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  1. Mock draft, anyone?

    Just saw this. I'm in for whatever.
  2. The right way to do Social Distancing

    My understanding is that is now happening here. One in, one out. I was there last week (Thurs and Fri) and it was like nothing I've ever seen. Black Friday times ten.
  3. Bump... Three spots filled. Need one more, then we will set up the 4-team draft of open players/picks/cash. Let me know if you want in on a great league!
  4. Four open teams (all notated with an * on the rosters page). We will conduct a dispersal draft between the four new owners, which will involve players, rookie draft picks, and cash. Cost is $50 per team. Between the four teams, there are five first round picks (including 1.02 and 1.03), as well as several picks in each of the additional rounds (8 round draft total). Send me a PM or post here if interested. DW2 Rosters
  5. Playoff Expansion

    This. Trying to watch four games in two days is hard enough these days.
  6. Playoff Expansion

    I went back a little further (through 2003), just to see if I could find a team with a losing record who would have made it. I did not. From 2003-2009, there were another three instances of 8-8. Everybody else was 9-7, 10-6, or in one case, 11-5 (2008 Patriots). Altogether, 17 years, 34 teams, eight of which were 8-8. Everybody else had a winning record, ranging between 8-7-1 and 11-5 (with by far the most common record being 9-7). Conclusion? There will be a few exceptions, but in most cases, the change will add another team to the mix that is SLIGHTLY better than average, while taking the bye away from the 2nd best team in each conference. Meh... I don't think the former is worth it, at the expense of the latter. In other words, which adds more meaningful drama to the NFL regular season and playoffs? Playing games in Weeks 16/17 (or 18?) that decide who gets the #2 seed and a bye (which significantly increases their chances of making the SB)? Or playing those same games in Weeks 16/17 to see who gets in with the 7-seed at 9-7 (and has almost zero chance of making the SB)? You can argue one way or the other, but in the overall scheme of winning a title, one is much more impactful. More isn't always better, and in this case, adding more teams looks a lot more like the NBA, where the latter half of the regular season and first round of the playoffs are a snooze-fest, than March Madness, where parity runs rampant and anybody can seemingly make a run. All of that said, would this change ruin the NFL playoffs? I doubt it. I'm a traditionalist, and don't see the benefit in adding teams. But, the first couple of weeks of the NFL playoffs are (and will likely remain as) some of my favorite sports weekends of the year. I'm a college hoops nut, and they're better than March Madness. I'm a golf nut, and they're better than any major. I just think four games during wild card weekend is plenty. Six feels like watering it down.
  7. Playoff Expansion

    I'm against adding another team from each conference, but the part in bold is not likely to happen.. This rule change, in all likelihood, is not going to increase the chances that a team gets in with a losing record. In other words, the two times that happened in the past, it was a division winner. There are always (or at least usually) teams left out of the playoffs with winning records (non-division winners), or at least .500 records, and those are the teams affected by this potential change. A team at 6-10 is very unlikely to get in, under the current format OR the proposed one. It's not mathetmatically impossible, but pretty close. Going back the last ten years, here is a breakdown of the record of the teams who WOULD have been affected by this rule.... 10-6 - 5 times 9-6-1 - 1 time 9-7 - 8 times 8-7-1 - 1 time 8-8 - 5 times So, basically, 50% of the time, the teams impacted have between 8.5 and 9.5 wins, with 9-7 being the most likely scenario. And, 8-8 is the worst record affected. Nobody, in 10 years, would have gotten in with less than 8-8. Furthermore, of the 20 teams impacted, only FIVE had a better record than one of the other playoff teams to have gotten in.... Four of the 10-6 teams, plus TEN at 9-7 in 2011 (DEN won the West at 8-8 that year). I guess my thing is this. Does it really help the teams that got screwed because they were simply in a better division than other teams (who won their division with a lesser record)? Well, it did five times. Out of 20 possibilities, that's only 25%. There is a much greater chance that the teams being added are going to be winners of 8-9 games, and probably not as strong as the teams already in the playoffs. And, some of those 8-win scenarios were between 3-4 teams. Does that really add a lot of value to the NFL playoffs? A team who has to win a tie-breaker between 2-3 other teams, all of which were mediocre (.500 or MAYBE slightly above)? Again, it's all about $$, so if it's in the best interest of the owners, they're probably going to figure out a way to make it happen. I just don't think it's very likely that this will add excitement to the playoffs. Sure, a team like TEN is going to come along every once in a while, and make a run for a couple of games. But, what happened this year was rare. Like once in a decade rare. If anything, the change just solidifies the #1 seed's chances of making the SB that much more, as they are now the sole holder of a bye week.
  8. Playoff Expansion

    Hate it. The con's really outweigh the pro's, particularly with the adding of extra playoff teams. One step closer to becoming the NBA, where the regular season is in large part irrelevant, and the first round of playoffs are mostly a formality. The NFL already has teams with losing records making the playoffs. If not losing records, there are teams that really don't feel like they can do much damage in the post-season. Adding more of those average to slightly-above-average teams to the mix doesn't do anything for me. But, let's be real... If there is more $$ to be made by the owners, it will likely happen. If not for that, I'm not sure why you try to fix something that is far from broken. But, money trumps common sense, what the fans want, and certainly the interests of those who play fantasy football. For the common fan, players resting isn't a problem, and the more teams in the playoffs, the merrier.
  9. Jaguars to London?

    This. I'd say it's 50/50 at best that we see a full-time London team in the next 20 years.
  10. What defines a dynasty

  11. 1st in SPIT. 2nd in Irish's. 4th in mine. Usually I'm pretty happy to be in contention in ONE of the three. Not sure how the stars aligned this year in all three, but I'll take it. Like DMD alluded to in the SPIT thread, picking certain guys (Lamar Jackson, Mostert, etc.) on the right weeks certainly made a big difference. On top of all of that, I think I finished top-ten in the Smackbowl. No idea how that happened, as I thought I took mostly Chiefs and Saints.
  12. Fastest payout in history! Thanks, Scott!
  13. All-Decade Teams

    I’ve probably told this story before, but the earliest I recall playing FF was 8th grade. I’m 44 how, so that was basically 30 years ago. No internet. Not really much for sports radio. My parents didn’t even have cable, so no ESPN. My #1 objective in life on Mondays was to get a copy of the sports page that had all of the box scores. Either the USA Today or Mpls Star Tribune. Sometimes I’d ask my dad to stop, on the way to school, so I could grab one from a gas station. Other times, I would walk to the nearest paper stand/dispenser. Worst case, I’d go to the school library and either take it with me, or browse the scores/stats, all the while taking meticulous notes. Sometimes, both sports pages would already be gone.... in that case, I knew that one of my buddies had already gotten their hands on them, as there were probably only a handful of us, in the entire school of roughly 1000 students, who had any interest in stealing the sports page from the library. 😂 Then, on Tuesdays, I’d grab the paper again, to get the MNF box score. Sometimes, if the game ended too late, there would just be a recap, and the stats would be in Wednesday’s paper. Pickups (waivers) were due by like 10 PM on Wednesdays, I think. By phone. No texting, no cell phones, etc. We had two land line phones in the house.... One in my parents room, and the other in the kitchen. I remember waiting for the opportune moment where nobody was around, then quickly calling my buddy to tell him I was picking up the likes of Sammie Smith for Johnny Hector, and hanging up before anybody in the house had the chance to ask me what I was doing. Needless to say, waivers moves were minimal, given that there really wasn’t much for news. No Rotoworld, no daily updates, etc. Heck, if somebody was a last-minute DNP for some reason, there was a good chance we wouldn’t even know it until Monday or later. Sounds terrible, but those were the days. Simple. No drama about the commish overruling a trade, bad trades, etc. There were trades, certainly. And some were probably terribly lopsided. But we didn’t know any better. It was part of the game. And the lack of news was also just part of it. We didn’t know any different, so it was draft your team, make a move/trade or two during the season, set your lineups (by calling them in to the commish), and hope for the best. I still play with a few of those same guys from 8th grade, and we go on a golf trip every summer. The same golf trip that, for years, used to include our annual draft (we now do it online). Not many can say that they do something like that, after 30 years. Pretty cool.
  14. All-Decade Teams

    F cancer.
  15. All-Decade Teams

    I think it makes a big difference if you play IDP/dynasty or not, obviously. Those of us who have played in those leagues for 10-15 years (or maybe longer ) will recognize the backup middle linebacker from 10 years ago on most teams. If I only played in non-IDP leagues, however, my knowledge of players on the defensive side of the ball (in terms of teams outside of Minnesota) would be much more limited.