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  1. WDIS WR

    Reggie Wayne as the Colts come back to life against the hapless Brown D. Please see mine. Thanks.
  2. Taylor vs. Davis

    If it's a keeper league I think I would rather have Davis. Please see mine. Thanks!
  3. Need Trade Advice

    This is a high risk high reward thing. If Ricky comes back and can be Ricky then your golden since you're really not losing much in the receiving department also having Moss and Holt. Do it. Please see mine. Thanks!
  4. Driver, Bruce, and Horn. Please see mine. Thanks.
  5. My weekly QB dilemma

    I would go with Griese as well. Please see mine. Thanks.
  6. trade offer

    If it were me I think I would do this deal.
  7. I should clarify that I'll be getting Westbrook/Branch for Parker/D Jackson. Is this a no brainer?
  8. Prove your FF Knowledge

  9. Would you guys do this deal? All opinions are welcomed. Leave a link and I will try to answer yours.
  10. Am I giving up too much here? What do you guys think? Or how about Martin for S Jackson straight up? My team is below. Thanks!!
  11. This guy is kind of soured on Trent Green after week 1 and is needing some receiver help. My league is an 8 team standard scoring. We start 1QB, 3RB, 3WR, K, 1 optional and 1Def/st. Here is my team: Brady Leftwich Hasselbeck McGahee K Jones C Martin W Parker Duckett T Owens Andre Johnson D Jackson D Driver D Mason Vanderjagt IND D CAR D