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  1. I am tired of the moaning

    I think we found the root of the problem. A prerequisite of being a referee is that you can't be a football fan.
  2. Bump.... Still have a couple of spots left for this 4-team dispersal draft....
  3. I am tired of the moaning

  4. Great league, great format. The two open teams both have a lot to work with. Team 1 finished in 2nd place this year. Team 2 has Gurley and several other solid pieces to build around. Both can be competitive immediately and/or built for a strong future. Please post here or send me a PM if interested. 2018 League Page Rosters Upcoming Draft Picks Accounting Balances
  5. This is a 16-team league, with four open spots. We will in all likelihood do a dispersal draft for the four new owners. Cost is $50 annually. Here is a link to the MFL page (open teams are indicated as such, but again, we will be dispersing of the open rosters in a four-team draft between the new owners). The draft picks will also be incorporated into said dispersal draft ..... 2018 League Page Rosters Future Draft Picks Please post here or send me a PM if interested in joining this great league.
  6. DW2 has 1 opening

    This is a great league, with very little turnover annually. No drama, and a very solid/competitive group of owners across the board. The open team is in a perfect position to build a great core, with a full complement of picks (including the #1 overall), as well as an additional pick in each of the first two rounds. Post here, or PM me (or Millworkguy) if you are interested or have questions.
  7. NFC Championship Thread

    Meh. If you put yourself in a position where one bad call can cost you the game, you have nobody to blame but yourself. That was a terrible call. But there are terrible calls in EVERY NFL game. Sure, this one stands out more because it was towards the end of the game. But, the bottom line is there were several other reasons the Saints lost this game. They couldn’t stop Goff when it mattered. Payton sucked in both play-calling and clock management down the stretch. And Brees simply wasn’t very good. Any one of those things doesn’t happen, and the PI call (or lack thereof) not only is a moot point, it probably never even happens.
  8. Playoff Fantasy Football Contest

    81 paid participants, pending a couple of checks in the mail. Surpassed the previous high number of players, and beat last year's total by 10.
  9. Playoff Fantasy Football Contest

    One point of clarification.... In my opening post, I originally indicated that this contest does not include kickers (in the weekly lineups). That was INCORRECT. Lineups include a QB, 2RB, 3WR, a TE, and a kicker (just no defense). Hopefully, that original miscommunication didn't throw anybody off. I have edited the original post. But, most importantly, the correct rules/lineup requirements are indicated on MFL (and that has never changed).
  10. Playoff Fantasy Football Contest

    Last chance to sign up.... Looks like we'll be back to around the 70-person participation count once again. Send me a PM or post here if you want a spot.
  11. Playoff Fantasy Football Contest

    You’re both marked as paid. Less than 72 hours til kickoff!!!
  12. Playoff Fantasy Football Contest

    Nope. You can take any number of players from any team. The key is that you can only use each player once throughout the four week playoff. So, I could take all Texans this weekend. But, I wouldn't be able to use any of those players again. Pick the wrong players (or if the wrong teams win), and you could be left without a starting QB (or TE, etc.) by the Super Bowl. Let me know if that doesn't make sense.
  13. Playoff Fantasy Football Contest

    Replied. Invite on its way.
  14. Playoff Fantasy Football Contest

    You are. There is a "PAID" list on the leagues message board on MFL. You've been in before, correct? Do you have this year's invite or do you need it again?