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  1. Woods gets 4-year, $65 million extension

    Desperate attempts to change the argument and attack imaginary opinions don't bode well for you. No-one I'm aware of is claiming Woods is an elite all around WR. Woods is now getting paid like a top 10 WR, not an elite WR. It's similar to Kupp's extension.
  2. Woods gets 4-year, $65 million extension

    The argument is now that you can't get fair market value unless you are the best at a certain position on your team? And one isn't clearly better than the other anyways. Kupp and Woods are both good. Cooper Kupp 2017 through 2019 196 recs 2596 yards 13.2 YPC Robert Wood 2017 through 2019 232 recs 3134 yards 13.5 YPC
  3. Woods gets 4-year, $65 million extension

    I said he's elite at YAC as he led the league in that last year.
  4. NOS receivers?

    Trequan Smith, outside of Kamara, was the primary beneficiary of Thomas's absence last night. 5 catches on 7 targets for 86 yards. Efficiency was high, like it always has been. Still wonder why he is so under-targeted historically, maybe he plays best in Thomas's role. The bigger issue is that Brees is looking like he maybe should have retired last year. That was pretty uninspired play.
  5. Woods gets 4-year, $65 million extension

    Yea, if you're a top 10ish guy at WR and elite at YAC; you're gonna get a good contract.
  6. Week 2 Chat

    Lol. There were also some amazing throws and catches by both teams. That was a great high scoring game that came down to the last play and we're still going to critique the level of play.
  7. Woods gets 4-year, $65 million extension

    He had 1200+ yards in 18 and 1100 plus last year. That's an exclusive club.
  8. Russel Wilson

    On the season he is 51 for 63 for 610 yards and 9 TDs. 3 of those incompletions were "drops" which includes the pick 6 against New England. He has 9 TD passes to 12 incompletions. That is absolutely insane.
  9. Zero QB revisited

    I completely hear you. I'm in 2 big money FFPC leagues and in one league Wilson dropped to us at 8.1. In the other we have Stafford and Jones as a backup. In the latter league we almost took Matt Ryan at a point and passed. Minshew was a diamond in the rough because he makes plays and he needs to throw a ton to stay in games. Not sure if going on the perceived upside with Daniel Jones was a good idea.
  10. Week 2 Chat

    That Sunday night game certainly didn't feel like preseason.
  11. Zero QB revisited

    I was thinking that Mahomes and L Jackson's stat lines today were a testament to not drafting a QB early. As were the stat lines of guys like Josh Allen and Minshew.
  12. Week 2 Chat

    Yea. I was going to post that I must be watching different games as I think the quality of play is fine.
  13. Kittle out

    30% target share for 24 fantasy points. Might have been more if Garapollo didn't get hurt.
  14. Week 2 Milk Carton

    Drafted that guy in almost every league. On my bench last week and of course he was starting everywhere this week.