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  1. Thomas rawls benched?

    Rawls has had numerous runs, when the O line is able to block, where he has ran right into the defense. They were ready to phase him out a couple weeks ago and then Fat Lacy got hurt.

    I know it's easy to chime in after the fact; but that may be one of the dumbest coaching decisions evah!
  3. Am I out of line?

    Good info here.
  4. Am I out of line?

    Whoa's like Deja Vu all over again! Someone should start a thread on how Grabby has an aversion to comprehending blatant statements about league fees. Multiple threads even.
  5. richard sherman tore his achillles?!

    Meh. Thursday night games have generally been a poor entertainment product for fans and a lot of FF players would rather they go away; beyond the opening and Thanksgiving week. The lack of recovery time is pretty evident by how terrible the games usually are. Seven guys left the game last night and 3 of those may be out for the year. And if the NFL is really serious about player safety they would eliminate it; or at the very least only do it with teams coming off a bye week. But the NFL isn't really about safety beyond trying to make up for it by throwing a kajillion flags like last night. The players don't like it; a lot of fans don't like it. The NFL owners are making more money to the detriment of the other two groups.
  6. richard sherman tore his achillles?!
  7. richard sherman tore his achillles?!

    Just because it was an issue all year doesn't mean that lack of recovery time from Sunday to Thursday didn't contribute to it.
  8. Pains me to say it ...

    Huh. I find his tendency to predict plays more than a tad annoying. He also seems to yell things like he's watching the game as a fan. I like commentators that let the action breathe on its own.
  9. Imagine you drafted this team

    Yes, not necessarily avoiding. Ryan, Murray, Hilton, and Pryor are 3 guys I had as being overvalued at their ADPs. Of course I didn't think Ryan would be struggling at the level he is.
  10. KC/OAK Game Thread

    That seemed like more than the happens all the time little push off; it seemed pretty blatant to my eyes; where it had to be called. Awesome game!
  11. Chiming in a thread without paying attention to what was previously posted is a bigger sin that making a new redundant thread. Pull it together Grabby!
  12. I didn't think it was necessary to point out that casual fantasy players don't typically play in "High Roller" leagues. Thanks Grabby!
  13. Why in the world would one pay substantial stakes in a league where getting up at 2 AM gives one an advantage on waivers? Blind bidding yo.
  14. The Cowboys are a poorly coached gaffe machine

    This thread is the gift that keeps on giving.
  15. Will Mitch Trubisky start soon? Stay tuned.

    Sure. But Glennon has had a fairly substantial amount of work as a starting QB. It seems to make sense to see what your future might be. It's not knee jerk and the starting gate for Glennon was some time ago.