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    He's got 70 on me, with three less players left. Players we don't have in common.... Him - NE Def, CJ Ham, MIN ST Me - Lewis, Amendola, JAC Def, Keenum, Murray, Thielen If it's a NE-MIN Super Bowl, I like my chances of making up those 70 points. But, it goes without saying that my chances lie heavily with that SB matchup in mind. If Philly or Jacksonville wins this week, my chances go out the window (while I would think he still has a chance, at least as long as one of the two makes it).
  2. Just over 24 hours until kickoff. I've got about 50 paid participants, with a few more lineups than that already set. It's really hard to say what the final tally will be, because there are at least a few returning participants that will set their lineups at the last minute (tonight or in the morning), but I would guess that we will be in the same ball park as the last two years (around 70 people total). Maybe even a few more. This is a great way to make the NFL playoffs a bit more interesting. Overall winner will be taking home somewhere in the range of $500. And, in the past two years, out of nine possible payouts, I paid eight and nine different winners (in 2015 and 2016) respectively. In other words, it's a great combination of paying out a decent top prize, but also spreading the pot around a bit. If you want in, or know somebody else who does, post here or send me a PM with your/their preferred email address.
  3. This one is pretty basic. No PPR, no flex, no DST. Pick a different QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, and kicker each week, for the four weeks of the NFL playoffs. There is some strategy involved, not only in picking the players that score the most points each week (obviously), but also in making sure that you leave yourself a QB (not to mention a kicker, etc.) for the SB. The other piece that makes this interesting is that, even if you are nowhere close to finishing in the top five, you can bring home a decent chunk of change by going for it all in any given week (last year's high score netted $135). Scoring TD pass - 4 TD rush/rec - 6 2 pt conv pass/rush/rec - 2 Rush/Rec yards - .1 (point for every 10.... decimal scoring) Pass Yards - .05 (point for every 20.... decimal scoring) FG - 3 PAT - 1 Cost is $20. As a general rule, we've typically allowed one entry per person. However, I simply need a unique email address for each entry/team. In other words, I'm not going to police whether someone has multiple teams, if that makes sense. Last year's payout structure is below. The actual amounts may fluctuate slightly, depending on the number of participants, but as long as it doesn't rise/drop significantly from last year, it will remain the same (top five and weekly high scores). If you are interested in a spot, send me a PM, and I'll get you an invite to MFL. If my inbox happens to be full (which happens a lot this time of year), post that you are interested in this thread, and I'll contact you. I've also included a link to the site, in case you want to browse the scoring, rules, or previous results. Karl's Playoff Contest Top 5 scorers (cumulatively over four weeks): 1st place - $500 2nd place - $250 3rd place - $150 4th place - $100 5th place - $60 Weekly high scores (Weeks 18 through the SB) - $75 each Single-week highest score (highest of the $75 winners) - $60 Any questions, let me know.
  4. Bump for anybody else who wants a crack at this.....
  5. Wild card lines discussion

    It’s now up to 6.5, which is still the smallest of the weekend (or at least tied for the smallest).
  6. CA Huddler Meet-up

    This is last-minute, and I don't know where exactly all of the CA Huddlers live, but I figured I should extend the invitation.... After more than a decade of playing in leagues together (and never having met), Taz and I are going to meet up and watch some games on Sunday. Probably at the BWW in Burbank, unless others want to join us (and it makes sense to go elsewhere). Send me an email, PM, or text (info on MFL) if interested.
  7. Wild card lines discussion

    I will add this.... Maybe "pretender" was a poor choice of words. I'm certainly not implying that the Rams aren't deserving of the 3-seed, or that their winning the division was a fluke. Their improvement year-over-year is certainly impressive, and I would expect that they will continue to improve, and probably be a regular contender in the NFC for years to come. I just think it's likely that they're a year away from really making some noise in the playoffs. Maybe even two years.
  8. Wild card lines discussion

    If I'm picking straight up winners, I'm probably picking the Rams to beat the Falcons as well. My original response was in regards to whether or not the line in that game was reasonable, and I think it is/was. Should they win? Sure. Will they win? Probably. But, it wouldn't exactly be a shocker if they didn't. I agree that the NFC is pretty much wide open. But, like I said before, that premise makes Atlanta a potential threat, just as much as it does anybody else. Is Atlanta likely to win 3 road games? Probably not. On the other hand, is that really any more far-fetched than LA potentially winning three straight (including possibly two on the road)? I don't think so. Atlanta's playoff experience somewhat makes up for LA's home field advantage, in my opinion. This will be Matt Ryan's 9th playoff game. This will be Goff's first. Not to mention, if I had to pick a place to win a road game, among the possible home venues in this year's playoffs, it would probably be LA. There is no clear-cut "favorite" in the NFC. But, if you're asking who has more playoff experience than the Rams, the answer would be everybody. Brees, Ryan, and Newton have all played in Super Bowls. Philly has reached the playoffs five times since the Rams last did, and while Minnesota hasn't been there a lot, they've still been there four times since the Rams last playoff appearance. Not four games, but four different seasons. More importantly, Minnesota destroyed the Rams six weeks ago.... 45 yards rushing, and ONE rushing first down, allowed in the game. As a Vikings fan, if I'm picking a team that I'm most comfortable facing in two weeks, it's undoubtedly the Rams. Certainly, the Rams could beat them. But, I'd rather have to beat Goff than Brees or Newton, if for no other reason than playoff experience (or lack thereof).
  9. Wild card lines discussion

    When I say pretender, I'm simply talking about whether or not they're a legitimate threat to make/win the SB. Not saying it's impossible, but it's unlikely. Typically, up-and-coming teams like the Rams don't make the SB in their first playoff try. The ones that do usually have an elite QB or a very good defense. I don't think the Rams have either one of those things at this point. I'm not saying that they won't at some point, and I'm not saying it's impossible for them to make a playoff run. I'm saying that most people probably don't think the Rams are a front-runner to reach the SB, even with Philly and MIN playing backup QB's. That doesn't mean that they're not a legitimately good team. But, in the playoffs, experience counts for a lot. They have none.
  10. SPIT tournament info

    You might be thinking of the Smack Bowl. I looked up the past winners of SPIT, and the closest you came was a runner-up finish in '09.
  11. Black Monday Tomorrow

    Hiring a first-time head coach, only to fire him after one season, makes about as much sense as people who try fad diets that advertise "results in 30 days," only to switch to another one two weeks into it. Hiring Joseph may have been a bad move in the first place, but how do you know at this point? Firing him would be an even worse move. Like someone else said, you pretty much committed to giving him at least a couple of years when you hired him (or at least that's what anyone with a fair amount of common sense would assume).
  12. Black Monday Tomorrow

    Haircut looks about right.
  13. SPIT tournament info

    I didn't get an invite right away, either, but any returning participant should be able to log in (from the "All My Leagues" page) pretty easily. I did receive an email today, so maybe DMD re-sent them? You may be right, but it's not you. You won last year, I won the year before.
  14. Be safe tonight!!

    And..... I’m pretty sure she was younger than your kids. NTTAWWT.
  15. Be safe tonight!!

    I think you’re confusing her number with the bill she handed you.
  16. CA Huddler Meet-up

    Well, there goes any chance of me participating in Mystery Huddler some day.
  17. Wild card lines discussion

    I think the general public, as well as odds makers, are going to assume that a team like the Rams (a team with only very recent success) is a pretender until they prove otherwise. And, the regular season means nothing, in terms of proving something. In other words, they need to win a playoff game to show that they are anything more than a pretty decent team that won a bad division, destined for an early exit in the playoffs. Let's face it... Seattle was a mess this year, and really didn't put up much of a fight for the division. Arizona's season was done before it started, and SF was in the conversation for the top pick in the draft until mid-November. I'm not saying the Rams were handed the division (they did have to win a couple of key games down the stretch). But, to me, they certainly have the feel of a team that is a year (or two) away from making any real noise in the post-season. That said, it would not surprise me at all if the Rams roll against a Falcons team that has struggled on offense at times this season. And, the NFC is somewhat of a crap-shoot this year, so anybody in the playoffs has a chance, I suppose. Of course, that same theory holds true for Atlanta, who was just in the SB a year ago. The Falcons have been playing well the past month and a half. They're finding ways to win, and the playoff experience does count for something. I certainly expected the line to be greater than a FG, but anything more than maybe 5-5.5 would have been a surprise, honestly. Of the four games next weekend, I might have the most difficulty picking a winner in this one. The Chiefs and Saints certainly have a bigger home-field advantage than LA or Jacksonville. And, if I'm choosing between ATL and BUF in terms of who is more likely to win a road playoff game, it's really not even close.
  18. Black Monday Tomorrow

    Not surprising, though.
  19. Got the first one. Will keep an eye out for the other one.
  20. CA Huddler Meet-up

    We'll have to do it again in the fall, with more notice.
  21. CA Huddler Meet-up

    10 AM New Year's Eve.
  22. Just to reiterate, I will not be tracking/confirming payments here. I have started a payment thread on the MFL message board, that contains both payment instructions and a list of paid participants. I think we hit exactly 71 people the past two years. Hoping we get close to that number again this year. What is interesting is that, even though the group has grown every year (well, except maybe last year), it's definitely becoming noticeably harder to gain more participants than we lose. If I had to guess, I would chalk that up to the simple fact that there are so many other options online.... You can go to just about any FF site and find a post-season contest, ranging from the free variety to some fairly big-money options. When I started this in the early 2000's, there wasn't much else to do after Week 16 (at least that I was aware of).
  23. Did you send that check yet? If not, add another $20. If so, I guess send another one.