noon. For the late games I return home and, while I don't typically watch them (unless Tennessee's involved), I do keep gametracker tabs open for each one and check them every 5-10 minutes to keep up to speed on them. Sunday night I'll do the same thing if I'm interested in the game, otherwise I'll check it much less often. Monday and Thursday I'll check maybe once or twice because of other commitments. I'll also browse these forums and the NFL and Titans subreddits pretty much every day throughout the week.
  14. Mariota Week 15 @ KC

    The coldest game Mariota has played in was against Oregon State his last year in college, around 40 at kickoff and dipping down to the 20s. He threw for 367 yards and 4 TDs. This will be quite a bit colder, but to be honest I'd worry more about KC's secondary smothering the Titans' receivers and the chance for a similar gameplan to last week against Denver - heavy on the rushing, not a lot of passing. I think those will be a bigger factor than the cold.
  15. The All Bust Team 2016

    I nominate Gronk. He had a couple weeks of typical Gronktitude, but has been hurt/out most of the year. Ugh, him, Eddie Lacy, Keenan Allen, Kelvin Benjamin, no wonder I'm in the toilet bowl.
  16. Adios Jeff Fisher!

    The gift that keeps on giving.
  17. Tenn vs Jac

    I don't know what you're talking about. I thought that game was thoroughly enjoyable. If Bradley still has his job after this, I will be amazed.
  18. What do you need tonight?

    Huddle Perfect scoring, I need Diggs and Minnesota's Defense to outscore Rudolph by 12. I'm pretty much screwed.
  19. How bad did D. Murray look?

    This. The fumbles late in the game are an issue, but I don't see that becoming a trend. Beyond that he looked alright - ran some people over, picked up some nice yards after contact, and caught a few passes. Also bear in mind Minnesota has an excellent defense and Tennessee's offensive line has 3 new starters this year. There were some kinks, but overall it was a decent start.
  20. ny jets=worst 2nd round drafters in recent memory?

    How about Tennessee? 2007 - RB Chris Henry (50th overall) 2008 - DT/DE Jason Jones (54) 2009 - DT Sen'Derrick Marks (62) 2010 - No pick, traded to NE previous year for 3rd round pick (Jared Cook) 2011 - LB Akeem Ayers (39) 2012 - LB Zach Brown (52) 2013 - WR Justin Hunter (34) 2014 - RB Bishop Sankey (54) 2015 - WR Dorial Green-Beckham (40) Not a single one of them is still on the roster.
  21. Players to watch: Camp/Preseason Standouts

    I think everyone knows about Tajae Sharpe already, so I'll throw out an IDP guy: Kevin Byard, S, 3rd round rookie out of Middle Tennessee State. He had 19 interceptions (4 TDs) in 49 games in college, picked off one in the first preseason game, and has a few picks in training camp (including 2 the day after the first game). He's a ballhawk. Right now he's behind Rashad Johnson at FS, but Johnson is only on a 1-year deal, so Byard could very well end up the starter come next year.
  22. Dorial Green Beckham to the Eagles

    This is pretty much it. His rookie year he got a bit of a pass since he hadn't actually played a game in over a year, so most of his mistakes were attributed to rust in addition to the usual rookie learning curve. He did have some productive moments, and the idea was he could build on those coming into his second year and have a whole offseason to learn and improve. Well that didn't happen. He showed up out of shape with no grasp on the playbook. He couldn't run a route to save his life. He had frequent drops and gave up on plays. About all he could do was run downfield and leap for jump balls. He showed no almost improvement whatsoever from his first day as a rookie. He's got all the athletic ability in the world, but his mental ability is limited at best and he has a poor work ethic to boot. The Titans had enough and got rid of him. From what I hear the OL they got for him was likely going to be among Philly's first cuts so I hold no expectations of him, but at least he'll give some effort.
  23. Tajae Sharpe

    I was considering starting a "who to watch for on your team" thread just to bring him up. He's been showing great route running, very good field awareness getting his feet down on sideline throws, and generally catching everything thrown his way. His performance quickly propelled him to getting first team reps in mini camp, and in training camp he's done nothing but reinforce that move. Having said that, he is a rookie WR and a Titan, so he could come crashing back down to mediocrity at any moment. For now though he has inspired cautious optimism among Titans fans and is definitely someone to keep an eye on.
  24. Huddle Membership

    The same thing is happening to me.