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  1. Well, if making the NFL all-decade team means anything, Pearson should be in the HOF. He and Lynn Swann were the two WR's selected as first-team for the 1970's. Swann is in, obviously, as are both WR's from the SECOND team (Warfield and Carmichael). Not to mention, every WR (first or second team) from the 80's and 90's are in as well. Even 3 out of 4 from the 2000's are in (Torry Holt, 2nd team, is the one exception). So, yeah, if you're one of the top two payers at your position, for a 10-year period of time, it seems like you should probably be in the HOF. But, maybe I'm missing something.
  2. SPIT Week 2 Standings

    It was crazy watching the live scoring during the KC game. At one point, I was leading in SPIT, Irish's contest, as well as my own. Thought there was a good chance that I might take the high score for the week in at least a couple of them, but to no avail. I needed a bigger game from Metcalf than Lockett, for that to happen.
  3. Bold Predictions - Divisional Weekend

    All right.... In order of confidence (most to least).... #1 - Three of the four road teams will cover. #2 - Half of the teams playing this week will be led in receiving yards by a rookie. #3 - A RB, WR, and TE will all score multiple TD's. #4 - Multiple defensive players will have 3 or more sacks each. #5 - Only one RB will rush for 100 yards or more. #6 - At least FIVE players will surpass 100 yards receiving. #7 - A six-seed will advance. #8 - A road team will score a defensive TD. #9 - Six QB's will either rush for 50+ yards or pass for 300+ yards. :#10 - One of the six QB's will do both (of the above). BONUS........ The Seattle Seahawks will host the NFC Championship game next weekend.
  4. Bold Predictions - Divisional Weekend

    I would say it's probably somewhere in between. The first record (2-5), as you indicated, includes games with another team. And, the second record includes mostly games in which he had a much stronger overall defense than they have now. Regardless, the Seahawks are certainly capable of winning this game. We could very easily be talking about them hosting an NFC championship game this year, if not for a barrage of injuries to end the season. And, Green Bay has proven that they can not show up at times. Case in point, blowouts to PHI (at home) and the Chargers.
  5. Bold Predictions - Divisional Weekend

    I don't disagree with any of that. I'm going to hope/pray that those three come back at less than 100%. I think Cook will have to have a big day, for sure. I'm just not sure how much of it will come in the form of rushing. MIN's best chance at slowing down the pass rush might be by using a heavy dose of screen passes. That said, the thought of Cousins operating under duress makes me uncomfortable at best. All of THAT said, I was saying back in Week 16 that, if there was one team I'd rather not play on the road in the playoffs, it would be the Saints. The Vikings held up to that test, but it took a very solid effort all the way around. I do think their defense can have another big day against SF. I just hope the offense does enough to keep them in the game. And, the margin for error is probably thin enough that they can't afford ANY big mistakes. A pick-six, turnover deep in their own territory, or any costly special teams errors will almost certainly be too costly to overcome.
  6. Bold Predictions - Divisional Weekend

    History is in favor of the teams with the bye last week. That's a big advantage. That said, you can make an argument for all of the road teams. Nobody has more momentum than TEN. And, I think their style matches up well with BAL. Beat them at their own game (running the ball), try to control time of possession, and keep the ball out of BAL's hands. Not saying it's going to happen, but it would actually surprise me less than HOU beating KC. That said, HOU did already beat KC once this year, so I'm not going to say that's impossible. For MIN, I'm obviously a big homer, and I'm always cautiously optomistic in games like this. It's hard not to think about the letdown from two years ago, after the win against NO. But, I think the team, and certainly Zimmer, remember that. If they get beat, it will be because SF is the better team, not because they were caught off-guard or unprepared. On the other hand, f the overall team effort is similar to last week, they have a good chance. The thing that probably concerns me the most is the SF D-Line. Cousins struggles when under constant pressure. That doesn't mean that the Vikes have no chance. But they will have to find ways to get him moving, get the ball out of his hands quickly, and keep the defense guessing. A predictable or vanilla offensive game-plan will not work against the Niners, IMO. Seattle has been a surprise this year. I'm not sure many expected them to be in contention for the #1 seed in the NFC, but they were. Right down to the final week of the season. They won a bunch of very close games this year. They also seemed to improve dramatically on defense when they added Clowney. Most importantly, they have Russell Wilson, who seemingly keeps them in every game they play. Green Bay sort of slipped into the 2-spot by default. They kept winning when others (NO in particular) dropped games unexpectedly. Personally, I agree with Darin.... I don't think the Packers are as good as their record indicates. But, Aaron Rodgers is Aaron Rodgers... He's going to show up, and likely play very well. I think it comes down to which team turns the ball over, or maybe even which kicker misses a FG.
  7. I heard a stat about last weekend's games that got me thinking.... What is going to happen this coming weekend that we all won't expect? Here is the stat from last weekend.....Four games. Eight teams. There was exactly ONE receiving touchdown by a wide receiver last week. Two quarterbacks caught touchdown passes. A WR ran for a score. Another WR threw for a score. A backup TE caught a TD. Even a DB caught a TD pass (well, an INT TD, actually). But, in over 500 offensive plays snapped, there was only one touchdown pass to a wideout. Crazy. Honorable mention: TEN beat NE, on the road, with 76 total passing yards in the game. That, in itself, is pretty hard to believe. Even more crazy.... They completed a total of nine passes in the game, and only TWO passes to WR's. Five of the nine completions went to a pair of backup TE's (Firkser and Pruitt). What's going to happen this week? I have a couple of thoughts. My first is that one of the 6-seeds is going to advance to the conference finals. Not sure yet which one. Secondly, I could easily see a scenario where all four road teams cover. TEN and HOU are 9-ish point underdogs, MIN about a 7-pt dog, and SEA is getting about 4. I could see all of them covering, and 1-2 winning outright. But, I'm going to give it a bit more thought before I narrow it down and declare my official "bold prediction" of the week. What do you all have for bold predictions of the week?
  8. Titans vs. Patriots

    This. What a stupid rule, or lack thereof. If the offense commits a penalty, the clock should stop in that situation. Give the defense the opportunity to decline the clock stoppage, or something along those lines. That said, I agree completely that it total karma that it came back to haunt BB. That's awesome.
  9. Bill vs. Texans

    What used to be a good block is now a penalty. The guy who was blocked didn’t even fall over. Weak call.
  10. Bill vs. Texans

    Should have punted. 1:45 left with all three timeouts. Had no chance at converting a FG or first down.

    AFC Team QB: KC-Patrick Mahomes RB1: KC-Damien Williams RB2: KC-LeSean McCoy RB3: KC-Darwin Thompson TE1: KC-Travis Kelce TE2: BAL-Hayden Hurst WR1: KC-Tyreek Hill WR2: KC-Sammy Watkins WR3: KC-Mecole Hardman WR4: NE-N'Keal Harry PK: KC-Harrison Butker DEF: KC NFC Team QB: NO-Drew Brees RB1: NO-Alvin Kamara RB2: NO-Latavius Murray RB3: SF-Matt Breida TE1: NO-Jared Cook TE2: PHI-Dallas Goedert WR1: NO-Michael Thomas WR2: SF-Emmanuel Sanders WR3: NO-Ted Ginn Jr. WR4: NO-Deonte Harris PK: NO-Wil Lutz DEF: NO Tiebreaker #1 - 175 Tiebreaker #2 - 44
  12. Playoff Fantasy Football Contest

    Bump.... Anybody else want in on this playoff one-and-done league, let me know.
  13. Playoff Fantasy Football Contest

    I used to finish near the top consistently. Of course, there used to be a lot less people. If you finish in the top 10-15 now, it's an accomplishment.
  14. MB League #3 8-man

    What about a consolation prize for successfully defending last place? Just too many bad misses in my draft. Had Watson at QB, but also had Ben and Rivers. Had Kittle, but my two other TE were Burton and Reed. But, what hurt more than anything were my RB selections. Top four drafted were Freeman, Michel, Ballage, and Miller. Not to mention Antonio Brown in the 3rd round. Funny side note.... My Week 10 in this thing was a disaster of EPIC proportions. I scored a whopping 62 points. Just to put that into perspective, the next lowest score that week was 150. The next lowest score ALL YEAR was 112. I had two players out of 24 hit double-digits that week... Rivers with 11, and OBJ with 10.