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  1. David Johnson Thread

    Trading for Marcus Gilbert was not a head scratcher. You stated they did nothing, in caps even, to upgrade the line. Acquiring two new O line starters, new offensive coaches, and a new scheme is substantial. It is similar to what Seattle did last year and their line play improved significantly. Maybe the Cardinals run blocking will still suck, but they've certainly done a lot more than nothing in the offseason.
  2. $25 discount promo code for FFPC leagues

    Doh. I just signed up for a 35$ bestball
  3. David Johnson Thread
  4. David Johnson Thread

    He had 2 full seasons as a starter, with the injury season in between. 2016 was 4.2 YPC, 80 recs, 2000+ total yards and 20 total TDs. That was a monster season 2018 was 3.6 YPC, almost 1400 total yards, and 10 TDs. That was an incredibly inefficient season. 2016 and 2017 are our only 2 season long metrics we have. I don't think it can be overstated how bad and unimaginative that Arizona's play calling was last year. Maybe the worst offense of the decade, as supported by statistics. DJ was primarily used as a run up the middle battering ram against 8 man fronts. It was shades of 1970s and early 1980s NFL and it didn't work. Through it all, DJ was still a top 10 fantasy RB. This year's scheme in Arizona is supposed to be a 180 of last years. The floor is likely low end RB1. If the offense is adequate, DJ will likely be a top 5 RB. If the offense exceeds "adequacy;" think Todd Gurley the year before Sean Mcvay and the 1st year under McVay; DJ being the #1 RB in FF is possible. I think DJ probably has a higher ceiling than any other RB other than Barkley. And his floor isn't so bad either. But, that low end RB1 floor is very real.
  5. Nick Chubb thread

    Confusing NY TEs. Doh. But yea, some RBs have flourished in a role where there aren't a lot of other weapons. As long as the Jets aren't horrendous, the limited weapon scenario could be another benefit for Bell.
  6. Nick Chubb thread

    A lot of people think Sam Darnold will break out. I would argue thatcEvan Engram is a weapon. Having a bad defense should benefit Bell in PPR. If they are behind his value increases as a pass catcher. Also, taking a year off being a negative is pure speculation. That could be a benefit. I agree there is risk and he's not a target of mine. But he's consistently being drafted as RB6 in the first round of high stakes FFPC leagues.
  7. david johnson when picking 5th in ppr....

    I was intially taking this mindset on David Johnson. But now my tune is changing. His floor last year was low RB1. But, upon more research, i didn't realize how historically bad that offense was and while he was used heavily; he was utilized incredibly inefficiently; even with 50 catches. Kingsman is coming in with a QB he wanted, and an offense the QB ran in college hat heavily utilizes the RB position in space and the passing game. The 'coach talk' is all about getting Johnson heavily involved in space. I think one beat writer said something to the effect of Johnson getting 100 catches. That is almost certainty hyperbole, but it's favorable for preseaon wishing. I get the reservations on Johnson. He was RB9ish last year; but the ppg was considerably lower than the top tier. The output was inefficient and you still need to count a rookie scheme and a rookie QB making him a focal point. Methinks DJs floor is somewhat high. But, if you nab him in a draft, you are likely betting on a substantial ppg improvement from last year. Our high stakes conglomerate has 1.4 in two leagues. I'm hoping that Elliot is back or someone in the top 3 makes a surprise pick.
  8. Nick Chubb thread

    Another negative is that he has no history of being heavily utilized in the passing game. Saw him go 1.5 in a recent ppr draft, which I think is crazy. He would need like 1500 yards from scrimmage, 12 TDs and 25 catches to make top 5. In PPR, I would consider him after the top tier guys plus Bell, Gordon (if he reports), and Mixon.
  9. Best pick for Draft position

    Desired draft position is largely dependent on your league rules, roster requirements, etc. I prefer to get a top tier RB, a top tier TE (especially for FFPC TE scoring; 1.5 PPR at TE position) and hit a bunch of WRs in subsequent rounds. So, I'd love to have a top 3 or 4 pick.
  10. QB TDs Worth 6 pts

    Yes. This.
  11. Duke Johnson traded to Texans

    Not sure I see this as a massive boost for Chubb. Maybe a bit more value in receiving work early on; but not rushing. Dontrell Hilliard is a skilled receiver and will likely step into Duke's limited role as a change of pace/3rd down back. It's a boost for Hilliard and Hunt. The path is now clear for Hunt to tandem with Chubb when he returns from suspension. The potential still exists for a considerable timeshare halfway through the season and into the fantasy playoffs. If people are investing a first round pick on Chubb in PPR leagues; he won't be on any of my teams.
  12. Tyreek Hill again...

    Not a bad trade, but late vs early in those rounds is typically world of difference in rookie drafts.
  13. Worst NFL idea ever

    Chuckle, I hear you. But, I meant tickets, airfare, hotel, a city you want to see. People do it all the time, and not to see backups.
  14. Worst NFL idea ever

    Imagine spending thousands on a ticket and travelling to see someone like Drew Brees,/Tom Brady/Aaron Rodgers play; then it ends up being the game where he/they sit.
  15. Chris Herndon, NYJ TE

    MFL, in "recent drafts" has Herndon as the #19 TE drafted; with an ADP in the 12th round for 12 team drafts. Looks like he is getting picked up in about 80% of drafts.