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  1. Washington ????????

  2. Washington ????????

    It's a shame those uppity players don't understand their place and just provide you entertainment. If a kneel during the anthem gets folks all butthurt, I don't understand why people don't just tune out until kickoff. The games are 3 hours long. I don't really remember social issues mentioned during the game and it certainly isn't a 'focal point.'
  3. Washington ????????

    The Washington Toppled Statues!
  4. Deebo Samuels broken foot

    Someone believes what Twitchy tells them.
  5. Drew Brees

    This are some really solid thoughts.
  6. Drew Brees

    Brees didn't have to wait very long to make the dumbest statement on race in a 24 hour cycle. Our president spoke this morning.
  7. Drew Brees

    He is predictable.
  8. Drew Brees

  9. I need a lawyer's advice..

  10. DeAndre Hopkins says he's the NFL's best wide receiver

    Godwin may be a stud for years to come, but it's not like he was in a bad situation last year. Winston was tied for 1st in pass attempts. TB had a below average D and running game. TB seemed to be in constant catch-up mode. This is a desirable scenario for putting up stats. Better QB's do not necessarily mean better stats. Marquise lee and Allen Hurns were fantasy relevant (not at Godwin's level last year) under Bortles for a season or two.
  11. DeAndre Hopkins says he's the NFL's best wide receiver

    If anyone can overcome the first year adjustment period with a new QB, he's probably one of the few (although I thought the same thing about OBJ, who basically had career lows last year). But, I probably pass as early picks are a good time to minimize risk.
  12. Ryan Leaf arrested on domestic battery charge

  13. Bills brutal schedule should concern you

    Josh Allen was the number 1 scoring fantasy QB the last 6ish weeks of the 2018 and a top 10 QB last year. He's a poor man's Lamar Jackson and example 48,879 why you never draft a QB early (Lamar Jackson himself last year was example 48,878).
  14. Chris Thompson signs with Jaguars

    Could be a sneaky PPR RB if he can stay healthy.
  15. I am thinking tonight's draft may be . . .

    Is Aaron Rodgers so unpleasant that everyone around him wants to do business with someone else? I know that sounds ridiculous bur how do you go from playing into the NFC championship game to pulling off a draft like that?