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  1. Deeper Sleepers

    Penny with broken finger:
  2. Interesting Mayfield observation

    The coach had basically had to tell the #1 overall pick that the veteran QB is working harder and setting a better leadership example. That has to be at least a bit of a red flag. I'm guessing most of the other successful starting QBs took that upon themselves without being called out by coaches.
  3. Your Homer Team Training Camp Chatter

    Chris Carson is getting a ton of praise and figures to be the opening day starting RB over Penny.
  4. Possible suspension for Jameis Winston

    The comment about happening 2 years ago is a bit odd. He seems like a pro who reached his potential as a pro QB early on and can't or won't let his mental ability supplement his physical talents.
  5. Fantasy Football for Beginners

    Most informative website evah! Tell all your friends.
  6. Giants release WR B Marshall

    He was also convinced that the Saints were going to trade for Dez Bryant's salary.
  7. Rashaad Penny

    That's a rare attribute for a RB. Most only look amazing when the ball is in someone else's hands.
  8. Rashaad Penny

    Your stats are bestest evah Chachi. Everyone knows Penny played in a weaker conference and questioning whether that translates well at the NFL level is completely legitimate. But that also wasn't what I was discussing. Mr T said Guice (but apparently meant Chubb) looked way better. I'm not even sure what that means. But saying a guy looked waaaaay better, with nearly half the production during the senior season, doesn't really meet the most generous subjective muster. Alas, it was an apples to oranges comparison anyways.
  9. Rashaad Penny

    . Guice: 237 1251 11 Penny: 289 2248 23 Guice looked "way" better?
  10. Rashaad Penny

    I see it the other way. Penny is a rookie and has to earn bellcow status. If he struggles in pass protection, he almost certainly won't be a 3 down back. I'm guessing the hope from the coaching staff is that Penny is in for 66% to 75% of the RB workload come halfway through the season.
  11. Dez Bryant

    Why is it taking so long for a no doubt tier 1 WR to get a contract?
  12. Rashaad Penny

    Sounds like you've certainly done some research that I haven't. Finding a way to get yards after initial contact, however, is an attribute that the Hawks admire. I also read that Penny had some pretty good games outside the Mountain West and forced 80 missed tackles in 2017 while gaining more than 1,200 yards after contact. Heck, I was surprised the Hawks didn't trade down again. But apparently they were willing to pick him at 1.18.
  13. Rashaad Penny

    According to this article, Penny was the best RB in the draft class for getting yards after contact when hit at or behind the line of scrimmage.
  14. Rashaad Penny

    He is poorly rated as a pass blocker and valued as a run blocker. This thread is about a running back.