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  1. This may have been asked already, but can thread titles no longer be edited from a mobile device (phone)? If so, I can't seem to figure out how. Otherwise, can a user go "full site" mode (rather than mobile mode) like we could pre-upgrade?
  2. Their non-divisional road games are @ OAK, DEN, PIT, NO, and TB. Sure, they could win any/all of them. But, they're not exactly cupcakes.
  3. I just feel bad for his 4YO daughter. She's definitely one of the victims in all of this. What a waste.
  4. I need Moderator powers for Dynasty Warz III: DW3 One other question.... What's the easiest way to see a list of who moderates each league forum? There used to be a pretty user-friendly list. Now, all I can see/find is the list of "staff" which I'm assuming includes moderators (since I'm listed there), but doesn't identify which leagues someone has the abilities for, if that makes sense.
  5. Looks like that did the trick. Thanks.
  6. I'm having issues simply viewing the forums. It's like the formatting is screwed up, with the recent changes. All I see is text in a column on the left side of the page. I wouldn't even be able to post this from my laptop if I wanted to (this is being done from my phone). Anybody have similar issues or have any idea what would cause this?
  7. I can't even view the forums from my laptop. The problem seems related to the upgrade or whatever, based on the timing, but I don't know for sure. Anybody else have this issue? I'm on my phone now.....
  8. Just throwing this out there, in case a few people are looking to add another playoff league, with a slightly different format than the others. This league is similar to DMD"s SPIT contest in that you can only use a player once (as opposed to Irish's, where you can use the same player every week). Several Huddlers participate, and we could certainly add a few more. I've been running this league for about 15 years, starting with 8 of us on an Excel spreadsheet in a winner take all format. Within a few years, we expanded to paying out the top three spots. A few years after that, we transitioned from the Excel sheet that I managed to using MFL. The league has grown each and every year, and last year we had 72 participants. Top five now get paid (cumulative scoring over the four weeks), as well as four weekly high scores AND a bonus for the single highest scoring week. Last year, none of the weekly winners finished in the top five (so I paid out 9 people). Most importantly, everything that goes in gets paid out (there is no cost to me to run this contest, other than time spent). Rules: - $20 per contestant - Must pick a lineup for each week of the NFL playoffs (including Super Bowl) - Each lineup must contain a QB, 2 RB’s, 3 WR’s, a TE, and kicker (No defense). - You can only use each player once during the 4 weeks of the playoffs. - Official NFL scoring will be used for the contest. - Players lock at kickoff of their individual games. - Lineups will not be visible (to others) until kickoff of each player's game. Scoring: - 4 pts for a TD pass - 6 pts for a TD run or catch - 2 pts for a 2-pt conversion run, pass, or catch (A 2-pt throw would be worth 2 for both the passer and the receiver) - 1 pt for every 10 yards rushing/receiving, to the nearest tenth of a point (81 yards rushing = 8.1 pts, etc.) - 1 pt for every 20 yards passing, to two decimal places (.05 pts per yard passing) - 1 pt for every kicker PAT - 3 pts for every field goal If interested, send me a PM ASAP, and I'll get you an invite.
  9. This is crazy. Nine winners this year (nobody in the top 5 won a single-week high score). But, that's not the crazy part. The winner, who was down by about 25 points going into yesterday (he picked White), won by a whopping .05 points. That equates to a half-yard rushing/receiving. In other words, James White's final yard pushed him from 2nd place into 1st. Another way of looking at it.... If White scores from the 1-yard-line, he finishes second (by .05) and gets $250. But, since White's TD came from the 2-yard-line, he wins (by .05) and gets $500. Talk about close.
  10. The argument shouldn't be whether Morten Anderson stole T.O.'s spot or whatever. If you want to debate whether or not kickers deserve to be in HOF at all, fair enough. But, if they DO, Anderson gets a spot, without question. He is arguably the greatest kicker in NFL history, at least in the regular season. That said, yeah, T.O. should be in. He was more dominant at his position than Taylor ever was, and I'm not even sure that's debatable. Of course, we would be kidding ourselves if we pretended that character didn't play a part in who gets in, and let's face it.... T.O. didn't do himself any favors in that regard.
  11. Llchile can win if his 4 (Gabriel, Bryant, Lewis, Mitchell) outscore RR26's 3 (Sanu, Blount, NE ST) by 19 and change. I'm sure there are others that technically have a shot, but those seem to be the most likely.
  12. Actually, RR26 is looking pretty good as well..... He's got 8 more guys left than me, including Ryan, Julio, Freeman, and Edelman (and he's only 62 pts behind). Pretty good chance that he'll pass us all.
  13. Looks like Darin has the best chance of passing me, by far. In fact, I would say that he is the favorite, going into the SB. I'm up 15.7 with Mitchell, against Freeman, Gabriel, and the NE ST. A special teams TD would kill my chances. If that doesn't happen, I need Mitchell to basically offset Gabriel, with Freeman going for 15 or less. Meanwhile, John can pass both of us, but he would need the ATL ST to outscore Freeman, which could be tough. Not impossible by any means, but maybe unlikely.
  14. I agree with this, for the most part. What really hurt GB yesterday is that they had absolutely no answer for Julio Jones. He was a man among boys working against the GB cornerbacks. Even in the 2nd half of the Dallas game, that glaring weakness had begun to show itself in the GB defense. Rodgers playing off the charts for the better part of two months had somewhat overshadowed that weakness, but it was just a matter of time before that defense (or lack thereof) became more than even he could overcome. NE can and will game plan for Julio Jones better than Green Bay did. Do they have a CB who is big/physical enough to slow Julio down? Probably not single-handedly, but I think they'll figure out how to make Matt Ryan beat them elsewhere. So, that is the question, in my mind. If Jones is limited to somewhere in the 75-100 yard range, can Matt Ryan get enough of his other weapons involved to still score 30+ points. I think that has to happen to beat Brady and the Pats.
  15. I was wondering that same thing. But, my guess is that that would be their last resort. If they can get by with Cobb, Janis, and either Adams/Geronimo (and maybe Davis?), I would think they would leave Montgomery where he's played for the majority of their winning streak. Of course, if it somehow happens that neither Adams or Geronimo play, they may have no choice. It would be either that, or bring up somebody from the practice squad (or run a lot less 3-WR sets, which is unlikely). The way Rodgers is playing, I'm not sure it matters all that much. That doesn't mean that it won't impact the game if Adams (for example) doesn't play. But, at the end of the day, I think the outcome of this game comes down to whether or not the GB defense can stop ATL. If they keep the Falcons in the 20's, I think they have a decent shot. If it gets to be a complete shoot-out, however, I think that plays into Atlanta's favor.
  16. I guess I don't think of teams that are .500 as sucking. They're inconsistent, in large part, but most of the "average" teams in the NFL are capable of beating a good team if they play well. Teams that suck don't stand a chance of beating anybody but other teams that suck. DET, MIN, WAS, etc. are average teams. Teams that truly "suck" in my mind are CLE, SF, LA, etc. Not a big deal.... I guess the word "suck" is a somewhat relative term.
  17. Well, suck should at least mean below average. By your definition, anybody who didn't have a first-round bye or first-round home game sucks. Who outside of DAL, ATL, SEA, and GB doesn't "suck" in the NFC?
  18. Can't wait. Should be three really good/interesting matchups.
  19. Divisional weekend is one of my favorite weekends in all of sports. I would say easily top 2 or 3. Should be some great games, other than maybe the NE-HOU game. I think the Pats win that one relatively easily, although I do think the Texans defense is playing much better now than they were in September. None of this weekend's outcomes were much of a surprise, other than I thought the Giants would keep it close. They really shot themselves in the foot not taking advantage of the first quarter and a half when they completely dominated. They were a couple of bad breaks/plays away from being up by a TD or more at half, instead of the other way around.
  20. Copy that. Payments flying in this AM at a rate like Sam Bradford completions. I'll sort it out after a bit. Thanks.
  21. Not trying to make it "harder" necessarily. But, last year was probably the first year that the group of participants didn't grow from the previous year. And, that's with me adding probably 20-25 new people. In other words, that same number left from the year before. More of a mass exodus than I've ever seen before (usually, we always have added more people than we've lost). The only thing I can attribute it to is all of the other fantasy playoff options out there, through various sites, etc. Bottom line... I have to try a little bit harder than before, if we want the number of participants to grow (or at least stay the same) year over year.
  22. Should have made this a poll.
  23. I started mine with 8 people...... In 2002.
  24. Yes, I believe his is "start anybody you want on any given week" whereas mine is a "one and done" format (like SPIT).