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  1. Send me an invite, new lil' buddy. I'll think on it.
  2. I played in five leagues this year. Four 32 team leagues and my Huddle local with 12. Won two. Oh, well. I suck.
  3. Rookie.
  4. Would you please add as moderators to the league the following: Please remove Savage Beatings and nukettg. Thanks!
  5. Prescott is a dynasty stash at best. His mechanics are janky and he's at best like a Romo, three years away from competing for a starting job. Moore or a crappy veteran is the backup to Romo. If it ends up being Prescott and he fills in for an injured Romo, I think his NFL career will be over before it started, he'll get overwhelmed. He's just not ready. Alot of work to do with him. In the mean time, you have NFL ready QB's from this years draft and in the next couple of drafts to gamble on.
  6. Darn, missed the Pourhouse. That's a darn fine bar, too. UFF-DA draft tomorrow. Also, need a Vikings owner in 32 HomARRRRRRS.
  7. The UFF-DA draft is the 17th. Might be able to make the 16th. And I'm so ashamed of Darin. Winter and packing kicks his azz.
  8. Home - Dream Theater
  9. Just got a letter from DirecTV letting me know since I received it for free last year that they were going to automatically renew it for me this year at $39.99 per month for the next six months. Ummm, no thanks.
  10. Nobody's mentioned DeVonta Freeman. Love his opportunity and skills.
  11. Miles Austin is available in FA. It would be nice if he had any hamstrings left, but the Browns can't be choosers.
  12. It's nice to hear that the Vikings are considering 4-5th round talent in the 2nd round now days instead of the 1st round.
  13. Great league and the Texans are a perennial contender with some of the most homer players. Great opportunity to join a well managed BotH league and win alot soon while putting your stamp on a contender for the future.
  14. Had the day off. Watched the parade in sleet and snow. Time to drink and then puke green! :beer:
  15. What? You haven't worked with J.J. Abrams yet? You suck!