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  1. Shut up M Irvin

    OK, so now Swerski's from Chicago, Indianapolis AND TEXAS!!!!!???
  2. Shut up M Irvin

    Dude - it was a joke, lighten up. But thank you for refering to me as "Sir" - that has a nice ring to it.
  3. Shut up M Irvin

    $500K a year is not alot of money. Maybe it is in Indianapolis (or Green Bay), but in New York and Connecticut everyone makes that much.
  4. A good laugh!

    I usually like stuff like that, but this guy seems to think that throwing together a bunch of tired old cliches in seemingly random order should pass as humor. I tried to find something funny, I really did. I wanted a good early-Friday-afternoon laugh. But there is not much to work with there. :
  5. Shut up M Irvin

    Pass the Vicodin,'re killing me! If you have kids, I certainly hope you've sat down and explained to them that it's OK to admire these guys for their athletic ability on the field and it's OK to root for them to do well - but that's where it ends. Favre is a womanizing, drunk, prescription junkie who happens to be able to throw a football with some degree of accuracy and velocity. Nothing more, nothing less.
  6. Meadowlands

    I think it's extremely lame that the Giants are planning on putting their own logo in one of the endzones.
  7. Shut up M Irvin

    Wow - aren't you a model citizen. I hope that was a joke.
  8. Shut up M Irvin

    A. I don't think players should hold out after one good season. They signed a contract, they should honor it. B. Obviously, Walker and his agent don't agree with me since he wanted to hold out for more guaranteed money. C. Favre should have stayed out of it. D. I don't see Walker getting a good deal until he proves he's 100% and can get it done. IF the Packers show him some "sign of good faith" (which I doubt they will), I guarantee you it will either be a back-end loaded or incentive-driven contract with far less guaranteed (signing bonus) money than he would have otherwise gotten.
  9. WDIS?

    Clearly, you haven't been here very long. Not only will you be steered wrong, you'll probably end up in a firey crash. Essentially, you're on your own. That said, I'd start McGahee and Boldin.
  10. WDIS C.Martin or D.McAllister?

    No, you are on the wrong track. Start Deuce.
  11. Shut up M Irvin

    What color is the sky in your dreamworld?
  12. Artist rendering of new Colts stadium

    Ummm...nudie bars?
  13. Interesting Problem

    I think you knew the answer all along.
  14. Despite last week's debacle, Pennington is better than Carr.
  15. Start/Bench List: McGahee?

    No one actually uses those Start/Bench they?!
  16. Artist rendering of new Colts stadium

    I like how the parking lot is half empty in that animation - just like a real Cardinals game.
  17. Shut up M Irvin

    I don't agree with Irvin on much, but in this case he is right on the money.
  18. Bench DD for Larry J?

    Then you don't consider DD a stud. That's a different argument. I'm not sure I consider him a stud either. I've had him in my dynasty league for a couple of years but this year I'm starting Rudi and JJ ahead of him. But there is no way I'd start a part-time player ahead of him.
  19. To Trade or not to Trade

    Dude, you trade players like penny stocks. I'd do this one if I were you. I like Jones just as much as Dillon, and you get a sizeable upgrade at WR. This year is far more important than next year, so I don't view giving up Walker as a big deal even in a keeper league. He's easily relpaceable. Edit: We need to get some trades going in 4Board! No one ever trades in that league.
  20. Artist rendering of new Colts stadium

    I spent a week in Indanapolis one day.
  21. WR huhDIS !

  22. WDIS at QB - Favre or Hasselbeck

    Favre. You answered your own question.