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  1. NFL Schedule

    The Vikes will probably find a way to contribute to that number somehow.
  2. Dez Bryant

    I think Romo was better than average, and Dez was in his prime during the 2012-2014 stretch in which he averaged roughly 90 catches, 1300+ yards, and 14 scores. I don't think Dez is necessarily washed up or old (he's only 29), but I think there are a number of reasons why the chances of him becoming a #1 WR (in terms of FF) again are slim. First and foremost, there are a number of places he could go where he wouldn't even be the best WR on the team. Being #2 on any team in the NFL means he's coming nowhere close to the numbers I referenced above. The exceptions to that might be NE and GB, and I'm sure there are reasons that I haven't even thought of that make both of those scenarios unlikely. He's not putting up those numbers next to OBJ in NY (see Brandon Marshall). He's certainly not putting up those numbers in NOS with Michael Thomas (not to mention NOS focusing more on run than pass the past couple of years), or with Julio in ATL. And, he's not putting up those numbers in places like PIT, MIN, CAR, SEA, etc. Those are just the first few good teams that crossed my mind. I haven't even started with the (longer) list of bad teams that he wouldn't begin to sniff those numbers with, for a variety of reasons. A change of scenery isn't going to help Dez if the team isn't a contender, and the list of contenders that could really use him at this point is a fairly short list. I guess it depends on our definitions of relevant. Do I think Dez could go somewhere and put up 60 catches for 800 yards and 6 TD's? Assuming he stays healthy and develops at least a moderate level of chemistry with the team/coach/QB, sure. But, if I had to put a number on it, not knowing where he will end up, I would say the chances of him reaching 1000 yards and 8 TD's is around 5 percent.
  3. NFL Schedule

    MIN schedule looks tough. Arguably their four toughest non-divisional opponents are on the road (NE, PHI, LAR, and SEA). They do get NOS at home, but other than that, I’m not sure they could have made it any more difficult, in terms of who they play at home versus on the road.
  4. Dez Bryant

    Right, because if he pairs up with Rodgers or Brady, he'll be "elite" again, right? Those guys make everybody they throw to look better than they really are. Anywhere else, and he's still going to be Dez, which is a guy who shrivels in the face of adversity. Whether it be a lack of chemistry with his QB, facing a top-tier CB, or whatever the case may be, Dez doesn't handle it well. So, yeah, we MIGHT see a resurgence from Dez if he signs in the right place, but I would say the odds of him becoming a "Tier 1" WR again are pretty minimal. He's four years removed from any semblance of a great season, and only half of that can be blamed on Dak.
  5. Dion Lewis or Derrick Henry?

    Well, clearly, I did not recall correctly. I guess it was 2015 I was thinking of (not five years ago). Man, it seems like Lewis has been in NE longer than that.
  6. Dion Lewis or Derrick Henry?

    I don't think anybody is saying that this is going to be Lewis' breakout season. That was about five years ago, if I recall correctly. He is what he is... A serviceable RB who excels in the passing game. I'd be surprised if he ever averages more than 7-10 carries per game (and that might be generous), but it's the 4-6 receptions per game that he's capable of that make him attractive. My guess.... They split time, Lewis is the more consistent of the two, and Henry has a couple of big games to make the end results look pretty even.
  7. Dez Bryant cut

    Dez is four years removed from his last "elite" season. The only way he becomes a "tier 1" guy again is if he's paired with somebody like Rodgers or Brady (guys who make average WR's look like stars, at least in terms of fantasy production). Put Dez with an average to slightly-above-average QB (like Romo was), and Dez will continue to be Dez. A guy with above average talent who has started to decline physically (even if it's ever so slightly). More importantly, Dez has historically shown that he may or may not give 100% when there is adversity (for example, facing top-tier CB's). That fact alone makes him no longer a tier 1 guy, in my opinion. He's better suited, at this point in his career, as a compliment to somebody else. So, yeah, outside of GB and NE, I think signing him in hopes of him becoming your team's #1 WR might be a mistake. Too much of a distraction for what he's worth.
  8. Brandin Cooks traded to the Rams

    And the combine and college awards mean nothing, in terms of who is the better NFL WR.
  9. Brandin Cooks traded to the Rams

    I guess eye test? Beckham does things that literally nobody else does. I’m not a Cooks hater, or anything close. I just think his QB’s have made him what he is, to some extent. In other words, I think they even made him appear to be a WR1 (NFL, not FF), when the reality is that he’s a better than average WR2. The Pats figured that out, and decided to move him before everybody else does. Cooks doesn’t stand out as being spectacular to me in any way. OBJ makes plays almost every week that nobody else makes. Granted, OBJ is a time bomb waiting to explode (possibly). But, if he keeps his head on straight, he’s a HOF WR without question.
  10. Brandin Cooks traded to the Rams

    Let’s be real.... If we are talking talent alone, OBJ is probably a top-3 WR, while Cooks isn’t sniffing the top 15. Stop with the nonsense that they’re anywhere close in talent. I like Cooks, but let’s face it..... He’s “just a guy” if not for him having Brees/Brady throwing to him for his entire NFL career. If the Pats didn’t feel comfortable with the idea that he’s easily replaceable, they wouldn’t have traded him. I’m guessing they feel that they easily got the better end of this deal, and they’re probably going to be right.
  11. Who is the number 1 fantasy tight end in redraft?

    If I'm sitting in a draft spot where I am required to take a TE with the pick (and all are available), I'm taking Gronk. That said, as a former Gronk owner, drafting him always feels like a boom or bust decision. Because of where you have to draft him, it's been difficult to recover on the years when he's been hurt. Not impossible, but you have to have a few other things go your way to make up for what is essentially throwing away a pick in the first couple of rounds. On the flip side, on the years when he's been good, the opposite happens. His production makes up for lack of production elsewhere OR bumps your team into an almost guaranteed playoff status. For me, it's always been about how risky I think I need to be. If I'm sitting in a draft spot where I'm not exactly thrilled about my options, maybe I grab Gronk and hope for the best, knowing that whatever direction I go, there is going to be risk. On the other hand, if I love my situation in terms of other players/positions, I'd probably pass on him and wait for the right TE to fall to where the value is too much to pass on. But, again, if they're all on the table, and I'm forced to pick one, I'd be very hard-pressed to find a solid reason not to take Gronk, with Kelce and Ertz not far behind. Value-wise, though, I'd rather have one of the others in Rounds 3-4 than spend a 2nd round pick on Gronk.
  12. Trouble for Eagles' Michael Bennett

    Shocking. It's going to be pretty difficult to put an "I'm the victim" spin on this one.
  13. Suh hasn't left LA yet...

    Simple explanation.... Taz was blacked out for a few years, during which time he was a die-hard Chargers fan, making no mention of the Rams.
  14. Bump. Still have an opening here. Great league. This is our only opening this year. Tom Brady / Eli Manning Mark Ingram / Gio Bernard / Jamaal Williams / Devontae Booker Michael Thomas / Dez Bryant / Brandin Cooks / Robert Woods / Tyler Lockett Eifert / Walker Defense includes Kuechly, Quinn (DE), Williamson, etc.
  15. 2018 March Madness Tourney...

    Invite please.