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  1. Hasselbeck vs. Vick

    what happened to Vick?
  2. KC RB situation in 2006

    that's some good insight - thanks to most donkey -- i think LJ just might be a Penn St. RB who makes good (other than Franco Harris) he's big and fast - tough combo
  3. KC RB situation in 2006

    anyone have an enlightened idea as to what will happen next year? we know it'll be some form of RBBC this year i'm REALLY hoping for a smooth transition to LJ full-time next year i'm in a dynasty league where i have Holmes and Johnson. Johnson is what we consider a "protected rookie." Once I activate him, he goes into my regular player pool and counts against the six keepers i can carry.
  4. it's good to be a Collins owner

    let me be clear i'm not trying to compare collins with a great NFL QB i would rather have Tom Brady qb'ing my favorite nfl team than kerry collins any day however, you have to love the situation in which collins finds himself his defense sucks, he'll be playing from behind a lot, and his offense is full of stallions saddle up and ride the collins express!
  5. it's good to be a Collins owner

    maybe he forced a few, but i don't count any legitimate picks. i believe manning threw 3 to Law alone a couple of years ago. i don't care if collins makes several bad decisions a game if he throws 2-3 TD's/game, then he's better than most other FF QB's - that's what matters here mike martz makes dumb decisions every game, but you wanna own players in his offense because they score points. that's my point
  6. it's good to be a Collins owner

    it's THE PATS! the pats have made Indy look awful my point here is that -- based on his putting up 3 td's vs. NE -- that he should put up big #'s this year. they have too many weapons on which to focus, and they'll only continue to gel
  7. it's good to be a Collins owner

    their offense is built to be multi-dimensional they won't stop taking their shots down field -- especially with Moss, Curry et al
  8. it's good to be a Collins owner

    sorry - didn't think my first one went through my apologies
  9. three TD's @ NE? i don't care about the 18 for 41. gimme the TD's and the BS INT. i cannot wait until he faces the AFC west defs. very encouraging that they threw near the goalline for the first TD his o-line looked a bit shaky, but again, that should only get better with time and against weaker teams his rapport with Moss is decent and will only get better. once the other receivers get completely healthy, that will only help the passing attack. true to form, they took a lot of shots downfield. you have the love collins' upside this year.
  10. Caddy news from Gruden

    i'd rather see pittman in there with caddy than caddy sitting while pittman is in there with alstott
  11. Same old Moss?

    it's all well and good to talk smack about moss, but this is FANTASY FOOTBALL. we shouldn't care what the Raiders' or Vikes' record is. Bottom line is, based on last night, Moss is still a monster and collins could be a top-5 fantasy qb.
  12. Am I jumping the gun?

    lest we forget that jax plays for mad martz and there's still marshall around to bogart rb receptions
  13. who is #2 Car WR?

    Colbert or Gardner?
  14. Harrison for CJohnson

    i disagree marvin has averaged 12 TD's the past three seasons, including 15 last year. he is still the man, and i'd rather have 35% of Manning's tosses than 50% of carson palmer's. plus, carson has looked like crap so far this preseason go with the safer bet - starvin' marvin
  15. K Jones or Barber?

    KJ no way tiki has the year he did last year also, brandon jacobs is actually a promising short-yeardage guy who will eat up a few of tiki's td's