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  1. 2019 Vegas Win Total Over/Under

    According to this Seattle has the 7th easiest schedule: 6 wins at home seems realistic. Less than 8 wins total would represent a step backwards from last year and likely an away record low for the Carrol/Wilson era.
  2. NFL owners vote to make PI reviewable

    Awesome. Another band-aid instead of addressing the issues. Next year they will add a rule to review holding after the refs blow that in a big game.
  3. Tevin Coleman signs with the 49ers

    Seemed like Coleman was more valuable with Shanahan in a RBBC then he was last year as the lead back under Sarkisian.
  4. Role Players That Will Breakout In 2019

    Ron Dayne
  5. Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    The arguably best WR in the game for a 3rd and 5th and you eat 20+ in cap space. They were desperate to get rid of him.
  6. Antonio Brown to the Bills

    Bell and Antonio Brown are driving the narrative of the franchise and management isn't managing. Dysfunctional.
  7. Antonio Brown to the Bills

    This whole organization seems completely dysfunctional between Bell holding out, Big Ben taking private matters to the media, and now AB. The players deserve blame, but management is letting them turn the franchise into a circus. This is precisely why you just sometimes cut bait instead of trying to squeeze value.
  8. Jason Witten is back

    He pulled a rabbit out of his head with that contract.