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  1. Chris Carson is inactive

    I make magic happen!
  2. Chris Carson is inactive

    "Chris Carson is averaging 3.3 yards per rush after contact, second in the NFL."
  3. Playoff Strategy/Losing on purpose

    Statement definitely checks out.
  4. Chris Carson is inactive

    I would recommend against beating your chest. You loudly proclaimed to everyone that Rashard Penny would be the workhorse from Week 1. And then week 2...and week 3....and ... Penny went 0 carries for 0 yards in week 5 while other Seattle RBs gained a total of 184 yards. Give your chest a break today.
  5. Chris Carson is inactive

    Read more here:
  6. Chris Carson is inactive

    Too much to 'liek' comprehend.
  7. Chris Carson is inactive

    Oh my.
  8. Kamara owners

    Both Ingram and Kamara were valuable RBs last year. Ingram will be the power back, just like last year. Kamara will still be the better back to own in PPR. The end of Ingrams suspension had been coming.
  9. Chris Carson is inactive

    No sir. I'm trying to say you need a little less hyperbole, a little less exaggeration, take the foot off the gas when you've misread the situation. A little less posting and a little more listening will improve your success rate in this hobby you have chosen.
  10. Chris Carson is inactive

    Hawks are the #9 rushing offense in the NFL; fairly impressive when you consider they only ran it 36 total times in the first two weeks. And Russel Wilson hasn't been doing much of it (didn't run once yesterday). If Carson remains the primary back, he obviously represents every week starter consideration. His ceiling will be limited in PPR leagues if he stays around 1 to 2 receptions per game. But, 20.6 and 13.7 point back to back efforts is nothing to sneeze at. They are committed to running the ball and the run game over the last 2 games was night and day compared to the last couple seasons.
  11. Chris Carson is inactive

    My name is Bobby Brown and I'm here to help. Your insistence on being habitually wrong about fantasy football things on a fantasy football message board; is what makes you stubbornly bad at fantasy football. If you decide to listen to the people on this board who are good at fantasy football; then you can become better.
  12. Seferian-Jenkins signs with the Jaguars

    Niles Paul is getting his shot.
  13. Chris Carson is inactive

    It's week 5 now. Your predictions about the Seattle RB situation have been completely off base since the early off-season. If you keep predicting the same thing despite evidence to the contrary; you may still be right at one point during this season. Worst case scenario, we can all admire your steadfast commitment to being bad at fantasy football.
  14. Chris Carson is inactive

    19 rushes for 116 yards against the stout Rams defensive front today. It's only a matter of time until Penny takes over. Who had.....checks stats.......0 rushes for 0 yards.
  15. Packers expected to sign Jimmy Graham

    Graham was heavily targeted today with all the recent injuries to the WRs and had a decent showing. 6 for 76 is good, but you have to wonder if his target share will ever get better than it was today. He looks like he will exceed his yardage total and maybe his reception total from last year; but his 10 TD total from 2017 seems like a long shot. I haven't watched the Packers play, but I'm wondering if he is struggling to "connect" with Rodgers in the same way he did with Wilson. Graham dropped quite a few passes in Seattle and I think his unwillingness to mix it up as a physical route runner generates a lack of confidence from his QBs.