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  1. Good company indeed. And a probably a better career comparison than Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Young, Montana, Marino , and Favre.
  2. Tony Romo ends a long career tied with Matt Stafford and Matt Ryan in 4th quarter comebacks. One more than YA Tittle and Dave Krieg. That tells the story of Romo in the 4th quarter.
  3. Seattle has Prosise as a pass catching back. I don't see this happening.
  4. My prediction was spotted on for 3.5 quarters.
  5. *knew
  6. Pats could win, to state the obvious. I'm just not convinced they are nearly as good as they 'look.' Pats lost to Seattle in week 10 then won their last seven games against teams that were a combined 43-69 for the season, with Miami being the only playoff team during that span. In fact, the Pats had only six games against opponents that finished with a winning record and finished with the easiest strength-of-schedule in the league. With the number 1 seed, NE got Houston while in the NFC that landed you a red hot Packer team. I'm wary of New England's 2nd half season resume, it was a cake walk and they lost at home to the one NFC playoff team they played.
  7. The NFC is a tougher conference and Atlanta is the better team. This isn't Houston or a Steelers team who is having issues scoring TDs. 38-24.
  8. That was a great game. The more I see Dak the more he reminds me of Wilson, and this playoff loss was eerily similar to the way Hawks were eliminated in Wilson's rookie year. Foreshadowing for a Cowboy SB win next year?
  9. [Cowboyfan] I'd like to thank the refs for Seattle beating the Lions by 20 points [/Cowboyfan]
  10. Detroit gave a bunch of running yards to a team that hasn't been able to run it all season.
  11. 30 leagues and won the championship in 29. Pretty good year but usually I do better.
  12. Graham was on limited snap count last week because of Thursday night game and has been given time off all year on a weekly recovery schedule. Now he has had extra rest and they are looking to secure the #2 seed. I'm not sure I'd be benching him.
  13. I was just going to post the same thing.
  14. TEs Julius Thomas and Fleener were going off FFPC draft boards around TE5. They busted. Some of the guys in the OP are right on. Some fit more into 'guys I drafted that didn't play as good or consistently as I thought they would.'
  15. Worst all bust list evah!