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  1. Chiefs/Bolts

    Meh. That was an odd OT loss where Seattle 'won' most major statistical categories but also missed an extra point, gave up a special teams TD, and got penalized more than any game in franchise history.
  2. Rams discussion thread

    I agree some of it is Cooper being gone. But I also wonder if NFL defenses are starting to figure out McVay's short slant screen whirlydo passing progression schemes. WRs clearly aren't getting as open now. Goff benefits from being in that system. Does he have the talent and ability to keep putting up high end numbers if defenses are in fact adjusting to the schemes?
  3. Rams/Eagles

    Is Taz going to start cheering for the Chargers again if they enter the playoffs with a higher seed than the Rams?
  4. Rams/Eagles

    Their D has been getting exposed all year. Not sure what is up with their offense. Gurley got dinged this game and was foolishly underutilized last week.
  5. The Browns...

    538, the stat guru site, gives the Browns a 2% probability of making the playoffs.
  6. Chiefs/Bolts

    Exactly. KC got more than their fair share of bad calls and no calls.
  7. Chiefs/Bolts

    If Rivers doesn't throw those 2 picks, the Chargers may end up winning that game somewhat comfortably. Chargers are a solid squad without glaring weaknesses.
  8. MNF - Vikings vs Seahawks

    Don't know if the AFC's 6 seed will be anything to write home about either. I'd probably put 3ish NFC teams and 3ish AFC teams in my top 6 power rankings. I'd say it's full blown parity and both conferences have a few good teams with maybe only 1 well balanced team each (Saints and Chargers).
  9. General game day observations

    McVay seems to get too cute for his own good, but it never really caught up to him much. You have Todd Gurley, it's almost the 4th quarter and he has 6 total carries.
  10. Cooper to Cowboys

    I thought Amari had a shot at being the #1 WR this year. Somehow, Gruden made him worse than the previous years.
  11. General game day observations

    But he wears the best non-offensive socks!
  12. Kaepernick "not the right QB for us"?

    Sanchez does have very nice non offensive socks. Unless they have the swoosh on them. Then I'm offended again.
  13. Kaepernick "not the right QB for us"?

    Which pair of Mark Sanchez's socks do you guys like better? The pair he wore when he underthrew his WR by 20 yards on MNF or the pair he wore during the butt fumble?
  14. Kaepernick "not the right QB for us"?

    Wait. Getting offended by socks means you're not a snowflake?