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  1. Pass Intereference is now reviewable

    That certainly wasn't what I said Stevie. I'm okay with replay. I'm against the NFL routinely using failed quick fixes in a reactionary manner instead of taking a proactive systematic approach to the ruling and referring issues. And the catch rule has been fubared since at least 2010. They revised it in 2015 and 2018; so hopefully they are where they need to be now with one of the most fundamental and basic actions in football. Going by history, and how much more difficult it is judge PI; we can expect the NFL to make pass interference great again by 2050.
  2. Pass Intereference is now reviewable

    How about no. The rule has already been recycled, reconstituted, and muddled and it's going to ultimately cost a team a game on technicalities and piss everyone off. We've witnessed these things for a good decade plus now. The NFL has done almost nothing to address ref issues except routinely adding difficult to interpret rules year after year. Are you satisfied with the the outcomes of replay reviews for completing the catch? The NFL can't figure out what a freaking catch is; but they are going to be able to magically figure out PI during review? Bollocks. I believe the last major all encompassing internal review and edit of the NFL rule-book was something like 1974 or 1978. How about revisiting that and acknowledging the game has changed and the rules could be streamlined or enhanced. How about getting refs lined up with consistent crews and paid full time? You know, addressing the heart of the issues instead of knee-jerk duct tape and band-aids.
  3. Pass Intereference is now reviewable

    Train wreck. It's going to be totally awesome when they just start reviewing every single call and non call.
  4. 18 Game Regular Season Considered

    Pre season isn't worthless. Guys make careers who would otherwise get cut and backups become starters.
  5. ASJ to be released

    There were a couple posters drinking the kool-aid last year, predicting such things as a low TE1 as a floor and upwards to 75-100-15TDs as a ceiling. As a Jaguar. Under Blake Bortles.
  6. ASJ to be released

    Bummer if he's still struggling with his demons. I've always subscribed to the idea that he simply wasn't all that good. Even his 'career' year with New York showed some major lack of production for the amount of targets he was getting. I'll miss the annual preseason fantasy overhype on the guy.
  7. Tevin Coleman

    Was Coleman's disappointing performance last year on him or because Sarkisian was a horrible O coordinator? I lean more towards the latter. He could be great value in PPR if he becomes lead back. He had decent value under Shanahan on the wrong side of a RBBC.
  8. High Stakes Fantasy Leagues

    FFPC is great. Customer service is top notch. Me and a couple buddies have done live Vegas events every year over the past decade or so. We've been playing on house money for awhile, so like true degenerate gamblers we have slowly added more leagues over time. This year we will do 2 main event leagues around 2K each and a super bracket around 800. My friend also does a 'bare knuckle' league which is a 25ish (or maybe 30) round best ball league with no phones, notes, or cheat sheets. Most people in the main event draft online. All main event drafts, live and online, are ultimately commingled into the same competition.
  9. Leveon Bell Trade?

    The situation represents potential issues. Bell busting or being overdrafted are definite probabilities. RBs can still have considerable value without being in loaded offenses. Gase is known for checkdowns and using RBs in WR formations; which bodes well for Bell's pass catching ability. Kenyan Drake had 50+ catches last year; was in a pretty heavy timeshare and ended up being the #14 RB under Gase. Bell is probably a lot better than Drake and should get substantially more work than Drake did last year. I doubt Bell forgot how to run and catch in a one year period. Another well known site has 15 different writers who rank players; the lowest ranking out of all 15 writers in PPR redraft is RB10. Saying Bell will be RB 15ish range 'if lucky' as it stands today, just seems like throwing something against the wall and hoping it sticks. He should be a RB1 if the situation doesn't blow up.
  10. Leveon Bell Trade?

    RB 15 if lucky? In PPR leagues? Stay off the Josh Gordon kiddos. If he plays regularly his floor is top 10, maybe top 5; primarily due to lack of heavily used RBs and pass catchers throughout the league. Lol....weed = Josh Gordon.
  11. Post your rookie drafts

    Haskins number 2 overall?
  12. Seahawks release Doug Baldwin & Kam Chancellor

    Aren't you the big PFF guy?
  13. Doug Baldwin's career in jeopardy?

    This possibility has been in the know for several months locally; now getting national play. Apparently some the guys bidding on him in my dynasty leagues didn't know. It's a bummer because Seattle was a much inferior passing team last year when Baldwin simply wasn't on the field. If it's over, I'm bummed, he was the heart and soul of the team. He has had an awesome career for an UDFA. I wouldn't be surprised if he finds a career in politics.
  14. Frank Clark to KC

    Couldn't have the Chiefs just been better this year by keeping Dee Ford and keeping their first round pick?