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  1. Preparing for a butt-whipping?

    Yep. In FDSB, I'm up against Slick this week. He set the league scoring record this year (by a lot) with the likes of Mahomes, McCaffrey, and Kamara. Meanwhile, I'm starting a couple of RB's that I hadn't even heard of a month ago (Gus Edwards and Jeff Wilson!?!?). I know anything can happen, I suppose, but I fully expect to be playing for 3rd next week.
  2. MNF - Vikings vs Seahawks

    Hindsight is 20/20. It's easy to say that Cousins was a bad signing, but the bottom line is that the Vikings weren't winning a SB with Case Keenum. And, when pretty much all of the other pieces are in place to do so, you can't really put a price tag on upgrading the most important position on the field. The quarterback. Cousins has been Pro Bowl caliber at times, and shaky at other times. People seem to be quick to forget how the first half of this season unfolded for the Vikes. Cousins repeatedly put the Vikings in a position to win games... and they either did (win), should have won (but the defense let them down), or they tied/lost because the kicker(s) couldn't make a stinking chip shot FG. Even the Buffalo game (which, let's face it, is the one game that was really costly and outright embarrassing) I blame mostly on the defense. Buffalo has a decent defense, and it was not a surprise that their pass rush bothered Cousins all game. But, that is a game in which the defense needed to step up and win a defensive battle for them, and they simply couldn't stop what has otherwise been an anemic Buffalo offense. They made a rookie QB, who has mostly looked mediocre to poor the rest of the season, look like Steve Young. All of that said, I don't think you can blame one piece for the position the Vikings are in. The defense sucked the first half of the year. Plain and simple. The last half, the offense has struggled, due to play-calling, lack of a consistent running game, inability to pick up what should be easy first downs (3rd and 1, 4th and 1, etc.), among other things. Meanwhile, all season, Zimmer just sort of shrugs his shoulders in post-game press conferences and says that they should be doing better. At some point, the lack of doing better needs to fall on the shoulders of the head coach. And part of me can't help but wonder if he's not just one of those guys who is a really good coordinator, but not such a great head coach. Ultimately, I remember thinking months ago that the Vikings would have little room for error this season, due to their schedule. With most of their tough non-divisional games being on the road (NE, PHI, SEA, LAR), I felt that the league certainly didn't do them any favors. It put them in a position where they needed to take care of business in games they should win... home games against Buffalo and even the Saints were games they needed in order to win the division. They didn't do that, and now they're looking at a wild card berth at best. I expect that they'll probably beat MIA and DET, and then lose twice to CHI. Shore up the offensive line in the off-season, and give Zimmer and company one more year. Whether or not the OC is a part of that plan, I'm not sure. But, I do think an improved O-Line would make his play-calling look better, for sure.
  3. And down go the Patriots

    Good point.
  4. And down go the Patriots

    Game/clock management was just poor all-around for the Patriots yesterday. They missed a chance at a FG to end the first half by taking a sack with no timeouts (while inside the 10 yard line). Then, they had a chance to essentially seal the game, and make it a two-score game, right before the miracle happened. Instead, they ran it three times and kicked a FG. I get the thinking (they wanted to use up as much clock as possible), but punching it in there would have made everything else a moot point. And those three points to end the half might have helped as well. I put most of that on BB, although the last play was certainly a ST blunder as well.
  5. And down go the Patriots

    It's both. Bad angle, and he's simply not somebody that's going to chase down anybody with halfway decent speed. Gronk may have decent straight-line speed (or at least he maybe once did?), but he's not exactly quick. IIf there is one word that describes his running style, it's "lumbering." The Pats pretty much assumed a hail mary was on tap, and that assumption burned them.
  6. And down go the Patriots

    That was crazy. Why in god's name would you have Gronk playing defense on that? I guess the thought process is to defend the hail mary. But he's SLOWWWW. Watching him try to make that tackle was like watching a freight train chase a ferrari.
  7. Week 14 Milk Carton - Playoff Edition

    Thank you. I needed that. Badly.
  8. Week 14 Milk Carton - Playoff Edition

    Oh, and how could I forget.... Tre'Quan Smith You would think I would have learned after taking a goose egg in about six leagues from that guy last week (or was it the week before?... They all run together after a while). But, yeah, I got suckered into putting him back into one lineup this week. Granted, my WR's are brutal, but I should have known. What's that saying... Fool me once....
  9. Week 14 Milk Carton - Playoff Edition

    Jones and Ebron have come to life. Kamara showing a slight pulse in PPR. Would really be nice if James White could do the same. Kicking myself for leaving Peterson in one lineup this morning. Had him in, switched to Cohen, but must not have clicked submit. Ugh. Just hoping that it doesn't come down to that being the difference.
  10. Week 14 Milk Carton - Playoff Edition

    I'm not usually one to post the same thing in multiple places, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Starting most of these guys in multiple leagues today (and they're all currently at two points or less)..... Kamara x 3 Peterson x 2 Aaron Jones x 3 James White Funchess Zay Jones x 2 Ebron x 2 I've got a bunch of Brate and Kelce to offset some of the above, but come on guys.
  11. Who do you need today

    Starting most of these guys in multiple leagues today (and they're all currently at two points or less)..... Kamara x 3 Peterson x 2 Aaron Jones x 3 James White Funchess Zay Jones x 2 Ebron x 2 I've got a bunch of Brate and Kelce to offset some of the above, but come on guys.
  12. Alex Smith out for the season

    Redskins concerned Smith's injury could be career threatening Brutal. I wish him the best. Always seemed like a genuinely good guy.
  13. I came to the conclusion years ago that FF is, in large part, simply a war of attrition. Particularly at the RB position.
  14. Chiefs-Rams Game Thread

    In general terms, I agree with you. But, I'm just not willing to believe it until I see it. I'm not a NE fan, nor am I a NE hater. I respect the hell out of teams that are true dynasties because, in this day and age, they are becoming fewer and far between in sports as a whole. I would need more than one hand to count the number of times people have said that NE was done. And, yeah, if we say that NE is over the hill long enough, sooner or later it will become true. Because, let's face it, nobody can defeat father time. As for weapons on offense, I personally think they have more weapons right now than they've had in some of their most successful seasons. And I'm not even counting on Gronk being a part of that equation. If Sony Michel gets healthy, that's huge for them. Burkhead is back (I think). At WR, they're solid. They've gone from Hogan being one of Brady's go-to guys, to him being mostly a non-factor because of the depth at the position. I do wonder if the defense has enough fire power, but again, it's been said (many times) before. I'm not willing to make that mistake (count them out because of their defense) again.
  15. Chiefs-Rams Game Thread

    I agree. But, I think a lot of us (myself included) have been wrong about them before. In other words, there have been times where they've felt "off" before, and turned it around. The list of things wrong with NE in past seasons is long.... Slow starts, Brady not having enough weapons, no defense, etc. So, bottom line, I'll believe that they're no longer a contender when I see it, and as of right now, I'm not willing to completely count them out. As long as they're still playing, they have as good of a shot as anybody, IMO. That said, if NE has to travel to KC in the post-season, I would lean towards picking the Chiefs in that game, assuming both teams have all/most of their key pieces in play. I say "lean" because I don't think it would be a no-brainer. I'd give them the slight nod at home. On the other hand, if Brady were to lead his team to victory on the road in that type of atmosphere, at the age of 41, I think it would go down as one of the great non-SB accomplishments of his career. I'm getting ahead of myself a little bit. Still a lot of football to be played in the next six weeks plus.