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  1. There's lots of talk about the play-calling, or lack thereof, between Billlick and Fassel. They gotta stick more to the run, even when it's not always working super well, so you can keep your best asset, the Defense, fresh. At least get some first downs. They get too tired with all the 3 and outs. Boller is not the answer, I don't know why Billick's been so high on him. Wright could be, with a little more confidence from Billick, at least for a short term. Billick is ademant that Boller is the starter, no matter what, when healthy, so Wright's gotta be like, What the F**k?? If Billick wants to turn things around, he shoudl tell Wright he's got a chance to win the job...
  2. Who to start as 3 wr

    I was wondering the same thing myself for my flex spot, (weired how there's almost always a post out there already, that can help you...) I'm between Curtis, R. Williams, and TE C. Baker (we can do a TE in our flex spot...) I was thinking Curtis, too, b/c of the number of passes he got last Sunday. But, like you said, R. Williams has the potential, too... I think it's basically a coin toss, unless anyone else has a feeling one way or the other...
  3. ESPN Sunday Night Crew

    Throw Dan Dierdorf in there with them, please...
  4. ESPN Sunday Night Crew

    Really? I was just thinking an Al Michaels/Mike Patrick duo would be pretty solid. Al's pretty good.
  5. ESPN Sunday Night Crew

    But without insight such as "Oh, it could be... could be a... leg... " Where would we be?? Thanks, Capt. Obvious...
  6. ESPN Sunday Night Crew

    Aaah, I love the weekly bashing of these idiots. Yeah, Patrick's okay, but this McGuire-Theisman exchange was my favorite so far: "It's a chess game, and we're playing with real, live, 300 lb. pieces." "I bet I know who the kings are." Gimme a break...
  7. Dom's backup

    I was about to post this very same question... Is Morency the clear cut backup to Dom... Anybody else have some insight? Houston Homers??
  8. Worst draft pick you've seen this yr.

    Lee Suggs with 2.9 pick, 12 teams.
  9. Is J.J.Arrington definitely the man in ARI?

    Denny Green says it's his combo of smaller size, and deceptive power that makes him hard to tackle. Good O-line, improved passing game, decent defense, and Green wants to run more than he has in the past. It's a great situation for JJ, and it's almost hard to believe he's making it to 3rd rounds. So that I can take Chad Johnson in Round 2, I'm hoping to get JJ in Round 3 (pick 6) and laugh all the way to the Super Bowl (if Chad plays to potential) that I got a quality #2 Rb in the 3rd Round.
  10. The Peyton Manning Draft Strategy

    Clarification - make that, I'm not going Manning, b/c I doubt he'll fall to me at 6. But if he does, I will be very intrigued after all this, and may just give it a shot...
  11. The Peyton Manning Draft Strategy

    Overall, this thread was extremely helpful - I got the 6th pick in my local in a few hours, and although I'm not going Manning, the post as a whole just solidified various thoughts of mine. I'm going RB-WR-RB-QB for a potential and targeted big four of: Dom Davis (unless Edge falls, which he might), Chad Johnson, JJ Arrington, Bulger. Thanks all.
  12. Lewis,Dillon, or J.Jones?

    I'll throw in another vote for Lewis, not JUST b/c I'm from Bawlmer...
  13. Draft Labels

    Not sure if you can get them online, but I always go with http://www.draftkit.com/
  14. Picking 4 in a 12 team league

    Seems there are various posts, with relatively the same message - consensus summary seems to be that after LT, Alexander and Priest, the next 5 or so (i.e. the ones you named) are pretty much equal, since you can't predict exactly. They all could do equally as well... Just go with who you like, for whatever reason, maybe, i.e. the closest team to where you live, or if you heard anything interesting about them. I saw on one post a few days ago that someone heard Vegas is favoring Lewis to win the rushing title - can anyone confirm or deny???
  15. DEUCE vs JAMAL

    Yeah, it's the kind of thing that just comes down to who you like, they're so close. i.e. I'm picking 6th, and will take Jamal, just b/c I live in Baltimore... I've also heard they're going to start throwing to him a little more, if that helps ya out any...