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  1. 2005 Mystery Huddler #7

    It kind of looks like an Albanian double-headed eagle. We have any gay muslim gypsies on this board?
  2. Vikings' Campbell arrested on weapons, drug charges Beth Warren, Cox News Service February 26, 2005 VIKE0226 ATLANTA -- Vikings wide receiver Kelly Campbell was arrested on weapons and drug charges Thursday near the Georgia Dome. Campbell, 24, is charged with possession of Josh Gordon and theft by receiving stolen property involving a Smith & Wesson handgun, police records show. An Atlanta police officer stopped Campbell at 2:15 p.m. after watching the SUV he was driving cross the center line on Fair Street to pass three or four cars, and drive in the wrong lane for 500 feet, the police report said. When the officer walked over to Campbell's driver's side window, he said, he smelled a strong odor of Josh Gordon. The officer searched Campbell's 2003 GMC Denali and found the handgun, reported stolen in Florida, and 16 grams of Josh Gordon under the center console, the incident report said. The SUV was impounded, and police confiscated Campbell's diamond earrings, which the athlete said are worth $18,000, and a $12,000 Geneva Elite watch. Campbell appeared Friday before a Fulton County magistrate, who allowed him to go free on a signature-only $8,000 bond, Fulton County sheriff's spokesman Lt. Clarence Huber said. Vikings coach Mike Tice, reached at the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis, said he would have to wait on the legal system before reaching any conclusion. He said he had been told Campbell would have a court date next week. "I can't comment on anything until after it goes to court and this thing gets resolved," he said. "Obviously, we're disappointed that this incident occurred." Campbell was arrested in Cobb County, Ga., in 1999 on a charge of misdemeanor Josh Gordon possession. The solicitor's office dropped the charge in June 2000. Campbell holds Georgia Tech's career records of 2,907 receiving yards, 195 catches and 24 receiving touchdowns. He started three games for the Vikings last season, his third in the NFL. Campbell's on-field antics have put him in hot water with Tice and the league. The NFL fined him $5,000 for excessive celebration in the Vikings' season-opening victory over Dallas. He was penalized for leaving the sideline to join an on-field celebration in the Vikings' Oct. 10 victory at Houston but was not fined, even though Tice said he hoped the wide receiver would draw a stiff fine.
  3. Free Fantasy Nascar League

    The Sporting News is hosting free fantasy Nascar leagues. Leagues consist of eight four driver teams determined by a draft. The season begins March 20. If anybody is interested in joining, just PM me and I'll send you the league name and password.
  4. Free Fantasy Nascar League

    Still have a couple of spots remaining.
  5. Vikings' Bad Apple WR Gets Arrested.

    I thought all these problems were supposed to be over now that the cancer was removed from the team.
  6. I give you...

    This comes a little late, but I just saw it while catching up on Mick's Mail at There have been some threads comparing and contrasting past fooball dynasties, but no one I know has claimed that the current group of Patriots would dominate any of them. Compete maybe, but not dominate. So that just has to be Ugly Tuna's real identity. Either that, or I've been giving you Pat's fans too much credit.
  7. Cowboys' Online Chat Today

    Just an F.Y.I. for Cowboys fans in particular and NFL fans in general. DiscussLive: ONLINE CHAT ON COWBOYS SET Cowboys beat writer Matt Mosley will answer your questions during an online chat on on Friday, Feb. 25 from 1:30 p.m.-2:15 p.m. (Central). Submit questions for Matt's advance consideration here: The chat may be accessed at the main SportsDay page and home page:
  8. Let's Make a Deal!

    There have been a ton of articles speculating that Randy Moss will be traded this offseason. Plenty of posts here at the Huddle about it, too. Some of the speculation has been intersting, but frankly, most of it has just been asinine.(Oakland, yer gonna have to do so much better than Philip Buchanon!) So I'm gonna give you homers and anyone else who wants to play a chance. Pick a NFL team and make an offer for the superstar, Randy Maw. Try to keep it realistic. Nothing stupid like three 1st round choices, three 2nd round choices, three 3rd round choices and a handful of players for Hersch... er, Randy, I mean. I'll update the list as offers come in. And maybe, just maybe, we'll see if somebody can see into the future and predict the trade correctly if it actually does unfold. Atlanta - Keith Brooking/Chris Draft, Brian Scott, Peerless Price, a 2005 1st round draft choice and a 2006 2nd round draft choice for Moss and Mewelde Moore. Arizona - Three team deal with San Diego. Would receive Drew Brees and send 1- 2 defensive players to Vikings. Baltimore -1.) Adalius Thomas and a 2005 1st round draft choice. 2.) Peter Boulware and a 2005 1st round draft choice. 3.) Chris McAllister and a 2005 3rd round draft choice. Buffalo- Carolina - Mushin Muhammad and a 2005 2nd round draft choice. Chicago - 1.) 2005 1st round draft choice (#4 overall) and a 2006 3rd rounder. 2.) Ogunleye or Urlacher and 2005 2nd round draft choice. 3.) Tillman and 2005 1st round draft choice. Cincinnati - Cleveland - Dallas - 1.) Terrence Newman, Tony Dixon and a 2005 1st round draft choice. 2.) Roy Williams, Bradie James and a 2005 1st round draft choice. Denver - Detroit - Green Bay- Houston - Indianapolis - Jacksonville - Kansas City - Tony Gonzalez and a 2005 2nd round draft choice. Miami - Patrick Surtain and a 2005 2nd round draft choice. New England - New Orleans - New York Giants - Will Allen and a 2005 1st round draft choice. New York Jets - 1.) John Abraham and a 2005 3rd round draft choice. 2.) Jonathan Vilma and 2 draft choices. Oakland - Jerry Porter/Philip Buchanon and a 2005 2nd round draft choice. Philadelphia - Pittsburgh - San Diego - Three team deal with Arizona. Would receive Moss and send Drew Brees to Arizona and 2005 1st round draft choice to Minnesota. San Francisco - Seatle - St Louis - Tampa Bay - Tennessee - Washington - LaVar Arrington and draft choices.
  9. Huddle MVP Challenge info

    I was going to return to the FFTOC $50 game, but I'll probably do this instead. I wonder if they might offer a package deal, such as a Huddle membership and entry into the MVP Challenge for $49.95?
  10. Let's Make a Deal!

    And the weener is.......... no one! Well at least The Outfit put out an offer from the Raiders, but Porter/Buchanon and a 2nd round pick wasn't really close to the actual trade of Harris, a 2005 1st round draft choice and a future 7th round choice. So what have we learned? First, the Vikings got no where near Moss' actual football value in return. Harris has the chance to develop into a decent LB when healthy. He could be a guy who puts up solid tackle numbers, but I doubt he will ever become a game breaker in the Urlacher mode. And draft choices, no matter how high they are, are still a crap shoot in comparison to the acknowledged talent Moss has and the numbers he has put up. Second, no team was willing to give the Vikings anything close to Moss' actual football value. His numerous run-ins and character flaws clearly affected that. That clearly made his market value much lower than his actual football value. And third, the Vikings clearly consider this a case of addition by subtraction. They were perfectly willing to take the lower market value for him just so they could get rid of him. I didn't think that would be the case. I was wrong.
  11. Cowboys

    Superb analysis of the Cowboys' situation except it does not seem to take into account that the cowboys are supposedely looking to move to the 3-4 full time this year.
  12. Vikings sold?

    It makes me laugh when people around here talk about Taylor coming to the Vikes rescue, too. Bottom line is that he is a businessman and has no intention of overpaying for them. And Denny Hecker is an even a bigger joke. Nothing like trading a Texas used car salesman for a local used car salesman. There is some speculation I've heard that says the Minnesota legislature would try to drive an even harder bargain with Taylor concerning public financing of a stadium just because of the local angle. They may not be as afraid of him moving the team since he has so many local ties. Make no mistake, if he bought the Vikes and no new stadium was in place by 2011, this team would be the L.A. Vikings in a second.
  13. The Pro Bowl - I am So...

    Disinterested. As in I'll watch it because it's football, but I couldn't give a rip about who actually wins.

    All Vikings fans may be delusional, but not all the deluded are Vikings fans.
  15. Charging for Autographs

    Hmmm, I find that really interesting. You'll pay for a signed item that you have no real guarantee is authentic (I'm sure I can affix a hologram and print up a "letter of authenticity" as well as the next guy), but you won't pay for an item which is being signed right in front of you, thus guaranteeing its authenticity? For some reason, I find that odd. And the most I've paid is $30 for Emmitt Smith's autograph back in '94.

    I'm not a Viking's fan. As a Cowboy's fan I don't experience delusions, only grandeur.

    Today's Star Trib quotes Taylor as saying McCombs is on the verge of closing a $625 million dollar sale of the Vikings to Fowler. The Trib also adds, that at least privately, Taylor believes that the NFL will deny Fowler's bid, since he may not have enough personal equity to support his bid. If that sale falls through, Taylor would be poised to offer $575-$590 million to McCombs for the Vikings.
  18. D. SPROLES

    The guy is 5'7". Thats going to limit the teams that will even give him a chance. But your right, he has major skills. He'll get drafted in the 4th-5th round and have to make a team as a 3rd down back and/or PR.
  19. Moss trade

    Feel free to post your speculation here.
  20. Cowboy bias strikes again!

    I didn't realize that being the all-time leader at your respective position was a pre-requisite to first ballot induction. I wonder how both Young and Marino made it into the HOF on the first ballot this time?
  21. Is Tom Brady a Hall of Famer?

    Ummm, Troy Aikman? And with that *** bias against the Cowboys at the Hall of Fame, who knows if he'll ever get in? Actually, I would think Aikman would be a barometer for Brady. If Aikman doesn't get in on first ballot, I don't see how Brady could.
  22. Cowboy bias strikes again!

    People arguing that since Irvin(or any other Cowboy you can think of) isn't in the Cowboy Ring of Honor, it must mean he doesn't belong in the Hall fo Fame, is moronic. Jerry doesn't induct people into the Ring of Honor because he thinks they deserve it. He treats the Ring, like all other things in his life, as a business/marketing opportunity. Gotta a ***ty home schedule this year? Didn't make a splash in free agency? Season ticket sales lagging? Might not sell out every game this year? Then, and only then, will you see Jerry go on a Ring of Honor induction spree. Maybe I'm going a little overboard. Afterall, he did induct Bob Hayes. But in order for Bullet Bob to get in he had to be on his freakin' death bed.
  23. Congratulations to GhostFace

  24. New Trophy

  25. This McCartney kid has talent!

    That was the best halftime show since Up With People last performed. I'm serious.