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  1. Cowboy bias strikes again!

    Holy crap! Now I'm convinced that Swann couldn't hold Irvin's or Monk's jock. With those stats, the only way Swann should be admitted to the Hall of Fame is if he buys a ticket.
  2. The Greatest Running Back Ever Is ...

    Yep, it is. However, it isn't gonna settle any arguments and it won't stop at least four threads being started on the topic every year.
  3. Culpepper disses a kid

    Kid's lucky. I woulda just brought him some ice water and taken it back after he had a sip. Here's the Star Trib's version of the story. Culpepper Deals With Changes by Kevin Seifert Star Tribune Staff Writer Jacksonville, Fla. -- There was only one question from those assembled Wednesdayat an award news conference. It came from 17-year-old J.T. Townsend, wheelchair-bound because of a high school football injury, and included a small request. "Hey, Daunte," Townsend said, "can I get some ice?" "You wnat some ice?" Said Daunte Culpepper, holding his trademark diamond-encrusted Red Pepper necklace. "Here you go." Culpepper then walked off the stage and put the chain, glittering like ice and worth about $100,000, around Townsend's neck. The crowd cheered, a light moment in what otherwise has been an unsettling offseason for the Vikings quarterback. • Townsend returned Culpepper's "ice" after Wednesday's news conference -- in exchange for Culpepper's promise to send memorobilia. Culpepper left the building with Townsend's address tucked in his pocket. Hmmm, I guess it's just in how the story is written on how it comes accross. I blame the liberal media.
  4. Parcells cleaning house....

    Hoffman did a nice job finding no-name, league minimum kickers. Not sure what the point to firing him is unless Parcells wants to pay top $$$ for free agent K's and P's or waste second round draft choices. Warhop was Parcells' choice to be line coach last year. Big things were expected of him, but the line didn't look all that great. Guess Parcells decided to cut his losses early. Jeffcoat was a nice player for many years and had ties going all the way back to the Landry days. Not sure how that qualified him to be a coach. It just seemed like he might have had a hard time imparting his knowledge to the players under his charge. Not sure though. Getting rid of some guys is fine and all, but a real step in the right direction is getting some talent on that team. And I don't mean 30+ year old ex-Jets and Patriots.
  5. Emmit to retire....

    Here's my crazy speculation of the day. Emmitt signs a one year contract with Dallas to back up Julius Jones and then retires after the season.
  6. Poll - limiting the length of a sig line

    Is my sigline too long?
  7. 2005 draft

    The Cowboys could use in no particular order... 1.) a pass rush DE. 2.) a space eating DT. 3.) a BIG, fast LB. 4.) a shutdown CB. 5.) a stud, TE covering S. 6.) an athletic, fast WR. 7.) a can't miss QB. 8.) a stud RT. 9.) a stud RG. 10.) a stud LG. I think that just about covers it. So when the Cowboy's picks come around, they might just as well go for the best athlete available. It's bound to help fill some hole on that team.
  8. Let's Make a Deal!

    Thanks for the response. I'd been waiting for a Baltimore homer to give his take on the situation. I highly doubt that Thomas and the pick alone would get close to getting the Vikes attention. For that matter, I'm not even sure about Boulware. I know he came out of college highly rated, but how has he performed for the Ravens? My guess is that Ray Lewis really elevates the play of that entire unit. And why wouldn't the Raven's be willing to offer the 1st rounder if McAllister is the guy to be traded? Especially if he's not a motivated (attitude problem similar to Randy Moss?) player. Like I said earlier, for the Ravens to get this done, it will take Suggs and/or Reed and a pick. It seems that no team is willing to give up what the Vikes would (or at least should) want. And the Vikes shouldn't be willing to fire sale Moss. In the end, I think all this speculation being stoked by guys like Mortenson is really out of line.
  9. Let's Make a Deal!

    Yeah, but Newman and a #1 is at least a step up from Buchanon and a #2. Newman was horrible last year except for the final 4 games. He turned it around and looked at least as good as he did his rookie season. He's going into his third year, which should make for the year he breaks out and starts to really play well. But you're right, the Vikes will have no interest in trading for a big question mark. They will want a young bonafide stud plus picks. That's why I thought they might listen to an offer of Roy Williams, Bradie James and a 2005 #1. I'm not sure if the Cowboys would make that offer though. I'm not even sure if the Vikes would accept. Williams was almost as horrendous as Newman last year.
  10. Let's Make a Deal!

    Well, if we add your Terrell Owens to flyeaglesfly "offer" of $350 million, you might just have a deal.
  11. Let's Make a Deal!

    As a Cowboys fan, I was thinking what the offer might be from them, too. I think you have it right, except for Tony Dixon, who is a complete stiff and will probably be released, imo. Sub in Bradie James and the Vikes might think twice, although I also think they would insist on Roy Williams in place of Newman.
  12. Let's Make a Deal!

    Nice post pad.
  13. Trivia Question

    Tough question. I'm not sure when they even started playing the Pro Bowl. Someone who was popular and played forever. Somebody who wouldn't be the first player to come to your mind. I'll guess Bruce Mathews.
  14. Let's Make a Deal!

    Personally, I think Arrington is highly overrated, even when he is healthy. The Vikings have too many holes on defense for just him to plug, even if they did want him. Imo, the bidding would have to start at Arrington, Taylor and a draft choice for the Vikes to be interested. If the Ravens want him, it would be Suggs and Reed. I don't know if any of those teams are interested at that price. I doubt it and that's why I doubt Randy is on another team next year.
  15. Let's Make a Deal!

    I said keep it realistic. Those guys might get you a six pack and ham sandwich, but not Randy Maw. No, on second thought, I think I'd rather have the six pack and the ham sandwich.
  16. Playoff Blitz

  17. Let's Make a Deal!

    Well, if you're willing to start the bidding at about $350 million, which would be a hefty down payment on a new retractable roof, domed stadium for the Vikings, ol' Red might just listen to ya.
  18. Some things to talk about

    I think its a bad trade by definition when you acquire a 5'9" CB who wouldn't have a prayer of covering the 6'4" receiver you're giving up. The speculation going on is starting to get assinine.
  19. Chiefs upgrade their defense with big singing

    I bet Crouch makes for a much better singer than safety.
  20. Playoff Blitz

    At this rate, I'm gonna have my regular season title stripped away from me. Straight Up NE Phi Against the Spread NE Phi
  21. 2004 Annual Huddle Awards

    *Forum Awards* Fantasy Guru Award – Hugh One Huddle Heisman - Tailgate Award - Wiege Homer Hero - Captain Hook *Site Awards* Best Huddle Game – Weekly Blitz (Gotta vote for the game I'm a co-champ of) Best BOTH League – Twelve Men in the Huddle (Sorry, I'm a homer!) Best Huddle article - The Trash Can Report (Gotta give my man, yo mama, some love.) Best post/thread - Thinnest Book (alot of fun that didn't degenrate into name calling.) Best Link - The one that gets you banned. (Tips hat to Chavez.) Best New Feature - Avatars Worst New Feature - The new thread gun seems to have a hair trigger. (Just my humble opinion! Please don't gun me!) *Individual Awards* Best Username - moss=6... (and its many incarnations depending on mood.) Best Sigline – Rockn's Best Sigline Acquired From a Bet - Best Avatar - TimC's (Phoebe makes my pants tight) Best Fisherman - H8 (May be a little obvious, but no one elicits the emotions that he does.) Best use of Graemlins - Squeegie (Half of her posts are nothing but.) Most Respected Huddler - Big John Least Respected Huddler - Waterman Most Annoying Huddler - Ugly Tuna Most Notorious Post Padder - Squeegie (and running a close second, Squeegie.) Who you'd most want to have a beer with - Anyone in my BOTH League (Yeah, even you Swerski.) Who you'd most want to talk football with - Hugh One Newbie of the Year - Darin3 Newbie Tool of the Year - Take your pick. (Could always start with Grit's idio... er ignore list.) MVH - Most Valuable Huddler – Msaint (The Huddle has a celebrity!) *Edits to come*
  22. One featured back in Minn. next year?

    If a trade occurs, I wil be more likely to believe it. That being said, which RB has the most trade value? Which would Minnesota be willing to give up? My guess is that Onterrio Smith gets traded for a 3rd round draft choice. I've heard rumors, which are I admit are worthless, that he hasn't learned too much from his 4 game suspension. He can supposedly be found out and about every night of the week. Bennett is injury prone and undependable. Moore is a promising guy, but coming off a rookie year. If teams don't do much homework on Smith, the Vikes could get the most out of him and get rid of a potential problem guy at the same time.
  23. Barrett Robbins

    I have second hand exprience with this since my girlfriend deals with Bi-Polar Disorder. Bi-Polar is even more complicated than what you describe, yo mama. The various medications used to treat it are quite crude and rudimentry. They don't make the majority of patients feel better. They make them feel NOTHING. The effect of the medicine is to make sure they no longer have manic highs or depressive lows. Unfortuanately, a side effect for many is that they also don't experience any real feelings. Some choose to discontinue medication not because they feel "fine", but because they wish to actually experience feelings again. Any feelings. Even if they might be harmful.
  24. Playoff Blitz

    Some small changes. Straight Up Pit Min St.L Ind Against the Spread Min St.L Pit Ind
  25. Lions to cut Joey Harrington? If so...

    I'm not saying that Harrington is not an option for Dallas. All I'm saying is that they need to make a determination about whether he is capable of being THE guy. Now. Before they would consider signing and playing him. The Cowboys don't need to sign him if they only have him compete with Henson and Romo as the heir apparent. If Harrington would sign a two year deal for $3 mil. and little signing bonus and be handed the starting job as Testeverde is taken to the retirement home, I wouldn't have much of a problem with that. If Harrington shows anything his first year, keep him, if not, sayanora. At first when I heard this, I thought that the Lion's would be idiots to give up on him now, bonus issues or no bonus issues. He's shown some potential, he's going into his fourth year which means he should be pretty mature, and he would be going into the season with healthy offensive weapons in Jones, Williams and Rodgers. Sounds like a recipe for success to me if they stay healthy and Harrington has the talent. However, learning that his only supporter in the organization is Matt Millen, I am beginning to think that the rest of the Lion's brain trust is probably right. Harrington is a stiff. And since Brees had such a breakout year, why wouldn't the Cowboys just go after him?