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  1. Greg Olsen

    I would definitely NOT start him over Gronk, Ertz, Kelce. The next group, for me, is Graham, Engram, Walker, ASJ, and Doyle. Probably not starting him over those guys until I see production that I can't pass up. That leaves guys like Brate and Witten (both have been very all-or-nothing from week to week), Rudolph (consistent but not spectacular), and Davis (who depends on Reed). I think those depend on matchups. So, unless your starting TE currently is somebody outside of the top 10-12, I don't think Olsen is a no-brainer. If I'm rolling out Jared Cook, Tyler Kroft, or Austin Hooper on a weekly basis, then sure.... I'm probably looking to start Olsen sooner than later. But, for the others that I listed above, I would need to see some production before I just assume that Olsen is going to outscore those guys.
  2. Greg Olsen

    I'm interested to see what happens. He had a very slow start this season (although it was a very small sample size.... 6 targets, 3 catches, 28 yards in about 5 1/2 quarters of football), but a lot has changed for the Panthers during his absence. No Benjamin, Samuel is out, etc. So, my initial thought was that Olsen will probably have a,far greater "football value" than fantasy value, given his lack of production early on. After all, he is definitely a leader of the team, and having him back on the field is huge, whether he's catching balls or not. But, they may have to lean on him to move the chains at times, simply due to a lack of other weapons on the field. Other than Funchess and McCaffreey, they don't have much in the passing game right now. I'm tempering my expectations. Just because he's returning doesn't mean he's an automatic top-five TE. That said, if he averages a meager 3 catches per game and gets a TD or two in the next month, that's probably enough to make him a low-end TE1 at worst. Outside of a group of 4-5 guys, the TE position has been a pretty inconsistent bunch all year. So, if you're struggling at TE, like a lot of us have been, he's probably worth throwing into your starting lineup. If not in his first week back, probably the next.
  3. Greg Olsen

    I don't know about any of that, but I do know that he was pretty impressive in the booth yesterday. I would go as far as to say that he's better than Romo, and I don't think Romo is all that bad. either (the predicting plays schtick just got old after about a quarter).

    Surprised the LAC team defense wasn't the top-ranked defense this week. I picked them up everywhere I possibly could, once I read about the QB change. Not just that, but last week's results clearly showed that the Bills are a complete mess right now.
  5. Playoff Stashes?

    For some reason, when I read this thread title, the guy in your avatar was the first thing that came to mind. Not as a stash, but for his stache.
  6. NBC Skycam/view fail

    I believe you're referring to the "All 22" footage, which is completely different than what we saw on TNF.
  7. NBC Skycam/view fail

    Agreed. It brought a different level of appreciation to the tight windows that NFL QB's have to throw through, that you don't get to see from the normal camera angle. I'm not much of a video game guy, but I have played enough to see the correlation. Not sure I would want to see that angle all of the time, but it was cool for a change.
  8. NFL investigating Jameis Winston for sexual misconduct

    He was hardly the victim in the case, either. FSU swept it under the rug, covered for him, or whatever you want to call it. It could, and probably should, have ended much worse for him.
  9. Who needs what tonight?

    Need lots of Alex Smith, D. Thomas, and Butker in a few leagues where it matters. I think I"m facing Hunt in just about every one of those leagues, so hopefully the Broncos D comes to play. Mixed bag (have them in some, facing in others) on Siemian, Kelce, McManus, and Sorenson (DB).
  10. Kiko Alonso

    Flacco made a decision to try to get the first down. Alonso made a decision to hit him because he felt that Flacco slid too late. He even said so in his post-game interview. That tells me that he had time (or at least felt that he had time) to make a decision, one way or the other. I don't know if Alonso is dirty or not, but he sure comes across as not being very bright. Or maybe it's just a result of him having his own bell rung a time or two.
  11. Least Mode

    Just read the article about Lynch and Peters. So bizarre, and so many pieces that make absolutely no sense. So, he was trying to protect Peters from who.... his own O-Line? And Lynch is a "mentor" for Peters? Good luck with that. If Lynch's actions are those of a mentor, I'd had to see what a bad influence might do. Not to mention the comments about Lynch being smart, and that he's going to learn from this (like he's a rookie or something). And how does Carr feel about his #1 RB being a guy who is willing to protect the guy who basically hit him (Carr) with a late hit (and borderline cheap shot)? What a mess. I honestly think that's the fastest I've ever seen Lynch run.
  12. Least Mode

    Thankfully, I couldn't bring myself to draft him in 15+ drafts this summer. I grabbed Washington and Richard in a few..... Wished I would have grabbed them in more. I'm honestly not sure what he was thinking. My first thought was that he must not have realized that the guy he grabbed/shoved was a ref. But, maybe he did. Is he really that stupid? Having lived in the greater Seattle area for a couple of years, and listening to a ton of sports talk radio, I always had the impression that Lynch didn't get enough credit (that he's a much smarter guy than most give him credit for). After last night, I have no idea. Pretty difficult to defend those actions, regardless of what was going on in his head.
  13. Least Mode

    Unfortunately for Lynch owners, that is also the fastest we've seen him move in years.
  14. James White

    By higher/upward, are you saying his ranking is getting better or worse? If he's dropped in the rankings, my guess is that it's because Lewis seems to be getting a decent share of the touches lately, which takes away from everybody else in the backfield... A little bit of Gillislie, a little bit of White, etc. Unfortunately, if you own White and/or Lewis, you're better off when only one is healthy. When they both are healthy/playing, it makes it difficult to predict which one is the better play (unless you're in a really deep league and can start both). Add in the Belicheck factor, and it really becomes a guessing game on a weekly basis.
  15. Milk Carton Week 6

    Stew should at least get an assist for that pick that he basically handed to the Philly DB.