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  1. Who is the worst 2-0 team?

    I guess I answered the second part of the question, regarding playoff chances. As for which team is the worst, I think it's hard to say. BAL defense has been great, turnover-wise in particular, yet the CAR defense is ranked as the top defense in the NFL through two weeks. Part of that is who they've played, obviously (for both BAL and CAR). Don't sleep on the DET defense, especially if Ansah and Davis can stay healthy. DET might be the best of the three teams, in terms of having both a legitimate offense AND defense. But, they can't run the ball. Meanwhile, BAL and CAR can run, but they don't score like DET can. I think it's a toss-up between BAL and CAR. The problem with CAR is that Cam was special when he was a running threat. If he doesn't run as much (which he hasn't so far), he's really nothing special. Flacco may not be elite, either, but for whatever reason I trust him to win games/play mistake-free football more than Cam. But, again, I think it's very close.
  2. Who is the worst 2-0 team?

    Detroit's next 3 games should tell us a lot about how "for real" they are. Hosting ATL, @MIN, and hosting CAR. They follow those three with a home game against the Saints before their Week 7 bye. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Lions are 5-1 or 4-2 going into their bye. They should beat the Saints, they should beat Carolina at home, and they're capable of beating MIN anywhere. Not to mention, they will give Atlanta all they can handle next week, in my opinion. Detroit also plays both BAL and CAR, so those games might be key in determining which of the three gets a playoff spot (if any), even though BAL is obviously in the AFC. BAL has played two fairly weak opponents so far. Their schedule in the middle of the season is brutal. In the six-game stretch between Weeks 5 and 11 (they have a bye in Week 10), Baltimore has four road games against relatively tough opponents.... MIN, OAK, TEN, and GB. Sandwiching those games are meeting with the Steelers in Weeks 4 and 13, as well as the Lions in Week 12. CAR has a slightly easier schedule, facing the AFC East. They travel to NE and DET, but host MIN and GB. They also have four games against ATL/TB, obviously, and anybody can beat anybody within the division (except maybe the defense-less Saints?). I don't think any of the three have a chance of doing much damage in the playoffs, but any of them can get there. I see them all finishing right around 10-6. But, if I had to rank them, in terms of playoff chances, it would go in this order: DET - Hosts CAR, which would be the tie-breaker if they need one. CAR - Easier schedule than BAL. BAL - Not only a tough schedule, but it's quite possible that both wild cards come from the AFC West (DEN, OAK, and KC are all 2-0 as well), which would mean that Baltimore needs to win the division to get in.
  3. What happened to the Min D??

    Last year, the MIN defense started the year with a huge game (@TEN?), where they had two defensive touchdowns. After that, they had some really good games, but when the offense truly started to struggle (after the 5-0 start), their defense did as well. There was a MNF game against the Bears that particularly comes to mind.... The offense couldn't keep the defense off of the field, and the defense couldn't stop the Bears, either. But, it all stemmed from the ineptitude on offense. A few other thoughts..... - It's early. Two weeks don't tell us much. I would definitely not drop them, but they're probably not an every-week start, either. - There is a difference between good defenses and good fantasy defenses. You can be a good defense without an offense. It's more difficult to be a high-scpromg fantasy defense when your offense can't move the ball (like we saw yesterday with Case and company). - They actually held the PIT offense pretty much in check yesterday. Brown and Bell had below average games, and neither one scored. But, the MIN offense couldn't move the ball, get first downs, etc. And, penalties absolutely killed them. Offsides on the D-Line on 4th and 1 led to a PIT TD (would have been a punt). Another long pass interference call led to a PIT TD. Offensive plays negated by penalties, etc. It was a rough day all around, but it was mostly the offense that killed them. - They're typically better at home, with the crowd behind them. I would expect better results going forward. Now would be the worst time to cut bait, as four of their next five games are at home.
  4. Best and worst of week 2

    Best - Grabbed Hurns in a couple of leagues, and he came up big. I also grabbed and started the TB defense in a couple of leagues, which worked out well. Crabtree was a beast for me in a couple of PPR leagues. Worst - In one league, I lost by a point with two zeroes in my lineup. Lawrence Timmons was announced to be MIA sometime on Saturday (MIA stands for not Miami, but missing in action). Between his goose egg, and Jordy Nelson's, that's a tough loss to swallow. I managed to get Timmons out of my lineup in two other IDP leagues, but completely forgot about him in this one. As a result, I'm 0-2. Nelson - Heavily invested in Jordy in all formats. I think I have him in about a half-dozen leagues. I can already see the game-time decision happening next week. Hopefully, it doesn't turn into a nagging several-week injury dilemma. Bilal Powell - Another guy I have in multiple leagues. On my bench until further notice.... I need to see him get more than 5-7 touches/targets per game. Didn't foresee Forte getting the bulk of the work this year, after the way Powell finished last season. Cameron Brate - It's only one week, and it was an easy win for the Bucs, so I'm not going to panic yet. I'm guessing he gets more involved as they get into more closely contested games. Ted Ginn - Without Snead, I thought he would be a factor this week, in what most expected to be a high-scoring game. Well, it was high-scoring.... at least for the Patriots. Clearly, Ginn is going to be a boom or bust guy like he was prior to last year. And, with Snead coming back in a couple of weeks, Ginn is going to have to do something sooner than later to prevent me from cutting him loose. Cooks - I'll give it another week or two, but I'm leaning towards the thinking that he's simply not a WR1. Should have known better.... He was all or nothing last year. I won't drop him, obviously, but I have better performers (at least so far) on my bench. I'm sure there are others, but those are the ones off the top of my head.
  5. The "WR" Ty Montgomery

    Yeah, thanks a lot. He is almost guaranteed to get hurt now.
  6. Week 2 Injury Thread

    Jesse James limped off the field on the very first play of the game. Adam Thielen appears to have hurt his ribs on his first catch of the game. Of course, both are in multiple lineups for me.
  7. Shane Vereen

    He's not going to catch 9 balls every week, but I could see 7-10 targets. If healthy, I don't think it's all that unreasonable to think that he could catch 80+ passes (5-6 per week). Eli is going to need somebody to dump off to quickly. The arguments against that, I suppose, would be a couple of things. Number one, OBJ didn't play. He'll eat up some of those targets, if there's time. Secondly, we already saw Engram get a few looks in his first game. His involvement (and how much Eli looks to him) will only grow as the season progresses, in my opinion. Lastly, there is the question of Vereen vs Perkins on third down. If the 3rd down role is securely in Vereen's hands, that's one thing. But, if Perkins takes some of those snaps from time to time, it will be tough for Vereen to keep up last week's pace. Personally, I think Vereen is an intriguing hold in PPR leagues, waiting to see if he can stay healthy as much as anything else. If he does, I think he's a serviceable RB3/flex play, particularly in leagues larger than 12 teams.
  8. Can you trust Beckham?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't he been in this position before, and ended up having a pretty good game? Like at least a TD, if not more than one? I can't remember if it was last year, or the year before, but I think it was another SNF or MNF game. I think he'll play, and if he does, there's no way he's just a decoy. I don't think the Giants send him out there unless he's healthy enough to be at least 80-90% effective. That said, it depends on what my other options are. In one league, I'm basically going to have to start him. My other options are longshots to do anything, so I'll take my chances. In another league, I probably have decent options if I sit him, but I'll probably wait until the last minute to decide. Of course, it always helps if you have another MNF option (that you wouldn't otherwise start).... Somebody you can plug in for him at the last minute if he's a no-go. Unfortunately, I don't have that in any of the leagues where I own him. Lastly, I don't typically spend a lot of time looking at my opponent's lineup, but it may come down to that. If their lineup looks stronger than mine, I might roll the dice. If it looks like I can probably beat them, I might take the conservative route, and go with another option (even if that option will likely only get me a few points).
  9. Kareem Hunt predictions for week 2

    Sounds about right.
  10. Thursday Night Football

    And I don't feel bad for those who drafted Rodgers/Brady/Brees in the first four rounds and put themselves at a disadvantage.
  11. Thursday Night Football

    For the most part, I thought the game was well-played, at least on the defensive side of the ball. It wasn't sloppy, and wasn't all that boring. Both D's played pretty well. Watt was a beast, but Geno Atkins was just as impressive. A lot of young talent on both defenses. Dalton does NOT look very good. As in, it wouldn't surprise me if he's benched sooner than later if this continues. That said, I think Lewis gets most of the blame for Cincy's anemic offense. They needed a spark tonight, from somebody like John Ross. Oh, that's right.... Lewis benched him after his first touch of the game (which was a lost fumble). Doesn't make any sense to me. Fastest guy on the field (and he did look good on that play, before fumbling), and you "send a message" by benching him when your offense probably needs to give him more touches, not less. Inexplicable, really. As for Houston, tonight was Watson's coming out party. Made some nice throws, and the 50-ish yard TD run basically won the game. They should be right in the mix in the AFC South with that defense.
  12. Game day lineup

    Definitely. I have a different phone number than what you probably have, so PM or email me.
  13. Game day lineup

  14. Week 1 Milk Carton Thread

    In every redraft that I did this summer, I waited until at least round 8-9 to grab my first QB. In some, I waited even longer. It worked out well most of the time, and I usually ended up with Cousins, Rivers, Newton, Prescott, etc. In several leagues, I ended up with two of those guys. In one league, however, I waited just a round too long. I calculated how many startable guys were left, and how many teams had no QB, and figured I would have my choice of 2-3 of those bottom-end QB1's with my next pick. Well, backup QB's just started flying off the board, and I ended up having to take Dalton as my starter. My second QB in that league is Flacco, who in hindsight would have been a better option, but I went with the guy at home (without the bad back). I think he'll bounce back, and be decent most weeks, but today was ugly. I remember hearing a couple of weeks ago that Dalton has consistently been a top 10 (or was it 12?) QB over the past 3-4 years. I haven't bothered to look up the numbers to support or disprove that, but I was surprised to hear that (especially since he was without Green one year, and Eifert has been gone a bunch as well). We'll see.... Not going to panic yet. Worst case, I'll have to do some QB streaming.