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  1. Where Does Tatum Bell get Picked

    I'll be ecstatic if anybody takes him that early. God knows I won't.
  2. A-Train a Cowboy?

    Maybe Bears fans can help us out here, but I don't remember A-Train being particularly adept at short yard situations. Although he has some size, he didn't seem to want to put his head and shoulders down and plunge in the middle to get just a few yards. If he is still anything like he was at Michigan, he likes to bounce it outside and try to break it 60 yards. Unfortuanately, he just isn't quick enough to do that consistently in the NFL, imo. And as for safety, I think the Cowboys might be looking at Atlanta's Corey Hall, who unexpectedly turned down a deal to resign there last week.
  3. A-Train a Cowboy?

    I think Jones is the main back in Dallas. The Cowboy's just needed a proven guy who can carry the rock if Jones goes down like he did last year. I also don't think that Parcells has much interest in subjecting Julius to alot of 35 carry games like he had near the end of last season. Besides, if they thought that Thomas was a long term answer, they would have tried to sign him for more than a year.

    Good info here. On a side note, bustedflush16, I can almost guarantee you that your league mates don't fear collusion. What they fear is other teams making legit trades that make those teams better, while they sit around being complacent watching their teams lose ground. And doubleD is right, voting will only cause problems, especially with that group. I doubt that they will ever let a trade go through.
  5. Anyone need a DE?

    I like the first day of the draft. The only issue I have is picking Chris Canty in the 4th. The Cowboys had already addressed that need, and while I realize that he has a ton of potential, there is a reason that he fell to the second day. He has injury and character issues. And to top it off, we give up a 4th round draft choice next year to a division rival. The same division rival which had already outmanuevered us to grab safety Sean Considine earlier in the 4th.
  6. policy's mock v3.0

    The Browns might trade down, ya never know, but it won't be out of the top 10-15. You just don't give up a blue chiper to go prospecting at the bottom of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounds, no matter how badly you need bodies. And you couldn't pay me to take Freddie Mitchell. If he changes teams this off-season, it will be as a free agent when he gets cut. I think that Williamson will go to the Vikes at #7, even if Williams is still on the board. I don't see the Cowboys trading up unless the run on DE starts with another team around #6. They'll wait it out at #11 for Ware, Merriman, or Spears to fall to them. They may try to trade out of the #20 pick though, in hopes of picking up an extra third rounder, where they would look for safety help. If they do choose at #20, I expect it will be for a WR. I think they've given up on trying to convert LT's into RT's, considering the failed Jacob Rogers' experiment last year. Good effort on the mock.
  7. *** Official 2005 NFL Draft Contest ***

    1. QB, Smith, Utah 2. RB, Brown, Auburn 3. WR, Edwards, Michigan 4. LB, Johnson, Texas 5. RB, Benson, Texas 6. CB, Rolle, Miami 7. WR, Williamson, South Carolina 8. RB, Williams, Auburn 9. CB, Rogers, Auburn 10. LB, Merriman, Maryland 11. LB, Ware, Troy 12. DE, Spears, LSU 13. OT, Barron, Florida St. 14. WR, Edwards, USC 15. DE, James, Wisconsin
  8. The "Where Clarett gets drafted" pool

    Although I think there is almost no chance they'll take him, I'll say Dallas in the 6th.
  9. MSU prospects in the 2005 draft

    Football fans who have more than 157 posts on this forum? edit to add: Opps, I just saw your college affiliation. I look forward to your analysis of U of M hopefuls.
  10. 2005 Mystery Huddler #19

    Okay, let me get this straight. Conservatives don't want two flaming guys to be able to marry, and don't want two sapphic strutting lesbos to marry, but they have no problem with a bitter fat lesbian marrying a light-loafered flamer? Ok, got it. Seriously, congrats on the great MH, Squeegie. I think.
  11. Broncos trade first round pick to Redskins

    Wow, the Redskins got robbed! As a Cowboy's fan, I can only say sweet!
  12. Get your very own Ron Mexico alias

    Intoducing Holmes Qatar.
  13. Trade Opinion

    I can't comment on the value of the IDP, but it just seems that Team A is gambling on the value of Jordan down the road, which would seem to be high compared to Barber. Team B gets the clear value in the short term, Team A might get greater value in the long term. All in all, a fair trade, imo.
  14. mikenfrisco: Matt, in your opinion, what would be a dream draft for the Cowboys (barring any trades)? Matt Mosley: First of all, thanks to everyone who's participating today. And sorry I had to delay things a bit. Now, about that dream draft. We can't talk about barring any trades because I can almost guarantee you the Cowboys will trade down out of one of those first two picks. If they stay where they are, I could see them taking two defensive linemen. Keep Shawne Merriman, Demarcus Ware and Marcus Spears in mind. I'm really going out on a limb there, huh? Moderator - Jeff Davis: There's need to take WR first day, no way he plays ahead of Tuna's trusted vets, or Quincy Morgan. If we trade down from 20 to like 27, any chance we take theOklahoma safety there or is it too high? George Issaris, Athens, Greece Matt Mosley: George, I've always believed Athens is a hot spot for Cowboys fans. I think the Oklahoma safety that you speak of, Brodney Pool, will go somewhere in that No. 27 range. But I have a hard time seeing the Cowboy going after a safety that early in the draft. Look for them to try to pick up a third round pick and get a guy like Sean Consadine there. Moderator - Jeff Davis: I thought Kalen Thornton was supposed to be the Cowboys 3-4 rush linebacker / 4-3 DE? I know you should always want the best talent, but if Thornton is the real deal then why is it life or death to get either Merriman or Ware with the #11 pick? - Marc Cusaac Matt Mosley: I don't know if anyone is ready to say Kalen Thornton is the real deal. He was an undrafted rookie, so it's amazing he even made the team. I think Parcells likes him. But he's not an every down guy. The Cowboys want an impact player at that position. Shawne Merriman and Demarcus Ware could fill that role. Moderator - Jeff Davis: Are the Cowboys still interested in Darren Howard from the Saints? - Charles McLemore Matt Mosley: Charles, it sounds like that deal has died a very slow death. The Saints asked for Dat Nguyen and the Cowboys said no. It hasn't gone any further than that. Thierry: Could the Cowboys be interested in a trade to get San Diego Chargers backup running back Ahmaad Galloway? Matt Mosley: At last check, Galloway was playing for Frankfurt in NFL Europe. The Broncos cut the former fifth-round pick. I don't think the Cowboys would have any interest. They will probably try to find some value in about the fourth round. Anyone remember Darren Sproles from Kansas State or Ryan Moats from Louisiana Tech. Too little guys who catch the ball. Very elusive. pottsville: Is Demarcus Ware really worthy of the # 11 pick? I've seen him rated as low as 37th overall. Matt Mosley: I know that No. 37 is way too low for this guy. Probably rated that way because he didn't play at a school that got a ton of attention. He might not have the versatility of a Merriman. But he's a pure pass rusher. Maybe more of a conventional player. I don't think No. 11 is a reach. I just think you've read too many boards that have Merriman there at No. 11. pottsville: I've heard Jerry mention scenarios involving Dallas' #11 pick and a running back still being on the board. With San Diego at #12, why would someone want to trade up to 11 when they could trade up to 12 or 13 given the fact that SD doesn't need a RB any more than the Cowboys do? Matt Mosley: You make a good point, but there are other factors at work here. Maybe one of the teams wanting to move up receives a better deal from Jerry Jones. Over the years, certain teams seem to enjoy doing business together. Jones and Raiders owner Al Davis are close friends. And that may have something to do with the fact that the teams have worked out some deals in the past. Cal-Boys: WHO DO YOU THINK THAT THE COWBOYS WILL GET WITH THE 20TH PICK? Matt Mosley: Even though the sexy choice might be receiver, I think the Cowboys will look for a defensive linemen with that pick. That may be the case, even if they move down in the draft. I can't see them taking a safety because about the only sure thing at safety is Thomas Davis. He's not the covery safety the Cowboys need. hannah: I would bet Jones and Parcells trade both first round for more picks in the second.. . .do you disagree Matt Mosley: It just depends on how he values some of those players in the second. They can't get caught trading out of spots that would land them starters. I still think the Cowboys need to find about three starters in this draft. I'm not sure you accomplish that by trading out of all your first-round picks. tlrrebel: Do you think the cowboys will stand pat at #11 or try to move up or down in the draft to get the player they want? Matt Mosley: It just depends on who's around at No. 11. If someone unexpectedly slips and a team at No. 16 wants him, then Jerry Jones and Bill Parcells will listen. docrock: Explain to me why the Boys will not take a chance on Maurice Clarett in the later rounds? Matt Mosley: Docrock, I'm not saying they won't take a chance on the guy. But Bill Parcells has said that he prefers an elusive guy. Clarett is a big back and doesn't fit that description. That's why the Cowboys may pass on him. CC: Do you think we have quarterback situation set for this year Matt Mosley: I don't see any changes at that position. Unless the Cowboys see someone of extreme value fall, they'll just stay the course. Drew Bledsoe starts for a year or two and you keep trying to find out if Drew Henson is the long-term answer. David-G: I don't know if Ty Law has already been signed by another team, but if not, couldn't he be a great fit as a veteran leader as a Free Safety? He could slide into coverage on the Nickel D as well. Any thoughts by the Cowboy's of something or someone along those lines? Matt Mosley: I want to hear a team try to convince Ty Law to move to safety. This is a supremely proud player who thinks he's still among the top three cornerbacks in the league. And he may be right. He wants way too much money and he's not ready to play nickel or safety. Shusky: I've seen the Cowboys slated to select T. Williamson in a number of Mock Drafts. No offense to him but I've watched him play and I'm not impressed. Why not take Clayton at 20 instead and select a defensive player at 11? Matt Mosley: I don't think the Cowboys will take Troy Williamson at No. 20 because he'll already be gone. And Clayton should go way before that. I've seen him going as high as No. 8. You'll get your defensive player with that first pick. I just don't think that second pick is a lock for receiver. markus: A couple years ago, the Cowboys dropped down 2 spots (#6 to #8) and still got their guy (Roy Williams). When dropping 1 or 2 spots what assurances do teams receive from the team they're trading with that they won't take the guy they are targeting? Matt Mosley: Markus, as competitive a league as this is, it's hard to believe that a team would suddenly renege on a deal. They would take way too much of a PR hit. That stuff just doesn't happen. Hawg1: If the Cowboys go Defensive with both first round picks, what are the chances of them taking Matt Jones in the second round.....or would they more likely want a proven WR? Matt Mosley: I think a lot of people think Jerry Jones' love for Arkansas might have something to do with Matt Jones coming here. Well, the only time that love of the alma mater comes into play might be in the late rounds. He likes Matt Jones, but I don't see them risking a second-round pick on a guy who's never played the position when they can get a guy who's been playing it all his life. jksmith269: Do you see us trading any players away on draft day for picks? Matt Mosley: I wouldn't bet on it. If it happens, I think it would be more of a fringe player such as Kenyon Coleman. The Cowboys did land a starting fullback, Darian Barnes, on the second day of last year's draft. capstone: Why don't the Cowboys take Seattle or Indy up on the chance to get Shaun Alexander or Edgerrin James for a 2nd rounder? It would seem that an upgrade in the running game helps this team more than anything, right? Matt Mosley: Did you see a guy named Julius Jones play last season? I did, and if he's not the real deal, I'm not sure who is. James is a great running back, but he's battled a lot of injuries and Shaun Alexander is several years older than Jones. I just don't see this one happening. But thanks for writing. Didn't mean to snap at you! conner01: i think spears is a guy who bill will love.he gets him closer to his 3-4.what do you think of the chances and spears? Matt Mosley: I've always had Marcus Spears pretty high on my board. OK, I don't really have a board. But my good friend Rick Gosselin has a pretty solid one, and he likes Spears at No. 20. I think Spears could play in the 4-3 or the 3-4. He's a powerful guy. I think you're onto something. markus: How will Jeff Ireland impact this draft and can we expect the results of his leadership to bring change to the effectiveness of the scouting dept? Matt Mosley: The director of scouting needs to be someone who is incredibly organized. That's why I would be the worst director of scouting in the history football. I think Ireland has the guts to push back on Bill Parcells. And that's a good thing. But I'd be remiss not to mention that Ireland will never, never, never overcome the stigma of having forfeited my university's chance at a national championship in 1991. Thanks for sticking around folks. You've been great. I'll be back soon.
  15. Who slides in the draft?

    Some player who is expected to be drafted high always is left sittting all alone in the green room while others get called before him. Who is it in this years draft? Imo, it could be one of the Qb's(Smith or Rodgers, whoever doesn't get drafted by the 49'ers), but I bet it's Mike Williams. I don't think the Vikings will take him at #7. I think teams have questions about his speed, not to mention how he responds to not playing football for over a year.
  16. Draft Chat with Rick Gosselin

    Moderator - Jeff Davis: Rick Gosselin will begin to answer your questions at 11:30 a.m. G in Atlanta: What do the Falcons need to push themselves into the Super Bowl? Rick Gosselin: The Falcons have a franchise quarterback in Mike Vick. They need to surround him with the weapons that can maximize his contribution. So wide receiver should be at the top of Atlanta's wish list. Peerless Price is a solid No. 2, but the Falcons need a lead dog on this sled. They need someone to stretch the field and pressure defenses on the corner. Wide receiver is always a position abounding with talent on draft day, and the Falcons will have options if that's the direction they want to follow in the first round. Terrence Murphy (Texas A&M), Roddy White (Alabama-Birmingham) and Reggie Brown (Georgia) would all be considerations. Moderator - Jeff Davis: With the multiple picks that the Eagles have on Day 1, what is your take on my belief that the Cowboys will be acquiring the 2nd and 3rd round picks in exchange for one of the 2 picks in the 1st round? - Manish Patel Rick Gosselin: There has to be something pressing the Eagles would need to trade up for. This is a team with no glaring weakness. It's too early to tell if the Eagles will want to make a quantum leap up the draft board. Everyone seems to want the Cowboys to trade down for extra picks -- but someone is going to have to want to come up. You won't know until they are on the clock. Don't expect the Eagles to give up picks in the first day, though. I can see the Eagles trading a four to move up in the third, or a five to move up in the fourth. Moderator - Jeff Davis: Rick, if you were the GM of the Dallas Cowboys and both Shawne Merriman and DJ Johnson were available at the 11th pick, which player would you take? - Brady Quarles Rick Gosselin: The Cowboys need a pass rusher. Johnson is a big-play maker but all of his plays come on his side of the line (9 interceptions, 11 forced fumbles). He only had two sacks last season and 10 in his career. The Cowboys need someone who can makes plays in the other team's backfield. They need a pass rusher. Of those two options, that would be Merriman (8 1/2 sacks in 2004, 22 in his career). Moderator - Jeff Davis: Rick, Why do the Cowboys constantly trade down? - Michael in Minnesota Rick Gosselin: Mike, That's puzzled me, too. They traded away from Tony Brackens one year and Kendrell Bell another. You need blue chip players to win championships and you get them in the first round. If you're loaded, like New England or Philadelphia, you can afford to trade down. When you're lacking young stars, you should stay where you are and draft in the first round. I'd rather have one great player than two good ones. The Cowboys haven't shared that belief. And my feeling is they will try to trade down from at least one of their two spots in the first round this month. Eagles: We all know the Cowboys will blow their picks! But what about Philly? What will we do with all the picks we have? Trade half of 'em? Rick Gosselin: My guess is Philly will make a handful of deals that land 2006 draft picks. Trade a four in 2005 for someone's three in 2005, a five in 2004 for someone's four in 2005, a six in 2005 for someone's five in 2006. That way you perpetuate your dynasty -- you always have a bushel of draft picks the next year when you might need them. I have the highest regard for the Eagles and how they go about their business. This team knows how to build a good team and maintain a good team. Buzzbeer03: Texas A&M's Mike Montgomery DL, is tall and fast I haven't heard any projections on him Rick Gosselin: Montgomery only ran a 5.06 at Indy, so he projects inside at tackle. Right now I've got him in the second day of the draft, somewhere between the fourth and sixth round. He's a junior college transfer and only a one year starter at A&M, so he needs some more time to develop as a football player. A second-day draft selection will afford him that luxury. chris1999: Mr Gosselin, do you see the cowboys taking a safety in the second round, and if so, do you like the pool, shazur, davis, or bullocks? Rick Gosselin: I hope the Cowboys stick to their draft board and take the best player available at their pick, not reach to fill a need. That's been a draft-day problem the Cowboys have had for years. There are enough areas of need that the Cowboys can come away with a contributing player without having to reach to fill a need at safety. But who knows? Safety may be the position that has the best player available. I think Davis and Pool will both be gone by the time the Cowboys pick in the second round and that would be too high for Bullucks. That's also way too high for Shazor. sports: It seems like the Cowboys have been chasing a star-quality defensive end since Charles Haley left a decade ago (no slam on Greg Ellis). This draft appears to be heavy with ends. Which one is the best and will they be there at No. 11? Rick Gosselin: This draft is lighter at end than you think, and it's very light on speed rushing ends. The Cowboys need speed. Shawne Merriman and Demarcus Ware (Troy) would both be considerations. Merriman is more of an end at 272 but Ware might be the best speed rusher in the draft. But he's light at 251. He's probably anoutside linebacker in a 3-4. If the Cowboys go to a 3-4, Ware might be the better choice. If they stay in a 4-3, you Merriman is the logical selection. Doug_Fu: Are the Cowboys really thinking about trading away one of their first round picks? And if they do, which one will they try to trade away? Rick Gosselin: I'd be surprised is the Cowboys don't trade away at least one of the picks. They can command a better deal for the 11th pick. But drafts historically have 12-14 blue chippers, and to back out of 11 would be to back out of the blue-chip range. I know the Cowboys would love to get a third-round pick. If they can get it by moving out of 20, I'd consider trading out there. But I'd stay at 11 and draft an impact player. CMC: Any Cowboys interested in Marcus Spears from LSU? Rick Gosselin: The Cowboys have an interest in any player with size. Parcells was fooled into thinking he could win with small fast players in 2003 when the Cowboys finished first in the NFL in defense. But those little players were mashed last year. Parcells won with an imposing, physical front seven in New York and I think he'd like to build a imposing, physical front here. Spears is the biggest of the ends at 307 pounds, so that has to attract Parcells. But he only ran a 5.1 at his workout. That said, he's a first round talent -- and Nick Saban has turned out a stream of NFL-ready players in recent years at LSU. ChadDuncan: What lies ahead with the draft as far as a QB? Can we expect Dallas to trade up for a rookie right out of college? Rick Gosselin: This is going to be Drew Bledsoe's team for the next few years as Drew Henson develops. The Cowboys also like Tony Romo. The Cowboys also have pressing needs in other areas of the team. So I'd be surprised if the Cowboys take a quarterback before the second day. I'm also of the belief you should draft a developmental quarterback every year, especially if you have a compensatory sixth or seventh-round pick. You never know when you'll get lucky and hit on a Tom Brady or Brad Johnson. Condor: What's the consensus on Mike Williams the WR? How good is he? Any chance of the Boys moving up for him? Rick Gosselin: I had Williams in the middle of the first round last year and that's where he is on this year's draft board. He's 240 pounds and runs a 4.6. As players get older, they don't get a) faster, or smaller. I think in two or three years Williams could be an H-back waiting to happen. That said, in the short term he could be a dynamic red-zone receiver for an NFL team. But the Cowboys already have Keyshawn Johnson. Williams is a Keyshawn clone. If I take a receiver high, I'd want one with speed. Vikash: Goose - big fan of urs. Any chance Mike Williams slips to 11, and if so, does Dallas take him? Rick Gosselin: See above. I think 11 is too high. I might consider him at 20, but not 11. Not with the other areas of need on this team. I think the Cowboys should, and will, address the defense in the first round. ThreeJ: How would you rank the top three needs for the Cowboys and how you see them most likely addressing them (ie: draft or free agency), and who their most likely target(s) would be for each of those needs. Rick Gosselin: The Cowboys need a pass rusher, a safety with coverage skills, a speed receiver, some size in the defensive front seven and another offensive lineman. You an never have enough offensive and defensive linemen. The draft is where you address problems long term. The Cowboys have the chance to draft three starting-caliber players in the first two rounds. Any action the Cowboys take in free agency from this point on will be short-term, one-year patches. Focus on the draft, not free agency. chrisfc1310: Will you be picking against the New England Patriots as you did most of last year? or who in your mind is the odds on favorite to win it all ? Rick Gosselin: This might be Philadelphia's year. I think New England took some huge hits on the coaching staff, and the Cowboys and 49ers both started to slide in the 1990s when they lost quality assistant coaches. But as long as the Patriots have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, they will be in the hunt. No one has won three straight since the Packers in the 1960s. The more the Patriots win, the tougher it will be for New England to win. I expect Indianapolis to close the gap some more in 2005 and I like the Bills as my sleeper team. HINTON: I see Johnson, Merriman and Ware, but what about Blackstock from UVA Parcells and Al Groh have a Good Relationship could he be a target? Rick Gosselin: I think the 11th and 20th picks are both too high for Blackstock. He has pass rush skills, which should attract the Cowboys, but I don't believe he's a first-rounder. bill_cache: Are the Cowboys seriously interested in Matt Jones as a big receiver with 1st or 2nd Round pick? Rick Gosselin: The Cowboys and everyone else are interested in Jones in the second round. The Steelers had great success with Antwan Randle El in the second round -- and Jones is bigger, faster, stronger than Randle El. I've heard some rumblings about Jones in the first round, but I think that's too high for a projected position change. Jones is one of the most intriguing prospects on a draft board in a long time. Moderator - Jeff Davis: That's all the time Rick has for today. Thanks for chatting.
  17. Sig Line Bet for those in Billay's Brackets

    Thanks, MV. I've never written a sigline before. I'll honor Puddy's wishes and keep it brief. Besides, I always have hated the really long ones. Try this on for size. Ashamed Loser - Billay's 2005 NCAA Tourney Bracket Huddle Challenge I only hope that I'm better at fantasy football than picking college hoops.
  18. Sig Line Bet for those in Billay's Brackets

    Damm! Now I see this? No offense, but considering how bad I beat all of you, nobody should be handing out siglines but me.
  19. What has been your best pick

    In '96, I got Emmitt Smith in the 1st round and Brett Favre in the 2nd. We might as well just declared me the champ and redrafted at that point. However, I also got a rookie that year named Curtis Martin in the last round. I got Jeff Garcia in the 14th and Stephen Davis in the 8th round in the respective years they borke out. In my BOTH league last year, I'm fairly proud that I took Reggie Wayne in the 8th and Nate Burleson in the 13th. Unfortunately, neither of them will help me this year as keepers.
  20. 2005 Mystery Huddler #14

    Since when has the MH Committee ever had to coax the rest of us to infer the people in these photos are flamers? In fact, this MH's request to not have him and his friends called gay might be the queerest thing I've ever heard. Homo.
  21. Consensus Draft Pick 1.20

    Nothing that you say is incorrect, but my point wasn't that a trade down would be unexpected, just harder to execute this year. In fact, I would expect the Cowboys to discuss moves down, just like I would expect a ton of other teams to try in a deep draft pool. Last year, Stephen Jackson was pegged as the cream of a very thin RB crop(at least that is how the media rated him and he was the first RB taken). Who is the player that a team will just have to have at #20? I could be wrong, and of course, we don't know how other team's draft boards are coming together, but I don't see a must have player at this point. But you never know. Perhaps a Losman-like player might intrigue a team enough to trade up.
  22. Consensus Draft Pick 1.20

    Agreed, but like I said, they won't be trading down either. They'll pick at #20.
  23. Consensus Draft Pick 1.20

    Everybody and their grandmother wants to trade down in this draft. The talent pool is fairly deep, but is without many can't miss prospects. I think it will be very difficult, if not impossible, for the Cowboys to trade out of this pick unless they are willing to package it and move up into the top seven. There have been alot of D-lineman that have come out recently with medical questions that have been passed on only to perform well in their rookie years. Udeze last year. Shaun Rodgers before that. I think they'll take a chance on James here.
  24. NFL blew a great opportunity

    I think that the teams have great discretion over their preseason schedules and set the matchups themselves. The NFL just doesn't have the same control over the preseason schedule like it does when making up the regular season schedule. Minnesota actually has done pretty well in attendance of its preseason games and I'm sure that they don't have much interest in feeding the hype of a Randy Moss v. Vikings grudge match. They are just happy he's gone, it seems.
  25. Get your brackets here If its not too late.