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  1. The slot receiver going across the middle is wide open on this play.
  2. Who Will Win?

    I'm predicting ties in both of these games.
  3. Coolest uniforms in NFL

    Bengals - Both
  4. A n00b question

    People here vastly underestimate the importance of kickers and basically think all of them are equal. Nothing could be further from the truth. A top kicker can win you 3 or 4 games per year that you otherwise would have lost if you had a middle of the pack kicker. That said, trying to predict how many points a kicker will score on any given week is a crapshoot. There is no information anyone could give you, other than perhaps injury news, that will help you project how many points your kicker will have on a weekly basis.
  5. 1. Edge 2. JJones 3. LT
  6. Michele Tafoya's Replacement

    It's ho, as in "She won the Miss Idaho contest".
  7. Ricky Williams

    This could be a re-cycled Ron Dayne post from 5 years ago. I think he'll have more success than Dayne.
  8. Michele Tafoya's Replacement

    I'm pretty sure they all have at some point. I thought that was a prerequisite for the job.
  9. Ricky Williams

    Man I could go for some Colombian gold right now.
  10. No he won't. Julius Jones will, and Carnell Williams will be a close second. Good trade. McNabb will carry you to fantasy football gold.
  11. Your Team.~~.Who should we be watching?

    On my team, it's sounding more and more like you should be watching Jay Fiedler.
  12. Mcnabb, T.O. not practicing

    I predict neither one will miss a game all year. (Or, at least until they have clinched home field advantage.) Why do you question these two? They are not particularly injury prone and both have shown the willingness and ability to play through pain.
  13. Johnson for Priest?

    Do it. The rule of thumb in a keeper league is this year is 3x more important than next year or any subsequent year.
  14. Michele Tafoya's Replacement

    She's better to look at than Arman Keteyian, that's for sure.
  15. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    This is true. Someone should take a thread gun to this mess. It started out as a simple question and has turned into a referendum on my drafting strategies, which I do not expect the common fantasy footballer to comprehend. Like other brilliant minds throughout history, I will probably go to my grave being misunderstood by the commonfolk - Galileo, Copernicus, Sir Isaac Newton, Vet....oh well... Let's move on.
  16. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    What if the guy who drafted him wouldn't trade him? Then you're stuck. See, bottom line is all you guys march into your drafts with the same cheatsheets as your competition and expect to come away with some type of advantage. You pick players after they have break-out years because that's what your little cheatsheet tells you to do. I think a better strategy is to pick them when they are about to have a big year. But hey, we can agree to disagree. Let's move on.
  17. For those about to dump Kevin Jones--

    Very misleading statistics for all the reasons mentioned above. The main problem with Kevin Jones is the fact the Joey Harrington doesn't belong in the NFL.
  18. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    What if Williams was already gone by the time your pick came up in the third round? Then you passed on the NFL's leading rusher and wasted your first round pick on a guy who splits carries with Larry Johnson. I appreciate the input, but I think I'll stick to simply assembling a roster of players that score the most points.
  19. See if you can get him to throw in LaDainian Tomlinson.
  20. Why don't you trade him for something?
  21. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    What if the person picking immediately ahead of you in the second round was thinking the same thing, and he took Williams? Then you lose out. I prefer to simply pick the players that score the most points.
  22. Michele Tafoya's Replacement

    She's no Tony Siragusa.
  23. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    Good point. In response to the original question - Yes, CW is the next LT.